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Columns. By Michael Eisenbraun Columns is an easy way of creating JSON data into HTML tables that are sortable, searchable, and paginating.


All you need is to provide the data, and Columns will do the rest. Installation Include the jQuery Library 1.7 or later and Columns Plugin File: Include a pre-built Columns theme or create your own Because Columns create all the necessary HTML dynamically, the only HTML needed is a empty HTML element, such as a <div> tag, with the corresponding id as using in the initialization. Finally, initialize Columns. Examples Example 1: Setting data inline Example 2: Setting data from external source.


Center.js. Center.js is jQuery library to make element center as compared to his outside element.


It's also work in responsive. Download from github Add script like this 1. data-center ( Horizontally and vertically center with single element ) Marexandre/jquery.textarea-highlighter.js. MT - folderselect.js. Folderselect.js folderselect.js is a jQuery plugin that let's you display hierarchical data in a folder structure similar to the explorer in Windows.

MT - folderselect.js

The goal with this plugin was to have a kind of hierarchical select box. I couldn't find any plugin like that out there, so I decided to write one myself. jQuery Nice Select. Why?

jQuery Nice Select

I tried every similar plugin I could find, but after having a hard time customizing them I decided to build my own. Usage 1. jQuery asScrollable. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

jQuery asScrollable

Elastic Progress. How to Write a JavaScript Library - Introduction - JavaScript Video Tutorial #free. Hello.

How to Write a JavaScript Library - Introduction - JavaScript Video Tutorial #free

We're going to create a micro library from start to finish, everything that we need to get this library up and running. They're a few benefits to creating a micro library in particular. First, because it's so small, it's easy to reason about the code, because there's not much there. Second, also because it's small it's really easy to test, because there's not that much code that needs to be tested anyway. Jets.js. Spectrum - The No Hassle jQuery Colorpicker. Why A Colorpicker?

Spectrum - The No Hassle jQuery Colorpicker

I wasn't satisfied with the solutions available for colorpicking. Many of them included a ton of images, were hard to skin or customize, or were very large plugins. UpUp - The Offline First Library. Your users are no longer sitting at their desktops, with a wire connecting them to the internet.

UpUp - The Offline First Library

They are visiting your site from a phone in an elevator, from their tablet on the subway, or on their laptop while they sit cramped into seat 25 E. This is why modern browsers support service workers, a new technology which lets you serve your content to your users, even when they are offline. UpUp is a free, open source project which makes using this modern magic as simple as calling one command. While easy to pick up, UpUp is powerful enough to support anything from showing simple messages, to making fully functional single page applications available offline, with data customized for each of your users.

Ready to get started? UpUp is a free, open source, community effort. Please help us start the offline first revolution: Clingify - a jQuery plugin to make stuff sticky (Demo) Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

Clingify - a jQuery plugin to make stuff sticky (Demo)

Vestibulum tortor quam, feugiat vitae, ultricies eget, tempor sit amet, ante. Donec eu libero sit amet quam egestas semper. jQuery UI Chat. Simple SVG Flowchart. Protip - Yet another jQuery tooltip plugin. Water bubble chart. Download Download waterbubble.js Download waterbubble.min.js Documention To implement the water bubble charts, the following files should always be included. hmtl code In JavaScript file, you can use the default settings like this: $('#waterbubble').waterbubble(); And you will get the following chart.

water bubble chart

TaggingJS. 3D Bold Navigation. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Stewdio/beep.js. Verbatim. ViewerJS Home. jQuery Prompt21. Intence, the scrolling indicator. Duplicate element. jQuery Popdown Plugin Demo. jQuery doMenu Plugin. AJAX. Dragula. RamonGebben/Cquence. Easy jQuery Plugins. Intersection Tooltip venn.js example. jQuery-form-serializer. A simple, yet customizable live search jQuery plugin. jQuery Tree Multiselect - Patosai. Real-Time Search in JavaScript demo by Osvaldas Valutis.

