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People Love Water by Massimo Vitali | Icon_ology
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Matthew Lyons Illustration Blog

Matthew Lyons Illustration Blog Illustration for The New York Times Book Review of Pure by Julianna Baggott. Dystopian cheese flavouring crisps finger man has been busy dabbing the rocks. He is walking over to finish the rocks on the right mountain.
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Adam Voorhes Photography
Autophoto: Jeff Zielinski NAME: Jeff Zielinski AGE: 31 LOCATION: Long Beach, CA GEAR: 28/9 YEARS SHOOTING: 14 What follows is a collection of random photos I shot roughly over the last year or so. They aren’t part of a project or anything like that, just the results of usually having a camera within reach. Some of the subjects are things that caught my eye while driving, others I shot spur of the moment while pedaling my vintage Schwinn Le Tour with my trusty Olympus Stylus Epic in my back pocket, and a few I shot right outside my door. The one thing they all have in common is that I shot them in the city where I live, Long Beach, California. Autophoto: Jeff Zielinski
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