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Telekom-Unternehmen und Kabelanbieter: Netzneutralität in Deutschland bedroht. Google, Verizon CEOs announce pact for no wireless net neutrality rules, some paid prioritization. Summary: Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and Verizon chief executive Ivan Seidenberg announced a joint agreement on how traffic can be controlled on the Internet.

Google, Verizon CEOs announce pact for no wireless net neutrality rules, some paid prioritization

Here's the joint policy statement on Google and Verizon's Web sites. In short: What you've read so far about the deal is true: 1) No net neutrality rules for mobile networks, except for a "transparency" requirement that makes public how traffic is managed. 2) A green light on "managed services" that would allow for special priority for some content on other parts of the pipe, but not the public Internet. Google & Verizon Propose Enforceable Net Neutrality.

Google and Verizon held a press call today announcing a joint legislative framework proposal: internet network transparency and FCC enforcement with up to $2 million fines for network providers that engage in anti-competitive measures that hurt consumers.

Google & Verizon Propose Enforceable Net Neutrality

This is the exact opposite of what reports last week speculated the companies were working on. (Note: broadband specialists and other press are very skeptical, see below.) Under the proposal, the General Accounting Office would report yearly to congress about how well it all is working. Verizon said the company was concerned that too many rules up front could infringe on its ability to optimize the network for performance, but that some rules are clearly needed and transparency is important. Initiative Pro Netzneutralität - Die Neutralität im Netz sichern!