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Sigfox Plans Global IoT Network. France's Sigfox has big ambitions to build a global network dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) that runs in parallel to today's GSM/LTE networks.

Sigfox Plans Global IoT Network

But that doesn't mean Sigfox is positioning itself as a competitor to mobile operators. Instead it intends to spread its networks beyond its current markets of France, the Netherlands and Spain by developing service partnerships with mobile carriers in other parts of Europe and in Asia, and rolling out networks in cities in the US. "We are in discussions with major carriers in a number of different countries," says Ludovic Le Moan, CEO of Sigfox. Sigfox's hope is that operators will use its network, which runs in unlicensed narrowband frequencies in the 915MHz and 868MHz ranges and makes very low power demands on devices, as a low-cost backup or alternative to their existing networks when providing M2M connectivity.

Make Strategic Thinking Part of Your Job. It’s a common complaint among top executives: “I’m spending all my time managing trivial and tactical problems, and I don’t have time to get to the big-picture stuff.”

Make Strategic Thinking Part of Your Job

And yet when I ask my executive clients, “If I cleared your calendar for an entire day to free you up to be ‘more strategic,’ what would you actually do?” Most have no idea. Home. Node-RED. Les méthodes innovantes du Crédit Mutuel Arkéa pour améliorer ses développements. Forbes Welcome. Making custom mobile app development manageable. Note: This is the third in a series of blogs about the functionality and potential of custom end user mobile apps for nontechnical owners or managers of commercial buildings.

Making custom mobile app development manageable

Most of us agree that our daily lives have changed significantly thanks to all the services we get from the Internet, mostly free of charge (thanks to financing from generous advertisers and sponsors!) Like so many others, you may be considering creating your own mobile apps to deliver added value to your customers, specifically building occupants. If you’re in this boat, you will pretty quickly encounter a couple of key questions, namely: What are my options for creating the mobile app?

And why does it usually cost so much to create the mobile app? Just take few minutes to browse your preferred marketplace for a mobile app, such as the App Store or Google Play, and you will have a sense of the vast number of apps available, something for nearly any interest. An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption. Incumbents needn’t be victims of disruption if they recognize the crucial thresholds in their life cycle, and act in time.

An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption

A decade ago, Norwegian media group Schibsted made a courageous decision: to offer classifieds—the main revenue source of its newspaper businesses—online for free. The company had already made significant Internet investments but realized that to establish a pan-European digital stronghold it had to raise the stakes. How to turn your old PC into a speedy Chromebook for free. Misift Bolt : Une nouvelle ampoule connectée pour votre maison - Maison Connectée.

Sean Follmer: Shape-shifting tech will change work as we know it. [#Innovation] Retour sur la table ronde « Innovation dans l’Assurance  via @MarkLogic cc @FredericValluet. Cloud innovation for the year ahead: From infrastructure to innovation. Mercredi 27 janvier 2016 For years, there has been discussion on when the enterprise-cloud migration tipping point would be reached, and at last it appears it has happened.

Cloud innovation for the year ahead: From infrastructure to innovation

Cloud adoption is growing quickly around the world, and regional research backs this notion. Organizations like the Cloud Industry Forum, for example, show that cloud adoption in the UK alone has significantly increased, from 48 percent five years ago, to 84 percent today. On the other hand, it’s clear that barriers still remain for many. Research conducted by North Bridge and Wikibon shows that out of nearly 1,000 survey respondents, 45 percent still note security as a top cloud adoption concern, while regulatory/compliance concerns (36 percent), privacy (29 percent) and cloud vendor lock-in (26 percent) also top the list. CREATIVITE et EDUCATION. Le tour du monde de l’innovation. Bit Feed Subscription Page.

The Hierarchy of IoT Thing Needs Self-existence begets self-actualization, at least as far as the IoT is concerned.

Bit Feed Subscription Page

And prioritizing “thing” needs keeps developers from missing the mark as they work toward the greater goal of humanizing those things. Internet of Things Weekly Wrap Prioritizing the needs of connected devices helps developers to create smarter things. L'original IBM PC 5150 dans votre navigateur ! Retour en 1981, lorsqu'IBM donne naissance au "Personal Computer" avec le IBM 5150, premier PC de l'histoire.

L'original IBM PC 5150 dans votre navigateur !

Que diriez-vous de jouer avec via votre navigateur ? Ce bijou de l’époque assura tout de même quelque temps à IBM 21 % du marché des micro-ordinateurs et pourtant nous sommes tellement loin de ce que nous connaissons aujourd’hui. View your FREE Gartner presentation. App Studio : un outil gratuit pour créer des applications dans le Windows Store. LinkedIn. Are we in a Disruption Bubble? - Disruptor's Handbook. I keep a keen eye on commentary about business disruption, and I’m concerned that a lot of hyperbole is seeping in to the analysis about what constitutes disruptive innovation, what the impact of disruption may be to companies and employees, and what can be done to foster productive disruption.

