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9 clean-air plants for your home. Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier. Spice girl » Mookie Moo. Posted by Melinda under Crafts [23] Comments Two years ago I made spice boxes for my friends as Christmas gifts.

Spice girl » Mookie Moo

(Two years ago i didn’t have a craft blog, so I’ve got some catching up to do.) I had seen something similar in a fancy catalog somewhere and thought it looked pretty easy to re-create. Stacked End Table Shelf. Do-it-yourself solar panel kit aims to slow meter. In the world of solar power, there are panels small enough to charge a cell phone and bigger panels installed on a roof by professionals, but not much in between.

Do-it-yourself solar panel kit aims to slow meter

Clarian Technologies is shooting for that space in the middle. The Seattle-area start-up is developing a kit that lets you dip your toe into solar-generated electricity without having to pay the hefty cost of a full array. Called the Sunfish, the product package is designed to let a homeowner install up to three solar panels and get them generating juice in about an hour. The cost: about $800, said company president Chad Maglaque. The goal is to have a product available in the spring of 2011. "People are interested in solar but renewable energy is out of reach of the average homeowner when you have to pay $20,000 to $30,000 to start with," he said. The kit will include one or three standard solar photovoltaic panels and a mounting system, which lets a person place panels on a shed roof, wall, or other structure. I'm an Organizing Junkie. Cleaning Out Closet, How To Organize Closet, Organizing Wardrobe.

Fall is almost here, and the time has come to declutter that black hole we call a closet.

Cleaning Out Closet, How To Organize Closet, Organizing Wardrobe

Things go in and get lost, and you If you feel like you never have anything to wear, the time has come to work on clearing out the junk and creating the perfect wardrobe. You won’t get that if you can’t find anything in your bedroom closet because it’s overstuffed with clothes you never wear. Homekeeping. Fun with moss. - StumbleUpon. Quick Cleaning Solutions for Every Room. By Maria Shollenbarger What to tackle if you have 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or half a day to clean.

Quick Cleaning Solutions for Every Room

Easy Steps for Cleaning the Kitchen Kitchen duty isn't easy. The main culprit: grease. Cradle to Cradle Dishwashing. This method of dish-washing saves energy by minimizing the amount of hot water running right down the sink and away, which can be a fair amount.

Cradle to Cradle Dishwashing

It also saves water via the same simple action of plugging the sink -- two birds with one stone, always good. The added use of soap-nut detergent makes it even more efficient by being biodegradable and can be used to water your plants with. Washing dishes this way won't save as much energy as the amazing Satellite CD Solar Oven, but it makes the daily ritual of cleaning your plate sacred by actively respecting Water and Earth. First hand account of using soapnuts. More practical information about using soapnuts and links to several online soapnut retailers from North America, UK, New Zealand and Australia: soapnuts. Organizing Crafts. Chalkboard Tags (A Tutorial) French Label Clip Arts: The Graphics Fairy.

I’m definitely loving The Graphics Fairy’s clip art collection of classic French product labels– beautiful, well-designed and yep, FREE to download!

French Label Clip Arts: The Graphics Fairy

I think these print images would be beautiful applied to boxes, tins, glass canisters, fabric or wrapping packages for an instant chic, French style! Below are the links to the featured downloads. DIY best of: organization. I think it’s the inspiration and motivation I get from seeing other people’s homes, or maybe it’s the relaxation of being in a clean hotel with modern fixtures, but organization becomes very important to me when I get back to my house after a long trip.

DIY best of: organization

Since the weather is improving, I’m feeling ready to tackle spring cleaning head on — just in time too, since summer is right around the corner! Here are some of our favorite DIY projects for organizing loose items and clothing. There’s something great for every room in the house and for storage big and small. Enjoy, and happy spring cleaning! Free printable labels in Templates and design patterns for personal crafts.


- StumbleUpon. Craft Area Storage Tips. Control Clutter with Quick Organizing Projects. 30-minute home organization projects are a great way to begin organizing your home and life, because 30 minutes is a very manageable amount of time.

Control Clutter with Quick Organizing Projects

Top Quick Organizing Projects 1. Organize the kitchen in 30 minutes. Photo / The Container Store I call this the kitchen organization make-under. Ladder Bookshelf. Live Green - The Houses That PET Plastic Built. Crafts and Projects for Storage Solutions. Written by Susanne L.

Crafts and Projects for Storage Solutions

Ruppert PROJECT 3Cord keeper Recharge your portable electronics — cell phone, iPod, BlackBerry, PDA — without getting your wires crossed. By repurposing a low-tech shoebox, you can organize and safeguard your high-tech accessories. STEP 1 Empty a clean, sturdy shoebox. STEP 2 On one long side of the box, measure and mark placement for four evenly spaced eyelet holes. STEP 3 Purchase an extra-large eyelet kit from a hardware store, and fit the pieces using the manufacturer's directions as a guide.

SAFETY TIPKeep electrical devices such as plugs and power strips outside the shoebox, to avoid risk of heating up or fire. Explore our other craft and simple project ideas. Easy and almost-free home heating. It's getting cold out there this Autumn -- very cold.

Easy and almost-free home heating

Before those natural gas or electricity bills start giving you financial chills, you'd be wise to watch the video above. This appears to be an ingenious way to create a very cheap solar heater you can use to heat individual rooms using a few common items you can find at a local craft store or discount bin. That, and hopefully a jar of pennies. If you're adventurous enough to tackle this 30-minute project, let us know how it goes in the comments. DIY! 7 new stylish ways to de-clutter your beauty closet. Humorous Photos.