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Drink coffee read good books × borges, cafe st jorge. × cafe st jorge, mission street near cortland, august 2nd 2015. coffee y fotos, cafe st jorge. jorge luis borges, y books.

drink coffee read good books × borges, cafe st jorge.

“It’s possible that a book won’t attract any attention when it’s published; it may be discovered afterward. On the other hand, in the case of a film (and this makes everything more dramatic; the same thing happens, let’s say, with the dancer’s or performer’s art), the failure or success has to be immediate... Zipp Wheels Updated with New Hubs and More. Photo essay: packing a world troller. Us » Los Gatos businesses complain about too much traffic. Meet the 500-Pound Man Biking Across America.

This Penny Makes Change on Your Commute. Us » Uglify your bike: Does it work? The Miami Bike Scene: Miami Critical Mass : Friday, July 31st. 5 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Aching Feet. 10 Bicycle-Themed Movies on Netflix Now. 10 Tricks from Tour de France Mechanics. 5 Drinks to Help You Ride Better. New Products and New News. Us » Today in synchronicity. Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » New Bikes and Delivery Truck Musings on a Rainy Spring Morn. Jorge A. Mussuto sur Twitter : "Bike balls bring truck nuts to bike saddles □□□#bike #edc #everydaycarry.

Jorge Alberto Mussuto on Instagram: “Bike balls bring truck nuts to bike saddles □□□#bike #edc #everydaycarry” Jorge Alberto Mussuto on Instagram: “Bike balls bring truck nuts to bike saddles □□□#bike #edc... 10 Top Protein Sources. Us » California bicycle legislation update Spring 2015. 40oz Klean Kanteens and Mojave Cages. GU Rolls Out New Flavors and Vegan Gels. Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » A Ride Around the Lake. Us » Sea Otter Classic 2015 photos. Power Meters. The Miami Bike Scene: The Underline Public Meetings. The Miami Bike Scene: FDOT SR 90 Corridor Study. RIP Ilya Vostrikov. ID Tags Just Got a Lot Cooler. ID tags are important, but let’s face it—they’re usually just not that exciting.

ID Tags Just Got a Lot Cooler

But an ID tag that can save your life and open your beer? Well, that’s worth talking about. The Crashtag provides info that a first responder might need in an emergency: Your name, emergency contacts, and allergies are engraved on the aerospace grade titanium tag. To make the dogtag-style ID even more functional, a bottle opener is located at one end. Ford Launches Bike Experiments. Ford has been making headlines recently with its new interest in cycling.

Ford Launches Bike Experiments

First, the automaker released details of a patent filed for a new car designed to convert into a bicycle. The car-bike hybrid would be aimed at people living in suburban areas who work in a city. The idea is that the commuter can park the vehicle outside of town, assemble the bicycle components, and then ride the rest of his or her way to work. The car design includes all the components of the bicycle by incorporating dual-use parts. For example, the headrest would be used as a seat, with the jack becoming the crankset.

Earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress, Ford launched Handle on Mobility, a program that incorporates foldable electric bikes into Ford vehicle models. Related: Four of Our Favorite E-Bikes. Bike To Work Day 2015 - March 6. March is Florida Bike Month and Friday, March 6th is Bike to Work Day!

Bike To Work Day 2015 - March 6

Bike to Work Day is an annual event held in March that promotes the bicycle as a viable option for commuting to work. Below are a few of the special events and incentives being offered to those biking to work this Friday. Jorge Alberto Mussuto on Instagram: “#Bike” Miami Critical Mass : Friday, February 27th. Friday, February 27th 6:30pm (ride starts at 7:15pm) Government Center150 NW First Street Downtown Miami The ride will be going through Riverside, West Flagler, Coral Gables, Coral Way, Shenandoah, Little Havana, Overtown, OMNI, Park West, and Downtown.

Miami Critical Mass : Friday, February 27th

Total distance is approximately 13 miles. It's strongly suggested that you print a copy of the map or save it on your phone in case you are tardy or get lost. All eyes appear to be on Miami Critical Mass and it’s time for participants to prove the opposition wrong. Stay in the right lane, and do not ride across middle line on the road into opposite travel laneYield to emergency vehicles.No Headphones!

New Tail Light Brackets. By Scott I'm a bit of a light nerd.

New Tail Light Brackets

There I said it and I feel better. I'm always looking at new lights, ways to attach lights and such and this brought me to our newest product - the E3 tail light bracket. Turn Any Bike into an E-Bike. For utility purposes, an e-bike offers an attractive set of features.

