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IPhone 5:n ostajan yllätys: Naarmuja uudessa puhelimessa | Digiuutiset
People Are Legitimately Furious At Apple Over The iPhone 5's New Connector Apple My parents are in town and last night at dinner, Apple's new iPhone came up. The first thing my dad said was: "I heard they changed the cord. That's pretty annoying." He was right on both counts. People Are Legitimately Furious At Apple Over The iPhone 5's New Connector
Disturbing Report From iPhone Factor Foxconn A reporter from the Shanghai Evening Post says he worked undercover at Foxconn Tai Yuan factory for ten days. Foxconn is the controversial facility where all of Apple's products are produced. His mission: Learn about iPhone 5 production. The reporter kept a detailed journal of each day he spent at Foxconn. The first seven days were spent in training. The 8th day he helped produce the iPhone 5. Disturbing Report From iPhone Factor Foxconn
Chinese Phone Maker of the GooPhone i5 might have blocked iPhone 5 sales! Chinese Phone Maker of the GooPhone i5 might have blocked iPhone 5 sales! Android fans, especially those of you who love your Samsung devices, might have something to cheer about today as it looks like Chinese phone maker GooPhone have already patented the design of the new iPhone 5 before Apple have had chance! [Alert]November 2012 Update! GooPhone have just released details of the GooPhone i5!
Valittajien kuunteleminen on vahingoksi aivoille Valittajien kuunteleminen on vahingoksi aivoille Jatkuva altistuminen negatiiviselle mielialalle ja valittamiselle heikentää aivojen toimintaa, väittää amerikkalainen sarjayrittäjä ja kirjailija Trevor Blake. Blaken tuoretta kirjaa esittelee Blake kuvailee, miten neurotieteilijät mittaavat aivojen aktiivisuutta ja reagointia arilaisiin ärsykkeisiin, yhtenä sellaisena pitkään kestävä valittaminen ja nalkutus. Turha negatiivisuus tyhmistää Aivot ovat Blaken mukaan paljon enemmän lihasten kaltainen elin kuin kuvittelemmekaan.
NBC Olympics The fanfare of Apple's (AAPL) announcement of two new iPads Tuesday quickly gave way to backlash from consumers who say the short life span of Apple products is becoming wearisome — and expensive. Apple surprised fans by unveiling a revamped, full-size iPad, just seven months after releasing the third-generation iPad. The new, full-sized tablet was overshadowed by the star of the event — the iPad Mini — but not overlooked by owners of what had been the most up-to-date iPad. Many were irked that they had just dropped $500 on what they thought was a cutting-edge tablet, only to watch it fall to near obsolescence Tuesday. Apple Fans Are Angry About The New iPads Apple Fans Are Angry About The New iPads
Apple-fanit raivoavat: Tunnen itseni petetyksi - Digi - Digiuutiset Applen iPad 3 -taulutietokoneen ostajat huomasivat hankkineensa kalliin laitteen, joka vanheni nopeasti. Applen tiistainen iPad-julkistus tuli kylmänä suihkuna uusien taulutietokoneiden hankkineille. Pienikokoisen iPad-minin lisäksi Apple vilautti julkistustilaisuudessa uutta versiota iPad-tablettia. Uuden taulutietokoneen tuominen vain reilun puolen vuoden kuluttua edellisestä mallista raivostutti Apple-faneja. Apple-fanit raivoavat: Tunnen itseni petetyksi - Digi - Digiuutiset
talouselama talouselama Monet innokkaat Apple-fanit jonottivat perjantaina tuntikausia saadakseen uuden iPhone 5:n. Laatikosta kuitenkin paljastui pettymys: uudessa puhelimessa oli jo naarmuja. Daily Mail -lehti kertoo, että pettyneet kuluttajat ovat valittaneet naarmuista Applen tuotteille omistetuilla keskustelupalstoilla internetissä.