Are we in a Disruption Bubble? - Disruptor's Handbook

In aggregate, the effect may be that observers assume we are in some kind of Disruption Bubble, where expectations of what disruption can bring far exceed the likely impact, and where the appetite for disruptive business strategy could disappear at any moment. The reality is that business disruption is not a fad. It is not a set of buzzwords you need to use in planning meetings, and it is not a way of positioning a brand in the marketplace.

Disruption is occurring as a direct result of a confluence of emergent technologies, changing customer needs and readily available resources, which together provide a rationale for development of a new product, or a business pivot. Organizing for digital acceleration: Making a two-speed IT operating model work. Innovators that were “born digital” as Internet companies have set the standard for delivering optimal customer experiences—that is, providing the information and platforms customers need to find and acquire products or services quickly and reliably.

Organizing for digital acceleration: Making a two-speed IT operating model work

Internally, they focus on agility and accelerated learning. To put this learning into action, they use organizational models empowering product managers to test and implement rapid changes that enhance engagement and increase the chances that customers will buy and come back for more. Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google actively control the tempo of their IT infrastructure and have aligned their technology and production systems with their business goals.

A Collection of Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes About Life, Design and Apple – MacStories. In this roundup, we've collected 60 of the most inspiring Steve Jobs quotes.

A Collection of Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes About Life, Design and Apple – MacStories

Thank you Steve. "Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. " - via "Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me ... Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from. Comment se créent les nouveaux usages du quotidien ? Forbes Welcome. What the Auto Industry Can Learn from Cloud Computing. Transportation is one of the world’s largest industries. The five largest automotive companies in the world generate more than 750 billion euro in annual revenue. The names in the industry are global brands – BMW, Ford, Daimler.

Yet despite its size and stature, it’s also an industry in the midst of transformation. « Curiosité, inventivité, insouciance et ténacité », l'innovation vue par Olivier Fréneaux (SATT Sud-Est) Si l'on vous dit innovation, spontanément, vous répondez ? Nuages de mots: Cinq sites pour en faire. Si vous voulez embellir un blogue ou écrire un cv en nuages de mots, voilà 5 services qui vont vous être très utiles. Le nuage de mots est un peu le symbole du web2.0, ça commence a être un peu démodé, mais on aime quand même. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas le nuage de mots, c’est une représentation graphique de mots où les mots les plus répétés dans un texte sont les plus gros et les mots les moins répétés sont les plus petits J’ai aussi testé une option freeware logiciel dans ce billet, mais je préfère nettement les versions en ligne.

Semble être le plus connu des services, il est rapide, vous pouvez prendre le texte à partir d’un url ou encore d’un texte que vous allez copier. Tempescope - Un gadget qui simule en miniature le temps qu'il fera demain. Strategy under uncertainty. At the heart of the traditional approach to strategy lies the assumption that executives, by applying a set of powerful analytic tools, can predict the future of any business accurately enough to choose a clear strategic direction for it. The process often involves underestimating uncertainty in order to lay out a vision of future events sufficiently precise to be captured in a discounted-cash-flow (DCF) analysis. When the future is truly uncertain, this approach is at best marginally helpful and at worst downright dangerous: underestimating uncertainty can lead to strategies that neither defend a company against the threats nor take advantage of the opportunities that higher levels of uncertainty provide.

Another danger lies at the other extreme: if managers can't find a strategy that works under traditional analysis, they may abandon the analytical rigor of their planning process altogether and base their decisions on gut instinct. BmKonj4IgAAdLXq. Kuka et Microsoft collaborent pour créer la prochaine génération de robots. Travaux des stagiaires du CSM : l'équation du changement. Tendances digitales en 10 dessins humoristiques. Sarah Bergbreiter: Why I make robots the size of a grain of rice.

Mes 10 prédictions pour 2015. La créativité: 18 choses que les gens créatifs font différemment des autres. 10 ways CIOs can prepare for the Internet of Things. Once again, our tech world has opened its figurative mouth and inserted its proverbial foot.

The "Internet of Things? " Really? That's what we are going with? I suppose, to some extent, there is a certain semantic consistency at work here, as the Internet of Things is so closely related to the "cloud" -- an even worse name for new technology, although "big data" is also up there. What do the names of these milestone technologies have in common? Ask any non-techie if they know what IoT means and the likely response will be, "Did you leave out a 'd' and and another 'i' in there? " Has Adobe Found the Missing Link to Rich Web Experiences? #SXSW. Alert the Discovery Channel. I officially spotted a potential yeti at SXSW recently. Forget Innovation, Who Is Your Chief Disruption Officer? SteamOS et les Steam Machine. Les Français aiment les objets connectés.

"Il est nécessaire d’élargir un peu notre compréhension de ce qu’est l’innovation" La croissance du secteur de l’innovation et notamment des startups en France est au cœur des priorités politiques. Bpifrance souhaite soutenir cette initiative. Arthur D. Little - Publications: Viewpoints & Insights. Planification stratégique. CES 2013: top 10 moments. Objets connectés 2013. Quel est le secret pour innover furieusement?

Motif's Walia on Equities Outlook, Growth Strategy. Energie. CES 2012. Toyota annonce une voiture roulant à l'hydrogène pour 2015 aux Etats-Unis.