Turn Any Bike into an E-Bike

Because you can ride farther, faster, with less effort, they’re great for commuting, especially in situations where arriving to the office sweaty is not an option. They also make replacing car trips more viable for a variety of errands, since with a power assist you can haul heavy items more easily. E-bike technology is progressing rapidly. Smaller, lighter batteries and motors still produce impressive power, while refined drivetrain systems like pedal assist integrate the motor’s power with your own far more smoothly than traditional throttle-based systems.

Sleeping with Your Bike is a Terrible Idea. A “Real Life Seems to Have Gotten in the Way of My Blog Life” Note from Fatty: If I could have my way, I’d spend all my time blogging about biking and talking about biking and biking while talking about biking.

Sleeping with Your Bike is a Terrible Idea

However, it turns out that I have a job and responsibilities and stuff. Some of which, inconsiderately, have gotten in the way of my plans to do some live / recorded podcasty things. Easy, One-Pot Postride Meals. When you come in from a cold, three-hour ride, all you want is something hot, delicious, and filling.

Easy, One-Pot Postride Meals

But it can be awfully tough to work up the motivation to clean, dice, and cook your ingredients, never mind clean up afterwards. The solution? These easy one-pot meals. Without much time or effort you can produce flavorful results using just one pot, says chef Biju Thomas, coauthor of The Feed Zone Cookbook. The Smartest Bike Lock Ever. We’re seeing more and more new gadgets introduced to thwart bike theft—but few advances in the locking technology we already depend on to protect our bikes.

The Smartest Bike Lock Ever

Smart pedals and other GPS trackers are helpful innovations, but why not add a few updates to a tool we already know and trust? Coming this summer, the Skylock is a solar-powered U-lock that opens automatically via a Bluetooth link with your phone when you approach your bike. A City With No Children In It. Four Power-Packed Soups. Photo by jams1919. Photo by jams1919. 9 Ways To Save Your Skin This Winter. Sure, those winter base miles are awesome for your fitness. But for your skin? Not so much. Hope The Road Rose With You Too. In the past month, rode the snow, along the coast, in a lonely valley, and up in the Maui mountains.

This week we’re back to work and next up is Issue 20 of our magazine. I hope the road rose up to meet you too in 14 and in 15 you get out there for even more miles. We’re writing about the start of the riding in 15 now, with new gear and a new bike, and a power meter too. New power meter Singletrack in the snow. Raced and Reviewed: Liv Brava SLR 1. I race road and track. I like to go fast on smooth surfaces. Off-camber sections, gravel, and anything muddy are not my forte. But as the fall approached this past year, I got ‘cross-curious. And when I was given the chance to ride the Liv Brava SLR 1—one of the only women’s cyclocross bikes available—I jumped at it, figuring that racing 'cross in the cold and mud was better than sitting on the trainer for hours. The One-Minute Workout. Photo by jams1919. Let's Go the Fun Way. All I could see was bright blue Utah sky and a bit of dust swirling in the air. I felt alive—really alive.

I lay on my back with GT's new Grade carbon Ultegra adventure bike on the ground beside me, and just laughed. I had been aggressively carving my way down a serpentine, paved descent like I was on a motorcycle. The bike's fat, 28mm Continental tires (which really measure 30.5mm thanks to the Stan's NoTubes wide, 24mm Grail rims) put a lot of rubber on the ground—and combined with Shimano's stellar hydraulic disc brakes, I was able to lean way over and drive ridiculously hard through turns with complete control and confidence. Downloads. Photo by jams1919. Taiwan’s Microshift. Touring Under Difficulties. In all conditions, the ride must go on The Bay City Wheelmen, in the 1850s, took pride in how they toured under difficulties.

Vaya Bags Blue Lagoon Rolltop Backpack Review. Single strap messenger bags were the epitome of urban cycling chic for well over a decade, but now is the era of the backpack. Backpacks are more comfortable and more practical for most anyone besides working couriers, with small day packs like this rolltop from Vaya growing in favor. Vaya is a one woman shop out of the borough of Queens in New York City, handcrafting messenger bags and backpacks out of recycled canvas and surplus Sunbrella sailboat fabric.

The Blue Lagoon Rolltop is a compact day bag measuring just 9.5” x 5.5” x 15” closed, featuring an interior laptop sleeve, expanding front pocket, minimalist straps and a u-lock or bottle holder. Redline Conquest for Gravel Grinder. Redline Conquest Team. Untitled. Untitled. An Idea That Died Before Its Time. A few weeks back I didn’t come into work one day. Garage 271 Challenger. G+: A Look at #Bike Thefts in South Florida #Miami. A Look at #Bike Thefts in South Florida #Miami.

Career Advice: A Little Discouragement Can Go A Long Way Good #Bike.