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There is More to Blogging with Your Students  There is more to blogging with your students than simply creating a blog and starting to copy and paste work, that traditionally was done on a paper journal or worksheet in the classroom, into that digital space.

There is More to Blogging with Your Students 

Blogging is about quality and authentic writing in digital spaces with a global audience in mind, observing digital citizenship responsibilities and rights, as one documents, reflects, organizes and makes one’s learning and thinking visible and searchable. Not a small endevour… but worth it in the end… 20 Best Blogs in Instructional Technology. Posted on Wednesday July 13, 2011 by Staff Writers Technology, when applied creatively and effectively, punches up lessons for students of all ages and abilities.

20 Best Blogs in Instructional Technology

In the hands of a savvy enough teacher, gadgets and digital services alike can increase their engagement and better encourage learning and retention. Obviously, the Internet serves as an excellent hub for educators worldwide to meet up and exchange ideas, insights and opinions regarding strategies, emerging technologies and every other relevant topic out there. Instructional technology blogs are exceptionally common, with far, far more than these 20 contributing something valuable to the discussion. Use them as starting points before branching out and discovering what other professionals have to offer. Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch: One to three times a month, Kathy Schrock posts an insightful, detailed rumination on educational technology. Summer Blogging Challenge. Cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cambodia4kidsorg There are a ton of “challenges” out there about blogging daily or 30 blog posts in a month and I think they are absolutely great for many.

Summer Blogging Challenge

That being said, with summer here for many of us on this side of the world, I am not an advocate of staying connected the entire break. It is great to start some habits over the summer that will continue on into the school year, but it is important that people have an opportunity to recharge their batteries, spend time with family and friends, and just enjoy themselves. So as a “happy medium”, I would like to just offer an idea for people that are either trying to start or a blog, or give themselves a jumpstart. Sitting with David Wees last night, he reiterated the importance of a blog as being his space for learning, which is something that I think is extremely important. Here is my suggestion/challenge… Here is a quick example of how it could look: So for those who like lists, here it is: So What Has Changed Since I Started Blogging and Tweeting? The first PHSprincipalBlog (changed to Director 4/1/2009) post was on 9/18/2007. (332 posts overall)I have been using Twitter for 4 years, 4 months, 2 weeks, 1 day, 4 hours, 54 minutes, 7 seconds starting on Nov. 29, 2007 according to My activity on my blog as well as on Twitter have diminished as of late.

So What Has Changed Since I Started Blogging and Tweeting?

I still find an incredible amount of value/entertainment by engaging in the online discussions, I just find it harder to make time to write and send out 140 character tidbits. My participation in these discussions has ebbed and flowed over the past four years and I am sure I will get more bursts of blogging energy. As I contemplate these little facts, I am really surprised that I have been at it so long. Time is passing at what seems like an ever increasing rate.

Puchase cytotec I have discovered a wide range of educational bloggers, created an RSS feed for my favorites, and read the ideas and thoughts of my favorites everyday. “So what?” So what has changed at PCHS?