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Deveaux - connecting people to brands. Free Online Accounting Software, Online Invoicing - Sage One. Allianz - My Home Matters - Home. We develop innovative influencer marketing strategies and campaigns. Influencer Content Each month, a blogger goes on their Arke holiday in a select destination.

We develop innovative influencer marketing strategies and campaigns.

They cover their holiday regularly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. During their trips they take photos and record video which is collected and later posted on the Arke bog at, along with their tips during their trip and reviews of their experiences. IMA designed, built and manages, the online destination for travel inspiration. Issue 22 – Collective Hub. When comedian and actor AMY POEHLER released her autobiography, Yes Please, just six months ago it instantly shot to the number one position on the New York Times' bestseller list.

Issue 22 – Collective Hub

But ahead of Amy's lead in this month's Disney release, Inside Out, she shares how saying 'no' has been vital to her success and how she's encouraging young girls around the world to achieve their own success. In this issue we also take a look behind the scenes as the ribbon is cut on the building that rose from the ashes - One World Trade Center in New York City; we sit down with the founder of TREND HUNTER, a website that has topped 1 billion views, to find out whether data or instinct is more important; and we also hit the road with a travel blogger to find out exactly how to make money in the new NOMAD ECONOMY. 9 Tips for Becoming a Social Media Influencer Social Media Examiner. BrandMe. 10 Tips for Modern Marketers to Thrive - Traackr. By connecting people to people, the social web created an ecosystem for consumers, users, employees to talk to one another, exchange ideas, transact, and organize at a scale we have yet to grasp.

10 Tips for Modern Marketers to Thrive - Traackr

In a word, it has humanized the web and paved the way for a more collaborative way of doing business between brands and people. In order to succeed in this post web 2.0 world, modern marketers have to become more than data crunching machines. Kamber - Content Marketing & Social Media Agency, Melbourne & Sydney, Australia.

34 Flares Twitter 13 Facebook 7 Google+ 3 LinkedIn 10 inShare10 StumbleUpon 1 34 Flares × Five (mostly free) tools to identify online influencers in specific locations Online influencers are defined as people who have the ability to shape conversations in their niche with more impact than ‘everyday’ online participants.

Kamber - Content Marketing & Social Media Agency, Melbourne & Sydney, Australia

The most common misconception when it comes to online influencers is that their ability to shape conversations is based on the size of their networks (or total audience). This is not to say audience isn’t important, but a combination of relevance, resonance and reach is a better way of looking at things. As part of this three-pronged identification process, the location of online participants can play a key role (depending on the nature of the activity). So, this post is going to look at a series of (mostly free) tools that can be used to narrow down influencer identification down by location. 1. 2. Independent bloggers overtake celebrities as key social media influencers.

Chloe Morello started sharing beauty tips to her friends two years ago, and today she rivals some of Australia's biggest mainstream media brands with an audience of nearly 1.7 million across her social and digital networks.

Independent bloggers overtake celebrities as key social media influencers

Debate is still raging about how brands and companies should best use the so-called "long tail" of smaller, independent content producers, influencers and celebrities; but according to Brand Data – a new daily ranking index of digital and social media identities and 5,000 brands – Australia's top six bloggers now have a larger combined audience than the highest-selling magazine, newspaper and TV program collectively. The rise of the digital long tail is backed up by a new Australian study from Magna Global which says the time people spend between digital and verbal conversations is now split evenly.

"Among 18- to 24-year-olds, it's unsurprisingly higher," said Magna Global CEO Victor Corones. "57 per cent of their conversations are digital. Higher interaction levels. Social Media Influencers versus Brand Advocates Infographic. Influencer outreach is a key element of many social media and modern public relations programs.

Social Media Influencers versus Brand Advocates Infographic

But they often prove ineffective at driving behavior beyond social chatter. I wrote a post about why this is so, called “Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It” The biggest issue is that we tend to confuse audience with influence. Having a lot of Twitter followers doesn’t give you the power to drive action, it gives you the power to drive awareness.12 Those are different abilities with unequal degrees of usefulness, just like the power to fly (Superman) is better than the power to swim fast and talk to fish (Aquaman). The other issue is passion. In the original post, I recommend focusing these types of programs first on harnessing the passion of current customers, who make up for in passion what they may lack in audience, and then expand to influencers who bring the audience but perhaps less passion.

How To Find and Engage With Social Media Influencers.