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Simulations & Interactives

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Get writing on BoomWriter today and you could be a published author! Join Now Educators & Schools BoomWriter is free for educators to use with their students. Tour Builder. NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive. Draw On Maps and Make Them Easily. America's History in the Making — Historical Thinking Skills Interactives.

This series of interactive activities introduces and models the Historical Thinking Skills defined by the National Center for History in the Schools.

America's History in the Making — Historical Thinking Skills Interactives

The interactives each model a specific skill or set of skills, such as analyzing historical artifacts or using primary sources to develop a thesis. The first five interactives conclude with "Classroom Extensions," which give teachers hints on how they can teach using these skills in their classrooms. The final interactive, Balancing Sources, includes input from our advisory board of teachers, modeling how they might use the primary sources within the interactive.

These interactives require that cookies and JavaScript be enabled in your browser. OPB American History Interactive: Placing Artifacts In Time - Introduction. Browse Interactives.