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How to find top quality crew. — Cinema Advanced Cinema Advanced. It’s your first film, you’re under the gun and have to get things done. Money is disappearing by the second. The actors are getting antsy (or possibly drunk). You look up into the sky and scream…”Where the hell is everybody?”. Sound familiar? You need to learn how to find a good crew. Finding a good crew isn’t impossible, in fact its probably not nearly as hard as you might believe. Where to find film crew members Well…first things first…where not to find crew: your non film making friends . Don’t get me wrong, your friends will want to help…at first. So where do we start our search? The absolute best way to find crew The absolute best way to find crew, is to volunteer for someone else’s production. But, most importantly, joining another production helps you to meet people and see how they work, before you are actually dependent upon them.

Third, those people will see that you work. So now that we’ve found a crew, my next article will cover how to keep them working hard for you. Making Of – How to make movies, with actor, actress, director interviews, trailers, clips, photos, and more. The Film Business Plan Blog.

The only film making advice you really need — Cinema Advanced Cinema Advanced. Yesterday, I told you how Listening to ’so called’ experts could destroy your film career before it even starts .

The only film making advice you really need — Cinema Advanced Cinema Advanced

Today I’m going to share with you the few principles you really need to know. If you’ve ever dreamed about being a director, then this post is a must read for you. The 9 things you need to do if you really want to be a film maker. Shoot the damn thing – Stop obsessing over what gear you need, stop worrying about raising money, stop obsessing over every little detail. If you can’t raise the money you need, then figure out how to do it with less money. Tagged as: advice , film making , filmmaking advice , filmmaking for dummies. Saskia’s Guide to Producing: The Film Package « New Breed. This is a series of posts delving into the gory details of what it takes to produce an independent film.

Saskia’s Guide to Producing: The Film Package « New Breed

Covering the entire process — from development to fundraising, production, distribution, online strategies and beyond — they will be written in real time, from first hand experience, as I go through the process of producing a feature-length documentary. A few weeks ago I posted about some legal issues and paperwork that you needed to get going for your production. That’s all well and good, but there’s no use in having all your legal stuff worked out if you don’t have a story, and — of course — a really good film package.

What follows is all information I’ve gleaned from various sources- including the internet, several lawyers, and my colleagues and friends in the industry. Most important is, however, to do your homework. First and foremost, it’s important to clarify to yourself what the purpose of your film package is. Title: ‘But my title will change’, you say. OK, that’s it.