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Trumbowyg : a lightweight WYSIWYG editor. Introducing Trumbowyg Why you should love it? HTML5 ready Editor and generated code are optimized for HTML5 support. Compatible with all recents browsers like IE8+, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Fast & lightweight All existing WYSIWYG editors are larger than 45kB. Customizable Options and design are entirely configurable ot suit your needs. Demonstration See for yourself This is a demo of Trumbowyg A simple paragraph, strong and emphasis funny test. “Trumbowyg is awesome!” Getting Started As straightforward as it gets Installation First, if you don't already do it, load jQuery at bottom of <body> like so: <script src="//"></script><script>window.jQuery || document.write('<script src="js/vendor/jquery-1.11.1.min.js"><\/script>')</script> Trumbowyg needs jQuery >= 1.7, because it uses .on() a new function appeared in version 1.7.

After this lines, you have to load Trumbowyg. You can install Trumbowyg using Bower which makes easier updates. Basics. jQuery PowerTip. PowerTip features a very flexible design that is easy to customize, gives you a number of different ways to use the tooltips, has APIs for developers, and supports adding complex data to tooltips. It is being actively developed and maintained, and provides a very fluid user experience. Download v1.2.0Zip file with examples, CSS, and script. Here are some basic examples of PowerTip in actions. You can also fiddle with PowerTip on the official JSFiddle demo. Placement examples Mouse follow example The PowerTip for this box will follow the mouse. Mouse on to popup example The PowerTip for this box will appear on the right and you will be able to interact with its content.

Unique Features Checks for hover intent Testing for hover intent makes it so that tooltips don’t open the moment your mouse happens to cross an element with a tooltip. Features Requirements jQuery 1.7 or later Design Goals Usage Running the plugin is about as standard as it gets. $('.tooltips').powerTip(options); Setting tooltip content. Easy to use tabs plugin for jQuery/Zepto | jQuery/Zepto lightweight tabs plugin. TabbedContent is a lightweight* tabs plugin that uses the HTML5 history API to add your tab navigation to your browser’s history. * 2.6 KB packed, 1.5 KB gzipped It is compatible with both jQuery and Zepto.js libraries. It also has an API that will let you switch between tabs externally. Online Demos Installing using npm npm install tabbedcontent Usage Basic layout: <ul><li><a href="#tab-1">Tab 1</a></li><li><a href="#tab-2">Tab 2</a></li><li><a href="#tab-3">Tab 3</a></li><li><a href="#tab-n">Tab N</a></li></ul><div class="tabscontent"><div id="tab-1"><!

The links of the tabs should point to each tab id. Basic javascript initialization: $('.tabscontent').tabbedContent(); By default the plugin will take the links inside the previous wrapper related to the tabs layer; but you can specify your links selector, so you can put your links everywhere: Using with Zepto.js You’ll need the data plugin if you want to use the tabbedcontent api. Error Detector Simply specify the errorSelector selector: Callbacks. FlyOut HTML5, Flash and static banner ads positions and layouts. jQuery Offcanvas. Hemi Intro DEMO. Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet. Get started today Safari bug warning! As of v8.0, Safari exhibits a bug in which resizing your browser horizontally causes rendering errors in the justified nav that are cleared upon refreshing.

Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus. View details » Heading Donec sed odio dui. Responsive Navigation. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam auctor accumsan enim, id finibus sapien imperdiet a. Ut laoreet imperdiet diam quis tincidunt.

Fusce risus est, suscipit ut turpis id, vehicula sodales libero. Nulla a elementum risus. Sed volutpat viverra diam pellentesque dictum. Sed suscipit orci neque, luctus auctor metus dictum eget. Pellentesque convallis mollis ex, ac suscipit nibh porttitor eget. Suspendisse quis porttitor odio. Proin malesuada ultricies velit, eu molestie magna fringilla non.

Sed neque tortor, fermentum vitae velit non, tincidunt lacinia tellus. Integer bibendum volutpat lectus at consectetur. Quisque a quam pulvinar, placerat ipsum id, accumsan sem. Mauris tempus tincidunt leo, eu tempus leo. jQuery AniView. Cta.js - Animate your 'action-to-effect' paths! Nohtcoltd/turnbox_js. Nex - Api Documentation. jQuery responsive mousehover zoom. About AJAX-ZOOM: what makes the difference exactly? On default only the high resolution "master images" (source images) need to be defined, see "images" object / array in the example code below. This "images" object is basically the only thing which needs to be replaced dynamically by your application. All thumbnails and flyout view images are instantly generated by AJAX-ZOOM "image server" which is located at your place (server).

The size of the flyout image can be set to e.g. 1200x1200px, which are at most 1.44 Mio. pixels. For a 21 megapixels master image made by e.g. Canon EOS 5D these are around 5-7% of the actual resolution and size. Alternatively to AJAX-ZOOM PHP based "image server" the paths to these flyout "preview" images can be hardset (see "images" option below) to point to some static (already scaled) images. Same as with thumbnails all image tiles can be generated instantly on-the-fly or pregenerated with AJAX-ZOOM special batch tool... Details about responsiveness.

