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How journalists can make use of Facebook Pages. The Facebook News Feed is essentially a social newspaper.

How journalists can make use of Facebook Pages

With it, you’re able to read and discover news shared by your friends, journalists, and media organizations you like. The personalized news stream includes everything from news about your friends’ lives to their reactions to a news article. It’s not only what is being shared, but who is sharing it that’s important. Facebook + Journalism 101. What Facebook’s latest updates mean for journalists. Facebook has released several updates in the last month that will affect how journalists use the platform for reporting and storytelling.

What Facebook’s latest updates mean for journalists

Many of these new features will make it easier for journalists to distribute their content and keep up with sources of information. Some of the relevant changes for journalists include Subscribe, which enables readers to subscribe to journalists’ public updates, and a redesigned News Feed — complete with a newly introduced Ticker for real-time updates that makes it easier to keep up with the news that’s most important to you. The new lists also make it easier for you to target updates to a specific group of people, and to see a customized stream of news from them. The updates also include Timeline, which showcases not only the most recent stories from a single user, but also contextualizes who that user is through a historic timeline.

Que change le nouveau Facebook au journalisme? Crédit: DR Révolutionnaire pour les uns, inutile pour les autres, la mue opérée par Facebook, que l’on voit arriver cette semaine en France, a et aura de l’impact sur la vie des rédactions.

Que change le nouveau Facebook au journalisme?

Après l’apparition du bouton «like», voici venu le temps du réseau dans le réseau, d’un Facebook qui veut devenir l’Internet. Un lieu de vie, donc, où l’on partagerait tout, on discuterait avec ses amis, posterait des photos, écouterait de la musique, lirait des informations, commenterait les publications des autres, etc. Revue des nouveaux éléments de Facebook qui pourraient (encore) changer la donne pour les éditeurs et les journalistes. Optimiser ses posts sur Twitter et Facebook. Les critères d’un contenu facebookable. Crédit: Flickr/CC/dkalo Il y a les titres «Google friendly».

Les critères d’un contenu facebookable

Maintenant, il y a les contenus «facebookables».