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Turn a Hoodie into an Improvised Laptop Bag - Laptops - Lifehack As an irresponsible youth who was often forced to babysit younger siblings out of convenience sake, I found a handy little hack to get through the younger sibs' punching stage. I would take my dad's XXL sweatshirts, put them on the kid, and bind his arms to his side by double-wrapping the sleeves and tying a loose knot in the back. The amount of time it takes to shake loose is equal to the amount of time it takes to settle down. I still cannot decide if I was an evil tween or if I was giving in to maternal instincts to swaddle the kid. Turn a Hoodie into an Improvised Laptop Bag - Laptops - Lifehack
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The Sumerian Legend of Lilith

Before the stars were born Before people built great cities The great mountain Atlen shook And bled fiery blood As it gave birth to Lilitu The land all around burned Many animals and people died When Lilitu opened her eyes Lilitu saw the ashes of her birth And wept tears like rain Lilitu's tears became rivers and streams Flowers grew where Lilitu walked Trees grew where Lilitu sat The ashes became fertile soil And an orchard became Lilitu's home In Lilitu's orchard many animals are People came to live in paradise Lilitu gave them grain and taught them to harvest Lilitu made bread and beer The people rejoiced, ate and drank The Sumerian Legend of Lilith
Description The End Of The Civilization Has Arrived. The scientists developed a terrible virus that which had the terrible goal to reduce the overpopulated earth in a half, but the virus mutated and only 1% of the human beings survived to the exposure, almost the 90% of the population died and the rest mutated on horrible forms. In the middle of nowhere John and Sam are two of the survivors, their only weapon available is a bat and many balls. Surrounded by thousands of these mutated human zombies their only hope is resist. Zombie Baseball | Armor Games Zombie Baseball | Armor Games