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Educational-Blogging - How To Teach Commenting Skills. Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach.

Educational-Blogging - How To Teach Commenting Skills

Get it on the web or iPad! Guest Join | Help | Sign In Educational-Blogging Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... Using Wikis at the Primary Level. Action Research- Quadblogging Trailer  21st Century Learning Visible Thinking in Math- Part 1 The conversation about visible thinking in Math started with one of our teachers at Graded, The American School of São Paulo, Adam Hancock, wanting to know how he could incorporate having students’ use their blogfolios in Math class.

Action Research- Quadblogging Trailer 

It seemed natural to have students write for Humanities (Language Arts and … Redefining My Learning Silvana Meneghini and I work as Academic Technology Coordinators at Graded, the American School of São Paulo. ” A flashlight in the fog of technology integration“, initially the title of a conference workshop proposal, quickly developed into the desire of creating a framework to guide and coach teachers based on … Reflection in the Learning Process, Not As An Add On Is it personality? The Digital Learning Farm in Action Student Tutorials- MineCraft, How to Ride a Horse, iMovie and more It is no secret, that I am a big fan of Alan November‘s Digital Learning Farm concept. Global Education Selfies Around the World. Just Blog It! Blogging Tips & Ideas. Why Blog?

Just Blog It! Blogging Tips & Ideas

You don't start blogging for awards. You blog because you are passionate about your profession, and have ideas & content to share with potential readers. If you blog it, they will come. Eventually. It may just take a while! Start When You're Ready, Already! No Excuses! Keep an Idea Folder Going! Schedule It. Get Graphic! Share Shamelessly! Adding Video & Widgets to a Wikispaces page is really easy! Be You! "My Tip: YOUR VOICE is the BEST VOICE.I always appreciate blogs that embrace an original, authentic voice. Give Credit! Buy Your Name! Be Thankful! Lastly, be stubborn! What are YOUR blogging tips? Can't Get Enough of Miss Critter Sharpe? Credits & References: Pictures of Critter Sharpe used with her Mommy's permission Video of Critter Sharpe from YouTube Pictures of my furry first cousins Boo & Bentley from my auntie Life With Lynn's Blog (I'm so proud of her! Don’t Miss Out! Student Blogging Challenge Starts Soon.

The Student Blogging Challenge is a free and open collaborative project that runs for 10 weeks twice each year.

Don’t Miss Out! Student Blogging Challenge Starts Soon

And the next series starts next week, so now is your chance to register and get involved! Students and classes that participate work through a set of challenge activities that build blogging skills and foster collaboration by all involved. Quick facts: Anyone can participate using any blogging platformAll levels of blogging skills welcome – complete beginners encouraged to joinTeachers can tailor the challenges or incorporate theme however needed to fit in your time frame and curriculum This post wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the tireless efforts of the volunteer coordinator of the challanges, Sue Wyatt. Don’t miss out!