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Using Google Drive To Teach Close Reading. One of the Language Arts Common Core standards is that students are expected to read text closely to determine what the meaning is and any inferences that can be drawn from it.

Using Google Drive To Teach Close Reading

As an English major in college reading and analyzing text was well-drilled in me. I had to use the text to support my observations and analysis. I did not have a good foundation in this from my schooling prior to college and had to learn it as a new skill in my freshman year. Close reading is an explicit skill that needs to be taught to students. In a paper format, students would underline or highlight text that they felt was important. The digital version of this is to copy the text for close reading into Google Drive and sharing it with the class. Here is an example of using Google Drive for a close read.

How To Unlock Google Drive's App Potential For Music, Image Editing, And More. Google Docs was turned into a general purpose cloud storage dropbox called Drive back in April.

How To Unlock Google Drive's App Potential For Music, Image Editing, And More

But in classic Google fashion, no one explained what you could do with your free 5GB of space besides upload and download files. Coolest Google Docs Demo Ever. Google Docs is one of those things that we tend to use daily but don’t get the full experience.

Coolest Google Docs Demo Ever.

I know that I personally don’t use all of its capabilities, especially when it comes to collaboration. I end up using it like a flat Word document. Google has pushed out a pretty cool demo, which invites you to collaborate with some of the greatest writers of all time. Kind of. A “famous writer” will start typing and then it’s your turn. Once you’ve finished your collaborative masterpiece, you can then share it with whomever you like.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Google+ on Flipboard. Having just passed its first birthday, Google+ might be one of the younger social networks, but it\’s brought some new concepts into the parlance of social media.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Google+ on Flipboard

Among Google+\’s signature features is the +1, a way of liking something on the platform; Circles, a means of organizing and following specific groups of people; and Hangouts, video chat for up to 10 people. Chrome, Google Drive coming to iPhone and iPad today. Flipboard Comes to Android. After months of anticipation, Flipboard has arrived on Android smartphones, Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Nobles's Nook tablets.

Flipboard Comes to Android

The app has also been optimized to include content from users' networks on YouTube and Google+. The company released the Android version on Friday after launching in public beta on May 30. Flipboard will come pre-installed on Samsung's Galaxy S III via AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA and Sprint. The Palo Alto, Calif. -based startup is hoping the Android launch will expand their international reach dramatically, particularly in China and southeast Asia, where Android adoption is comparatively high, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue tells Mashable. The move to Android comes after Apple named Flipboard one of its favorite apps of 2010. “They would love for us to be iOS exclusive from now until the end of time,” said Doll, referring to Apple. Flipboard first launched as an iPad app in July 2010, waiting a full year-and-a-half before releasing a version for iPhone devices. HOW TO: Archive Twitter Search Results in a Google Spreadsheet (and Analyze Them!) - YouMoz.

I find Twitter the most essential social media tool for Internet Marketers on many levels, mainly because of its search API.

HOW TO: Archive Twitter Search Results in a Google Spreadsheet (and Analyze Them!) - YouMoz

Google: More Than 500 School Districts In The U.S. And Europe Now Use Chromebooks. It seems like schools are the one market where Google is having some success with its Chromebook initiative.

Google: More Than 500 School Districts In The U.S. And Europe Now Use Chromebooks

Today, the company announced that there are now 500 school districts in the U.S. and Europe that actively use Chromebooks. Google also announced a few new districts that have recently decided to use Google’s web-centric laptops, including Rockingham Country Schools, N.C., Transylvania County Schools, N.C., and Fond du Lac School District, Wis. One of the reasons Google is able to make this push for Chromebooks in education is that its laptops meet the new hardware and operating system guidelines set by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). Children’s Stories App MeMeTales Comes To Android, Offers Free Books All Summer. MeMeTales, a super-cute (and guilt-free!)

Children’s Stories App MeMeTales Comes To Android, Offers Free Books All Summer

Children’s books application arrives on Android today, following its iOS release and public debut at 500 Startups’ demo day last October. Originally from Seattle, now a San Francisco-based operation, the company was founded by husband and wife team Maya Bisineer and Pree Kolari, and offers a library of picture books designed for preschool and elementary-aged kids and their parents. Through partnerships with publishers like PBSKids, HarperCollins, Little Pickle Press, Shen’s Books and others, the platform includes access to a variety of quality books to choose from, but unlike other e-book libraries for kids, it also “gamifies” the experience for the young readers. Google Uses 16,000 Computers To Find Cats On YouTube. EDU is now a part of Google Apps for Education. GlogsterEDU has been announced as one of the applications found on the Google Chromebook’s Education App Pack: a set of apps recommended by the schools, teachers and users for a richer educational experience, at ITSE 2012!

EDU is now a part of Google Apps for Education

At ITSE, new features have been introduced to make Chromebook easier to manage in all aspects (including finding, managing, installing and using apps in your school). So what features are included? Flipboard Makes the Leap to Android, Widgets and All. When it comes to winnowing the Web down to what matters, Flipboard has led the charge - at least on the iPhone and iPad.

Flipboard Makes the Leap to Android, Widgets and All

The popular app, which curates social streams and Web content into a customized digital magazine, has remained an iOS exclusive until now. We spoke with Flipboard co-founder Evan Doll about the social magazine's hop onto Android and how apps such as Flipboard help us stay sane as the social Web streams by. After both an official and an unofficial beta gave Android users a taste of the hit social magazine app, Flipboard is out in the wild - for real this time. You can now download Flipboard for Android in the Google Play store (rather than sideloading it, as the beta necessitated). Flipboard for Android will come bundled on all new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones across the four major U.S. carriers, but the app is now available for the ecosystem at large.

Beyond just being an iOS exclusive, Flipboard has been particularly cozy with Apple. LEAK: This Is Google's Tablet. Nexus Q, Nexus 7: Google Puts Personal Cloud In 'Play' Are Nexus 7 and Nexus Q bound to sweep the personal cloud prime time? Image: Courtesy of Google Google doubled down on the consumer cloud on Wednesday at Google I/O, where it unveiled the expected Nexus 7 tablet and the unexpected Nexus Q, which connects the new Google tablet and other Android smartphones to your TV. While the Android Jelly Bean/4.1-packin’ Nexus 7 ($199) will get the immediate fanfare (as it is sure to be called an iPad a Kindle Fire killer), the $299 Nexus Q completes the personal cloud circle for Google Play, which as we noted here at Cloudline when it launched, “With Google Play, the Cloud Goes Prime Time.”

Google’s Joe Britt, describing how the media-streaming Q acts as a “cloud-connected juke box,” gets to the killer device aspect of the Q: “No messy authentication or else.” Britt, stealing a line from somewhere, notes: “It just works.” You get multi-room playback and “social streaming,” meaning friends with Android devices can stream and also control the queue.


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