SquareTrade, a company that provides warranty repairs for consumer electronics, revealed in a report today that Americans have spent an approximate cumulative total of $5.9 billion on damaged iPhones since the device’s introduction in 2007. That includes the cost of repairs, replacement iPhones, and insurance deductibles for plans like the warranties SquareTrade offers, and in large part, costs incurred are a result of accidental damage, more so than loss or theft. The survey claims that just during the past year, more than 30 percent of iPhone owners have damaged their device, and repeat occurrences are fairly common: 17 percent have damaged their devices more than once. SquareTrade: Americans Have Spent Nearly $6B On iPhone Repair And Replacement Since 2007 SquareTrade: Americans Have Spent Nearly $6B On iPhone Repair And Replacement Since 2007
If you've been waiting for iPhone 5s to become available, you may have to wait a while longer. In the latest reminder of the harsh working conditions, crappy pay, and brutal hours endured by those who make the gadgets the world loves, 3,000–4,000 workers at a Foxconn plant have gone on strike, according to China Labor Watch. (via Lauren Indvik at Mashable). Foxconn Workers Go On Strike Foxconn Workers Go On Strike
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Nokia Lumia 920 - Live Demo of Camera Stabilization (Low Light, Video)
Home » Lumia / iPhone UX-battle – Final scores and conclusion The word test mean for the total score is is 4,43 for the Lumia, and 5,00 for the iPhone. The iPhone wins over the Lumia in all word types, with the largest difference being the pragmatic score. 4,15 vs 4,88 respectively. A difference of about 0,7 points. The total positivity score for the Lumia is high at 5,0 but the iPhone beats that with an impressive final positivity score of 5,70. Overall the iPhone is considered significantly more human than the Lumia as well as significantly more connective. The iPhone beats the Lumia for all single words except professional where they are neck in neck at 5,2 Lumia / iPhone UX-battle – Final scores and conclusion | MediaCity – Content Testing
A comparison by Mashable of smartphone and camera photos shows a purple glare on pics taken with the iPhone 5. Apple acknowledges purple flare problem on iPhone 5Company calls problem common with phones, advises users to shield it from lightStill, Consumer Reports says new iPhone is a winnerBut Samsung Galaxy S III, Droid RAZR MAXX still score higher than new iPhone (CNN) -- Apple has responded to complaints that some photos taken with the iPhone 5 show a purple flare, saying it happens to many smartphones when they're aimed near a light source like the sun. "Most small cameras, including those in every generation of iPhone, may exhibit some form of flare at the edge of the frame when capturing an image with out-of-scene light sources," the company wrote in the support section of its website. Apple on iPhone 5 purple flare: You're aiming it wrong
Työsuhdekeksintöä koskeva riitely matkapuhelinjätti Nokiaa vastaan tuli yhtiön entiselle työntekijälle todella kalliiksi. Tappelu Nokiaa vastaan liittyi mobiilimaksamista koskevaan keksintöön, jota ex-työntekijä luonnehti uraauurtavaksi. Oikeus kuitenkin katsoi, että mobiilimaksaminen oli tunnettu tekniikka, kun mies jätti asiasta patenttihakemuksen vuonna 1995. Ex-työntekijä vaati Nokialta työsuhdekeksintö- ja muina korvauksina yli kahta miljardia euroa. Hän saikin Helsingin hovioikeudessa korvauksia, mutta vaivaiset 2000 euroa yhden suomalaisen patentin osalta. Sen sijaan mies joutuu maksamaan Nokian oikeudenkäyntikuluja käräjä- ja hovioikeudessa liki 450000 euroa. Ex-työntekijä vaati Nokialta miljardeja - joutui itse maksajaksi - Ilta-Sanomat
Nokian verot Suomeen: 0,25 % Nokia maksoi vuonna 2010 Suomeen veroa noin 0,25 prosenttia verotettavasta tulostaan, selviää verohallinnon julkisista tiedoista. Yhtiön verotettavat tulot olivat verohallinnon mukaan noin 625 miljoonaa euroa. Suomeen maksettujen verojen määrä oli vain noin 1,6 miljoonaa euroa, jolloin veroprosentiksi muodostuu noin 0,25. Yhteisöverotaso on Suomessa 26 prosenttia yhteisön verotettavasta tulosta.
IPad-käyttäjän omaltatunnolta tipahti raskas lasti
Advertisements Reports coming out of Korea today are suggesting that Samsung Displays have already taken the internal decision to terminate an ongoing contract with Apple in a move which means that the company will no longer supply the Cupertino-based giants with Liquid Crystal Display panels for their mobile devices. Although Apple and Samsung have been long-term corporate partners, the rivalry that has been growing between the two companies has been intensifying of late with the relationship eventually reaching meltdown. Samsung Displays have benefitted from being one of the major components suppliers to Apple over the last few years, but as Apple makes its move to stiffen up their supply chains and squeeze higher profits out of their processes; it looks like Samsung have been caught in the crossfire. Samsung Will Stop Providing LCD Panels To Apple As Of 2013
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