Beep.js. Gopatrik/space.js. UberVU/grid. Andreacrofts/spectrum-plugin. Andrea Crofts. Space.js – HTML-driven narrative 3D-scrolling. Glarios/jQMeter. Responsive Menu Test. Borkabrak/takenotes. jQueryTween - Lightest Tweening Engine for jQuery. Developer Friendly Using tween.js is now super duper easy with jQueryTween, as it expands it's powers in many ways. It also comes with 2 special callbacks for your other Javascript functions. Lightweight & Modular jQueryTween is only 8Kb, and works as a controller for tween.js while this one is about 6Kb and calculates the "between" values from an initial state to a target state based on easing functions. 19 Tween Properties Yes that's right!

Friendly License jQueryTween is completely free for commercial use. Well Documented In a single page, jQueryTween is showing it's strengths and also explaining it's behind the scenes coding. Versatile Distribution jQueryTween comes in 2 distribution formats. All Modern Browsers jQueryTween supports all major browsers and because it's size, you can spare some scripting and do your own custom fallback animations for old browsers at your discretion. Great in all Environments Smart Built. Why not just use jQuery's .animate() functions, or some CSS3 tricks? OriDomi - origami for the web. Initialization Create an OriDomi instance by passing your target element to the constructor: var folded = new OriDomi(document.getElementsByClassName('paper')[0]); …or pass a selector string and OriDomi will use the first element that matches: var folded = new OriDomi('.paper'); If you prefer using jQuery, try this: var $folded = $('.paper').oriDomi({/* options object */}); // when using jQuery, iterate OriDomi methods over multiple elements like this: $folded.oriDomi('accordion', 20); // to access the OriDomi instance at the top of the jQuery selection directly: var folded = $folded.oriDomi(true); Options When creating a new OriDomi composition, you can pass a map of options as the second argument: A full list of options and their descriptions is available here in the source.

Effects Most effect methods only require a folding angle as their first argument. folded.accordion(30); You can specify the anchor to fold from (left, right, top, or bottom) as the second argument: folded.curl(-50, 'top'); Awesomplete: Ultra lightweight, highly customizable, simple autocomplete, by Lea Verou. Before you try anything, you need to include awesomplete.css and awesomplete.js in your page, via the usual <link rel="stylesheet" href="awesomplete.css" /> and <script src="awesomplete.js" async></script> tags. For the autocomplete, you just need an <input> text field (might work on <textarea> and elements with contentEditable, but that hasn’t been tested). Add class="awesomplete" for it to be automatically processed (you can still specify many options via HTML attributes), otherwise you can instantiate with a few lines of JS code, which allow for more customization. There are many ways to link an input to a list of suggestions.

The simple example above could have also been made with the following markup, which provides a nice native fallback in case the script doesn’t load: Or the following, if you don’t want to use a <datalist>, or if you don’t want to use IDs (since any selector will work in data-list): Or the following, if we want to instantiate in JS: Slideout.js - A touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile web apps. 1. First of all, you'll need to have a menu ("#menu") and a main content ("#panel") into your body. <nav id="menu"><header><h2>Menu</h2></header></nav><main id="panel"><header><h2>Panel</h2></header></main> 2.

Add the Slideout.js styles (index.css) in your web application. 3. Rithychhen. The VexFlow Tutorial. VexFlow is an engraving engine for music notation, and can be used as a rendering backend to various kinds of online music tools, libraries, and applications. It is designed to run on HTML5 Canvas and SVG. It is important to note that VexFlow is a low-level rendering API; most applications will want to use something like VexTab which is a higher-level language for rendering guitar tablature and music notation. VexFlow is written completely in JavaScript and when using it with HTML5 Canvas, requires no external libraries or dependencies. For SVG support, you will need to include the Raphael JavaScript library into your sources. That said, this tutorial also makes use of the jQuery library to select and manipulate DOM elements. Finally, before we begin, this tutorial expects you to have some experience with programming in JavaScript and working with music notation.

This source-code to this tutorial, including all the examples, is available in the GitHub repository. Enjoy the show! The Blog. Favico.js - Make a use of your favicon. Badges Animate your favicon with animated badges. You can customize type of animation, position, background color and text color. Slide animation Fade animation Pop animation Pop & fade animation Without animation Position Shape setting Custom font support Color settings Images / Video / Webcam Create icon on the go from images, videos or even a webcam stream Regular image to icon var favicon=new Favico(); var image=document.getElementById('imageId'); favicon.image(image); HTML5 Video to icon var favicon=new Favico(); var video=document.getElementById('videoId');; //stop'stop'); Webcam video to icon This is only for fun but it works :) Works on Chrome, Firefox and Opera var favicon=new Favico();; //stop'stop'); Badge options Bower bower install favico.js Check out also Tinycon, Notify Better or favicon.js.

Roadmap More options (Badge position, animations,...) License All code is open source and dual licensed under GPL and MIT. LukyVj/menu-to-cross-icon. Url.js. jQuery Cheatsheet. Chrisma/birdman.js. HTML5 Music Player. Danny Markov This time we want to share with you a cool experiment that we made. It is a music player that lives in your browser. It uses the powerful HTML5 File Reader and Audio APIs. As a result, you can just drag and drop mp3 files from your computer into the browser, and they are automatically added to your playlist.

