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OITNB's Ruby Rose Schools Us on Gender Fluidity. "Oh, Ruby can just stand here and look pretty," teases Jackie Cruz as her OITNB co-star Ruby Rose makes her way to the stage at the Ainsworth, an upscale sports bar in New York City's Chelsea, last Friday.

OITNB's Ruby Rose Schools Us on Gender Fluidity

For the Orange Is the New Black premiere party, the bar's been converted into a concert venue, with the show's cast members performing exclusive original songs for the audience. Cruz, who portrays Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales and Taryn Manning ("Pennsatucky") spent the last hour performing, but as Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" comes over the sound system, it turns into a ensemble cast sing-along.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Three other inmates join Cruz onstage first, leaving Rose without a microphone. "She'll be fine," continues Cruz, as she gestures from Rose's neatly gelled hair to her black pointed pumps, and everything in between. GettyAndrew H. We're not arguing the actress/DJ/recording artist/model isn't stunning. OITNB is known for its cast diversity. Ruby Rose Talks Breaking Free From Gender Expectations & Returning to OITNB. Life in the womb (9 months in 4 minutes) HD - Presented to You from PSNX. Youtube. Takatāpui 101: Māori in the Rainbow Community - Tearaway. A handy comic shows what affirmative consent actually looks like. 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman. Dating, relationships and when love hurts.

What’s the issue? - It's time we talked. Porn can give unrealistic messages about what sex is like… It seems that porn’s everywhere.

What’s the issue? - It's time we talked

It’s really easy to access – even when you’re not looking for it! And it’s accepted that lots of people use it, particularly guys, but also some girls. But, while it might seem cool or exciting or turn you on sexually, porn is not reality, and it can impact in a range of ways that aren’t all good – like what you expect sex to be like, what turns you on, and how you think about men and women… Porn can shape sexual tastes – and expectations. Just as we can acquire a taste for a particular food or drink – even one that we initially don’t like – we also can develop sexual tastes.

When someone uses porn – particularly when they use it regularly to get off – they can learn to link what they see with arousal and pleasure. But much of what is shown in porn doesn’t reflect what many people actually enjoy. Porn bodies are not normal. Porn sex is not safe sex. Contraception - an introduction. Dominic visits a Family Planning Clinic. OUTLineNZ (Nationwide) – Our community. Helping New Zealanders stay well. Sexual and reproductive health. Skip to main content Home > Our work > Preventative health/wellness > Sexual and reproductive health Sexual and reproductive health Information and resources on sexual and reproductive health.

Sexual and reproductive health

1.5 Promoting positive sexuality - Westlake Girls Year 11 Health. Itchy Burny Bits. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are infections passed on through sex, especially if you don't use a condom.

Itchy Burny Bits

Some infections, like herpes, are passed on by genital skin-to-skin contact. Sexually Transmissible Infections - Family Planning. Auckland Grammar's head promises to tackle ex-pupils' concerns. Auckland Grammar's head promises work is being done to challenge what its ex-pupils have labelled as an unpleasant environment for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) community.

Auckland Grammar's head promises to tackle ex-pupils' concerns

In a statement released today, headmaster Tim O'Connor said the issues raised by former head boy Joel Bateman, other "old boys" and current students would be discussed as the new school year starts. H&M New Autumn Collection 2016. How do contraceptives work? - NWHunter. Cartoons Nail Society's Sexual Assault Problem. ALL people have awkward first dates. Listen to these folks with disabilitie from Upworthy - Download Facebook Videos. Contraception For Young Women - Family Planning. Getting contraception is a pretty simple process.

Contraception For Young Women - Family Planning

If you are a young women and have decided to use contraception, first of all, good on you for taking control and protecting yourself. Secondly, keep reading! We’ve talked with our national nurse advisor and have a heap of information to help you understand what will happen at your appointment at one of our clinics.

Will I see a nurse or a doctor? Almost everyone who comes to us wanting contraception will be seen by one of our nurses. What kind of questions will the nurse ask me? The nurse will welcome you to the clinic and ask how they can help you. Comparing The Cost Of Contraception - Family Planning. With so many contraceptive options available it can be hard to know which one to choose.

Comparing The Cost Of Contraception - Family Planning

This month we look at the cost of each contraceptive method. We’ll focus on the cost of getting contraception at a our clinics. The consultation charges for New Zealand residents are: Under 22: Free22 and over with Community Services Card: $5.0022 and over with no Community Services Card: $27.00 The information in this post may vary according to your DHB, pharmacy and area. Money Matters. Contraception - Family Planning. Yes Means Yes: Sexual Consent - Teen Health Source. You may have heard the phrase “No means no” before.

Yes Means Yes: Sexual Consent - Teen Health Source

The message is simple: when someone says no to any sexual activity, you shouldn’t try to make it happen. Otherwise, it’s sexual assault, or sexual coercion, and that’s not okay. The Law - Family Planning. New Zealand laws affect your sexual and reproductive health/oranga taihema in a number of ways.

The Law - Family Planning

It is important to know what these are. Different countries have different laws. It is important that you know about New Zealand law and what it means. What is the legal age to have sex in Aotearoa New Zealand? It is legal in New Zealand for young men and women to have sex once they are both 16. The same law applies to sexual relations between young people of the same sex. Sex & Consent. Check Consent. Unhealthy Relationships - Family Planning. Different behaviours, situations or types of abuse are common in an unhealthy relationship.

Unhealthy Relationships - Family Planning

If you are worried, it is important to seek help. What is an unhealthy relationship? An unhealthy relationship is bad for you. It can be unhealthy in many ways. If you have to deal with any of the following situations in your relationship, it may be unhealthy. If you’re in an unhealthy relationship, you can leave but you might need support from family and friends. Kids React to Gay Marriage. What Does Consent Look Like? - Family Planning. "No means no" is a very important lesson, but it's far from the end of the story. Get clear for yourself what consent looks like so you can also be clear when you're thinking it might be sexytime with someone else.

