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Living Lines Library Pages Sweet Home FRESH & Line Archive Posted by: Nagy Péter12 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2014: Catcher - Cat City 2 (2007), The Poliakoff Sequence » Line Archive »
Daily Post-It 萌 突然だが、みなさんの奥さんはエプロンをつけて料理したり、家事をしたりするだろうか。 ちなみうちの嫁はつけない。というよりつけたがらない。 Daily Post-It
Animation Blog I, pet goat II commences with a parody of George W Bush that I felt did not quite live up to the remarkable degree of praise from Vimeo (and other) viewers. However I quickly realised what the buzz was about. Set in a surreal landscape (the screenshot is typical) the seven minute short explores a decade of suffering, offering topical, media, political, environmental, Islamic and Christian references in its exposition. Sequences move pretty quickly. To take one: Obama, stunned and helpless in a polar White House, from which we pan out to witness an iced representation of the twin towers collapsing, to follow a boat bearing Osama bin Laden in a manner reminiscent of Kate Winslet on her doomed ship, distant oil platforms and maybe genetic research. Animation Blog