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Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site The Exceptional Performance team has identified a number of best practices for making web pages fast. The list includes 35 best practices divided into 7 categories. Minimize HTTP Requests tag: content 80% of the end-user response time is spent on the front-end. Most of this time is tied up in downloading all the components in the page: images, stylesheets, scripts, Flash, etc.

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

High Scalability - High Scalability

High Scalability - High Scalability Facebook has been teasing us. While many of their recent acquisitions have been surprising, shocking is the only word adequately describing Facebook's 5 day whirlwind acquisition of Oculus, immersive virtual reality visionaries, for a now paltry sounding $2 billion. The backlash is a pandemic, jumping across social networks with the speed only a meme powered by the directly unaffected can generate.
Build Service Build Service The Open Build Service (OBS) is a generic system to build and distribute packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way. It makes it possible to release software for a wide range of operating systems and hardware architectures. The OBS reference server, which we use to build our distribution, currently has over 35.000 users that are building over 200.000 packages for 22 base distributions on 6 architectures.
From rPath Wiki rBuilder is the first and only development tool that simplifies and automates the creation of software appliances and virtual appliances . rBuilder combines powerful features with innovative packaging techniques to yield a repeatable appliance creation process. Appliance development makes use of rBuilder's project structure to organize appliances and their software, and it employs rBuilder to generate appliance images and to release complete appliance products. A couple of items not yet permanently moved to the new resource include: Appliance migration instructions for rBuilder 5 rBuilder - rPath Wiki rBuilder - rPath Wiki
Galera - Synchronous Multi-Master Replication | codership Galera - Synchronous Multi-Master Replication | codership "Codership develops replication and clustering solutions for open source databases, adopting novel ideas from latest DBMS and distributed computing research to build fundamentally new high availability solution. Our flagship product, Codership's Galera Cluster for MySQL, provides high system uptime with no data loss and scalability for the future growth. Galera is open-source product and we offer high quality support to help our customers to increase service availability and lower total cost of ownership. Our experts also provide consulting for Galera architecture designs, implementation and performance tuning.
Xen VPS Hosting Xen VPS Hosting We're a cloud hosting company built upon one simple premise: provide the best possible tools and services to those that know what they need — better hosting. A Linode server means freedom. You get everything from the kernel and root access on up. All managed by our simple yet very powerful control panel.