This month we’ve put together some of our favourite consent illustrations and graphics (including one of our own of course!). And we’ve got a great video about consent from Charlie Is Cool. Make sure you check it out. Luke Warm Sex: The STI House. What It's Like To Be Intersex. How The World Would End Without Gender. Kids' assumptions are turned around at career day in school. Break Free - Ruby Rose. Unattainable Woman. Welcome to Family Planning. Welcome to Family Planning. Sexual and reproductive health.

RainbowYOUTH. Empowering youth to end dating abuse. Stop Sexual Violence. BodySafe. Aboycantoo – Stamping out gender biases one click at a time. 8 inspiring photos prove boys don't have to act like 'boys' to be boys. Canadian photographer Kirsten McGoey has three boys — one of them who happens to love dance. "He twirls so often, my head spins thinking about it," Kirsten told Upworthy. Kirsten's middle son working the barre. He also happens to love a whole host of other things that have been traditionally linked with girls, she says, but that doesn't seem to faze him. Kirsten was so inspired by her son's unabashed love for things that aren't traditionally masculine that she decided to document his enthusiasm through a photography series called #aboycantoo.

A self-described tomboy, Kirsten has been touched by the gender equality movements meant to encourage girls not to let the fact that something is marketed or designated as "for boys" prevent them from doing what they love. As a mother of boys, however, she wanted to open the conversation in the other direction. How 7 things that have nothing to do with rape perfectly illustrate the concept of consent. Let’s Actually Talk About Birth Control. Types of Birth Control - Contraceptive Methods (3bio5) Labtest results. My Boyfriend Gave Me an STD. Tea and Consent. 'I never wanted to be gay': Christian musician Trey Pearson comes out in moving letter to fans. Last updated 14:17, June 2 2016 Trey Pearson said he hoped his disclosure would not hurt his career. As Trey Pearson toured all 50 states as a Christian rock star, he shared some of his truth - his faith in the Gospel - but not all of it.

Pearson never told anyone - his fans, his conservative Christian family, his wife - that he was gay. Until now. "I never wanted to be gay. Catchingonteach. Unhealthy Relationships - Family Planning. Relationships - Family Planning. Topical Legal Info: Your rights & your consent « YouthLaw Aotearoa. Topical Legal Info: Your rights & your consent In light of the recent coverage relating to a group who call themselves the Roast Busters, the team here at YouthLaw thought we would share some legal information about consent when it comes to sexual activity. Commonly asked questions Q: What age can I decide to have sex? A: New Zealand Law states that from age 16, a person can legally choose to have sex. Q: If I am sexually assaulted, and I am under 16 – will I get in trouble because I’m underage? A: If you’re the victim of a sexual assault, or think you might be – you will not be in trouble with the Police and you haven’t done anything wrong. The Law - Family Planning.

Queensland Government. Talking sexual health , Research, La Trobe University. Check Consent. Resources - Sexuality & Gender Identity Education. Untitled. Disney princesses. Campaign for gay character in Frozen 2 continues. Frozen fans urge Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend in sequel. Twitter users are calling for Disney to give its Frozen heroine Elsa a girlfriend in the blockbuster’s keenly anticipated sequel. The record-breaking and critically acclaimed 2013 animated film tells of Princess Elsa’s struggle to master her magical powers to reconnect with her sister Anna.

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity. Always #LikeAGirl. Article. The antelopes next door were gay - maybe. For viewers of the animated Disney hit Zootopia, it's been a bit of a guessing game. In an early scene, rookie rabbit police officer Judy moves into her new apartment and meets her new neighbors. Bucky and Pronk are both antelopes and both men, who live together and bicker like a married couple. But . . . were they? The answer, available to sharp-eyed movie fans, comes in the closing credits: Bucky and Pronk share a last name, Oryx-Antlerson. While gay and lesbian characters are standard players in movies and TV shows for adults, they remain a fleeting or barely acknowledged presence in children's entertainment. Useful Words - RainbowYOUTH. Sexuality - RainbowYOUTH. Gender Identity - RainbowYOUTH. School installs toilet for transgender pupil, aged 6. Unisex toilet will help child feel safe and accepted at school.

A popular Auckland primary school has been praised for installing a unisex toilet to help a 6-year-old transgender pupil feel safe and accepted. The toilet was installed earlier this year with the support of the Board of Trustees and the Education Ministry after the child's transition from boy to girl. The Herald on Sunday has chosen not to name the school to protect the child's privacy. Sex & Gender Identity: An Intro. These gay rugby players are dismantling stereotypes with their powerful new campaign. Rugby is no joke. Especially in South Africa. The team sport is fast and aggressive. And to the untrained eye, it's primal and chaotic. And while the game has gained some recent traction in the U.S., around the world it's quite common.

In South Africa, competitive rugby is more than a game: It's an industry and a tradition. Broadcast Yourself. The Sexy Lie: Caroline Heldman at TEDxYouth@SanDiego. » True Story: How Porn Twisted My Sexuality. Community Healthcare Network– A network of not-for-profit community health centers providing medical, dental and social services in neighborhoods throughout New York City. Community Healthcare Network– A network of not-for-profit community health centers providing medical, dental and social services in neighborhoods throughout New York City.

Sexuality - classroom by Katie Potter on Prezi. Sexuality Diversity 101 by Katie Potter on Prezi. Russell Brand Talks Sex, Softcore & Hardcore Porn. Imagine A World Where Being "Gay" The Norm & Being "Straight" Would Be The Minority! [Short Film] ABC TV.