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Explanation of Resources. 6 Steps to Successful Co-Teaching. By Natalie Marston, elementary special educator, Charles County, Maryland Found In: teaching strategies Are you wondering how you can co-teach effectively and make it a successful year for both teachers and students?

6 Steps to Successful Co-Teaching

As co-teachers - a regular and a special education teacher - you will plan lessons and teach a subject together to a class of special and regular education students. Understanding the Basics. W&M School of Education - Co-Teaching: An Effective Approach for Inclusive Education. Many teachers are excited about engaging in co-teaching to deliver special education services to their students with disabilities.

W&M School of Education - Co-Teaching: An Effective Approach for Inclusive Education

This collaborative approach allows all students to remain in the general education classroom. With the current legislation, No Child Left Behind, teachers and school divisions are looking to this model of inclusive education to help ensure that all students have access to the general education curriculum. The following defining characteristics identify the unique relationship of co-teaching. Two or more professionals A co-teaching relationship may consist of some combination of a special education teacher, general education teacher, and/or a related service provider. Co-teaching- Principles, Practices, and Pragmatics. Co Teaching Alert. Explanation of Resources. An Administrator's Guide to Co-Teaching. Administrative Support for Co-Teaching. Co-Teaching Experiences: The Benefits and Problems That Teachers and Principals Report Over Time.