jQuery multiselect. Bar Indicator - jQuery plugin. This is a demo page that shows how you can use Bar Indicator plugin. Contents- Options Methods + Getters. Wheel-indicator by Promo. HoverShakeImage.js. Epoch - Basic Charts. Epoch's basic charts are implemented using d3 over a thin class hieracrchy. The classes perform common tasks (such as setting up scales, axes, etc.) while the individual charts implement their own specialized drawing routines. Overview. Promo/scrollissimo. Ymc-thzi/mobile-menu-hamburger. TaggingJS. Ssorallen/jquery-scrollstop. jQuery plugin for FileAPI. Dynamics.js. Minigrid: minimal 2kb cascading grid layout. Verticolabs/nestednav.

Minimit-anima demo and testing. StickySort, a jQuery plugin for tables with sticky headers, columns and sortable feature. Validetta - A tiny jquery plugin for validate forms. What is Validetta ? Validetta is jQuery plugin which you can do client-side validation of your forms. It aims to decrease your burden with easy usage and flexible structure. You can support the repository at GitHub. If have a suggestion or idea, or have found a bug, please create an issue by going to issues page of github repository.

Browser support The project is tested in Chrome and Firefox. License Licensed under the MIT License. What can be done? You can check fields whether it is empty or not or it is chosen or not. How does it work? It is sufficient to copy downloaded validetta folder to root folder and attach essential folders to your web page. Include the dependent libraries and css files. Urielzen/Quiz_Ful_App. JSEncrypt. Other Information This library heavily utilizes the wonderful work of Tom Wu found at This jsbn library was written using the raw variables to perform encryption. This is great for encryption, but most private keys use a Private Key in the PEM format seen below.

Lapwinglabs/bare-auth. Stretchy: Form element autosizing, the way it should be. Just include the script anywhere in the page: By default, it applies to all <textarea>s, <select> menus with no size attribute and <input> elements that are text fields (e.g. with no type attribute, or with one equal to text, tel, email, url). To limit that set further you can use the data-stretchy-filter attribute, on any element. Note that this means you can use the attribute on the <script> element that calls Stretchy itself, in which case you can also shorten its name to data-filter.

For example, to restrict it to elements that either have the foo class or are inside another element that does, you could use data-stretchy-filter=".foo, .foo *" on an element or call Stretchy like this: Tholman/intense-images. SnackbarJS by FezVrasta. Pixabay/jQuery-autoGrowInput. Mmkjony/enllax.js. jQuery TourBus. jQuery TourBus takes more of a toolkit approach than some of the alternatives that try to have focusing elements, auto-progress with timers and indicators, on and on, all built in... too much stuff!

Less is more! Basic Usage Start by including the jQuery plugin and base styles on your page, of course. Then we can define some 'legs' of our tour. Imagine you have a page with some stuff you want to lead the user through, maybe some elements like #nav and #sell... jQuery.dotdotdot, advanced cross-browser ellipsis for multiple line content. FezVrasta/dropdown.js. BootStrap MaxLength. 10 Tips for Writing JavaScript without jQuery. Validatrix Form Validation Script. Numble by jasonyost. Fade into view prototype. jQuery LoadImages plugin prototype. Loaded5 of 5 images Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4 Image #5. Jquery.devicemock.js. Circles. Ymc-thzi/blurry-menu. Dynamic max height plugin for jQuery.

Bootstrap Dropdown Hover. Date picker – pickadate.js. Flat slider : Lugo Labs. Bootstrap-dropselect by lodev09. Melnik909/magic_layout. jStepper - A jQuery plugin by EmKay. Jquery.mentionsInput. Responsive jQuery Modal / Lightbox Alert. Mike-zarandona/RandomUserWall. Detecting CSS Animation and Transition End with JavaScript demo by Osvaldas Valutis. Animated Sign Up Flow. A jQuery Infinite Responsive Carousel by Pictures & Writing – V2. Untitled. HTML5 Sortable jQuery Plugin. OverHang.js Demo. ProjectBlocker Demo. Scrolltracker Demo. Document. PebbleRoad/taxonomy-browser. Connoratherton.