Features You can load mp3 files from your computer by dragging them and dropping them in the browser. Chrome users can drop whole folders as well.It doesn’t use any kind of server code (so no need for PHP or node.js) – the player is a single HTML file.Nothing is uploaded – the mp3 files are kept in your browser.Cool audio visualization and audio playback thanks to Wavesurfer.js.Select and search songs in a playlist.Cover art and ID3 tags with JavaScript ID3 Reader.Shuffle and Repeat options.No internet dependencies – works just as well if run locally offline.Responsive design.

HTML5 Music Player How to use it How it works The app listens for JavaScript drag and drop events. Css/flipside at master · hakimel/css. After12am/boids.js. Alumbo/jquery.parallax-scroll. Jquery.parallax-scroll demo. Wearede/DePreLoad.js. Bootstrap Popover Picker for Twitter Bootstrap 3. Plyr - A simple HTML5 media player. Secondary Sliding Navigation. Emn178/jquery-appear.

Csudcy/jquery.fireworks. Trgraglia/jquery.horizonScroll.js. AnimatedModal.js. Jquery-stage. jQuery Stage is a jQuery plugin for detecting information about the stage, the browser's viewport. (jQuery Stage Information) Abstract jQuery Stage is a jQuery plugin for detecting information about the "stage", the browser's viewport. Demo See the included sample/index.html for a small demonstration of jQuery Stage. Motivation A Single-Page Application (SPA) usually has to render its User Interface (UI) onto multiple kinds of stages, based on device size and current device orientation. But there are multiple problems: CSS for backward compatibility reasons always uses a hard-coded DPI setting of 96dpi, even if most devices have an effective DPI in the range of 100dpi to 450dpi. This is where jQuery Stage and its guessing algorithm comes into the play. Solution jQuery Stage provides stage information in the following form: The parameters are determined as following: The Application Programming Interface (API) of jQuery Stage is (in TypeScript definition syntax): Settings Event Handling See Also.

Trivial jQuery Stage Sample. PitPik/CalcSS3. Bootstrap-submenu. jAnimate - makes your animate.css rocks with jQuery. Neilj/Squire. Toastr8 Javascript. Gix075/jqueryIntroLoader. Mathachew/jquery-autotab. Dreamerslab/jquery.actual. jQuery-Tabledit. Twitter Bootstrap Wizard. Jquery.tween.js. Easy Modal for Bootstrap. Create a filtered image gallery with jQuery and Fancybox | picssel. We are going to create a Fancybox image gallery that can be filtered by different categories using jQuery and Fancybox.

If you have seen the Isotope jQuery plugin, then you get the idea of what we will be talking about. This the first part of a series of two tutorials. Let's start by defining the two main sections we would need to focus on : The categories selector (tab style)The Fancybox image gallery (thumbnails collection) The category selector First, imagine our gallery organized by different categories, i.e. AnimalsLandscapesArchitecture The category selector will allow us to filter the gallery by any of the existing categories as above and browse it in Fancybox.

The basic html : <div id="galleryTab"><a data-rel="all" href="javascript:;" class="filter active">View all</a><a data-rel="anim" href="javascript:;" class="filter">Animals</a><a data-rel="land" href="javascript:;" class="filter">Landscapes</a><a data-rel="arch" href="javascript:;" class="filter">Architecture</a></div>

IsLoading jQuery plugin. Useful.js: JavaScript examples, too useful not to share. Bootstrap-fullscreen-select | Custom select element for Mobile interfaces. Animatr. Reveal-it.js Code Samples. Mjolnic/fontawesome-iconpicker. Mjolnic/bootstrap-colorpicker. Object-fit gallery. DanPurdy/gridSlide. Makefixed.js. Laiconglin/bootstrap3_jquery_table_sortable. JsTree. Lastdates vSort by lastdates. Nikogu/amo. Datedropper - jQuery Dates Plugin.

Dannynimmo/strapPoint. Bootstrap-checkbox. Bootstrap 3 Datepicker. Mprogress.js. Jquery-confirm.js | The multipurpose alert & confirm. Drag and Drop Newsletter Builder using jQuery. Simbyone Newsletter Builder. MinAjax.js - A Minimalistic JavaScript Libary To Perform AJAX POST/GET. jQuery Store Locator Plugin. VincentLoy/jquery.tweetParser.

jQuery - GraspSchedule.js. Evoluteur/structured-filter. Bouncy Navigation in CSS and jQuery. Classypicozu jQuery plugins | Class.PM. Dante Editor example. Neveldo/jQuery-Mapael. Parallax-Scroll by Aen. Scrolline | Example | Default. Bachors/jQuery-my-instagram-gallery. KCFinder web file manager - SunHater Projects. Classypaypal jQuery plugins | Class.PM. Cchantep/bootstrap-combobox. Morphing Modal Window. Social Auth For PHP Standalone Sites and Applications. BlinkTitle.js.