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International Games Week 2017 – Games in Libraries. DiscoVR Beyond Expeditions: Virtual Reality Creation in Libraries. In her fantastic session at AASL 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona, Katie McNamara laid out how to utilize virtual reality as a tool for creation with our students.

DiscoVR Beyond Expeditions: Virtual Reality Creation in Libraries

She shared tools and ideas and led participants through creating their own 360-degree images (with their phones!) That they could then manipulate. Katie generously shared her slides with links and images to projects her students have created. First off, why VR? Games for Change. Augmented and Virtual Reality. Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics.

Games for Good. Game Development Stack Exchange. Google Expeditions. GlassLab Games. Serious Play - Project Overview. Chromville. 30 Immersive Storytelling platforms, apps, resources & tools. The following list was compiled by an amazing group of storytellers from around the world.

30 Immersive Storytelling platforms, apps, resources & tools

Last semester, while I was teaching Building Storyworlds: the art, craft & biz of storytelling in 21c at Columbia University, I reached out via a facebook post for immersive storytelling platform, app, resource and tool recommendations. Each semester my students design, prototype and present an immersive adaption of Sherlock Holmes. I shared some of the following list with the class in an effort to provide a sandbox for their experimentation. Since the semester ended, I’ve discovered a few additional resources that I’ve included below. GooseChase EDU - Game Library. Aurasma (Augmented Reality) Secure Augmented Reality for Education. Breakout EDU.

ClassDojo. Free Rice: English Vocabulary. Information Fallout. Kodu Game Lab. Gamestar Mechanic. CoSpaces: Make your own VR experience. Deepworld - Steampunk Crafting MMO Game.

15 Games To Teach Kids About Social Issues - EasyBib Blog. Incorporating games into the classroom is a great way to engage students and increase motivation.

15 Games To Teach Kids About Social Issues - EasyBib Blog

But how can social studies and history teachers use games to help students better understand social issues? Our guest contributor and expert on game-based learning, Dr. Matthew Farber, shares his favorite tools: