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Programming for Kids. Kodu. Learn to code. Code Avengers. Stencyl: Make iPhone, iPad, Android & Flash Games without code. Crunchzilla. Daisy the Dinosaur.

Coding for Kids. Floors — Pixel Press. Bring your video game ideas to life, simply by drawing!

Floors — Pixel Press

Pixel Press Floors is changing the way we experience mobile games by letting anyone be the creator, publisher and player of their own video game. With our creator platform, you can literally draw your own video game – no coding required. By recognizing the shapes (“glyphs”) you draw on paper or in the app using our “Draw-in-App” tools, we instantly turn your level blueprint into a game that can be tested, designed, played – and most importantly, published to the “Arcade” where others can enjoy your level and you can track how many times it’s played. Bloxels. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. Coding in the Classroom. Made with Code. Stencyl: Make iPhone, iPad, Android & Flash Games without code. ScratchJr on the App Store. Khan Academy Computer programming.

CoSpaces: Make your own VR experience. Kodu Game Lab. EarSketch-Learn to code making music. Appinventor. Pencil Code. From mind to design in minutes. Scratch Review.