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Canada’s Most Trusted Digital Solution Provider Jivaso is the fastest-growing Digital Solution Provider based out of the Greater Toronto Region, Canada. Jivaso is Revolutionizing the Industry with its UNIQUE Performance-Based Digital Employee Solutions and Value-based Client Engagement Model focussed on Driving Real Results. We are your digital partner specialized in providing Web and Mobile app development, Custom Software development, UI/UX Design and Digital Marketing Solutions for diverse industry verticals. Drive Your Revenues at 5x ROI with our AI-workflow based Digital Solutions. We have delivered proven results to SMEs, Startups and Fortune 500 Companies. We are proud to be a Technology Company and NOT a Recruitment Firm or Traditional Marketing Agency.

Top Digital Marketing Techniques to Be Used in 2022. Even in 2021, a maximum number of SMEs have begun to use chatbots.

Top Digital Marketing Techniques to Be Used in 2022

Reason being, this too helps automate customer service needs for better efficiency when handling customers’ inquiries on social media channels, email marketing and other online platforms. Chatbot features to respond to customersIt communicates with them without human involvement from your sideTypically, chatbot dialogue is powered by artificial intelligenceAI gives chatbot a real character, letting customers have more fun interacting with the brandChatbot provides customers with a personalized experience. So, customers tend to communicate more often with your company I’m damn sure that in 2022, small businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, will need to have chatbots integrated into their digital marketing strategy to enhance customer interactions on the web.

Facebook Marketing Tools and Tactics. A very few marketers take advantage of Messenger marketing despite it being one of the profitable sources in digital marketing today.

Facebook Marketing Tools and Tactics

It is as simple as it sounds. Messages on Facebook Messenger have an open rate of 55-85%.The Clickthrough rate is 20%, mainly when using chat blasting.A conversion rate of 3-5x higher than Facebook desktop ads.Its marketing costs 30-50x less than Facebook ad campaigns The best way to get started with Facebook Messenger marketing is by hiring digital marketing experts at Jivaso. Also, read YouTube Update: Automatic Live Captions Available for All Channels Now Comment Guard. How an AI, AR and VR Based Web App Helps Health Industry Grow. 5 Poor SEO Tactics That Will Not See 2022.

The fragrance of 2022 is getting mixed in the air.

5 Poor SEO Tactics That Will Not See 2022

Are there SEO tactics that should be skipped in 2022? Yes. With that in mind, we are making bad SEO tactics obvious. YouTube Update: Automatic Live Captions Available for All Channels Now - Jivaso Technologies. YouTube is bringing Automatic Live Captions to all channels in an attempt to make content more accessible.

YouTube Update: Automatic Live Captions Available for All Channels Now - Jivaso Technologies

Now, the Automatic Livestream Captions of YouTube will be available for all videos creators on the platform. YouTube is rolling out a series of updates with a view to making content more accessible for viewers. Automatic live captions are one of the most recent updates. Earlier, this feature was not available for all videos creators and was accessible only in beta for select channels with over 1,000 subscribers. The benefit of live automatic captions is that it allows live streams to display a dialogue on the screen as it is being spoken.

Tips to Develop Shopify Custom Checkout App. Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows merchants to set up an online store and sell their products.

Tips to Develop Shopify Custom Checkout App

These days, thousands of online eCommerce websites are using Shopify as the framework for their web pages. Although Shopify allows extensive front-end customization, the checkout process follows a standard format. Google Updates: Phrase and Broad Match Keywords Are Preferred Now - Jivaso Technologies. For instance, a highly specific query such as ‘Tremec T-5 5 speed transmission seal input shaft’ can now match with the broad match keyword auto parts because we can say they’re related, even in case no words in the query and in the keyword actually match.

Google Updates: Phrase and Broad Match Keywords Are Preferred Now - Jivaso Technologies

If searches exactly match your keywords… As per the recent update, an exact match keyword that is identical to a search query will be prioritized by Google as long as the keyword will be eligible to match. Expert Ideas to Design a Stunning Background for Your Business - Jivaso Technologies. Background design is important.

Expert Ideas to Design a Stunning Background for Your Business - Jivaso Technologies

No doubt. But, starting with an empty page can be confronting. Professional social posts, presentation slides, banner designs, email headers are important elements of business promotions. They must adhere to a set of basic design principles. SEO Automation: Understand Its Key Stages - Jivaso Technologies. Stage #1: Data Collection Most important step in maturity in SEO is data aggregation and collection.

SEO Automation: Understand Its Key Stages - Jivaso Technologies

This is the process of collecting data from websites using automated web crawler tools. This process may involve converting unstructured data into structured data and storing it for further analysis. For instance, in the case of an eCommerce website, you may extract data from a competitor’s website and use it to identify their weakness and strength. This helps gain insights on opportunities and lets you compete against the competitor. Hire WordPress Developer - Jivaso Technologies. Hire Dedicated Shopify Developer Expert. Hire Woocommerce Developer - Jivaso Technologies. 5 Ad Campaign Optimization Hacks You Should Know. Digital marketing is more competitive than ever in 2021.

5 Ad Campaign Optimization Hacks You Should Know

This is because of consumer’s shifts toward social media and digital video. Businesses’ investment in digital marketing campaigns is another reason, which has made digital advertising more competitive. As a result, an acceleration in the rise of paid ads can be seen. This shows ad spend will continue to rise. Hire Magento Developer - Jivaso Technologies. Google Announces to Show Factors Why It Ranks Particular Search Results. Picture this, you type words in Google, hit ‘ENTER’ on your keyboard and see crazy lots of relevant results in a fraction of a second.

Google Announces to Show Factors Why It Ranks Particular Search Results

You may wonder how the search engine connects results to the words you typed. Of late, Google has announced to list many of the factors why it ranked a specific search result in its search result listings. So, now you can see how Google gives results for your query. Easy Tips for Compelling Content and Website Copy. 4. Use of Semicolon or Colon If you find yourself wanting to use a semicolon or colon, it is time to rewrite. I confess. I’m not good with grammar. No matter if you don’t even know the rules of using punctuation such as semicolons and colons. Maintain Business Continuity And Remain Engaged With Customers During COVID-19. Leverage Technology to Work Remotely Amid COVID 19 - Jivaso Technologies. Skip to the content #GoDigital Campaign Free Digital Audit Leverage Technology to Work Remotely Amid COVID 19 Alisha Jain July 3, 2020 Mobility Share on facebook Share on twitter.

Business Logo Ideas. Often called a logo symbol or brand mark, a pictorial mark is an icon or graphic-based logo, apparently, the image that comes to mind when you think ‘logo.’ The iconic Apple logo, the Target Bullseye and the Twitter bird are examples of a pictorial mark logo. When designing a logo with a pictorial mark, there is something that you might stick to with your company’s entire existence. Think about the broader implications to create deeper meaning. When to use a pictorial mark – A pictorial mark alone can be a ‘tricky logo type’ for new companies. Google Integration with WooCommerce Is Live Now. Google has integrated with WooCommerce for easy product uploads. Following the integration between Google Shopping and WooCommerce, which was originally announced at Google Marketing Live, it is now easier for commerce and retail partners of all sizes to reach an increased number of audiences across Google’s shopping platforms, including Search, Shopping, Image Search and YouTube.

The integration allows WooCommerce users to showcase their products and inventory across Google properties for free with easy setup within the WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce’s 4.4 million merchants are now able to upload their products to Google, run ad campaigns, create free listings and review performance metrics in just a few clicks without leaving their WooCommerce dashboard. Users on the global ground can use it. Google Enhances GMB Profile Editing Abilities in Search and Maps. You can now create posts about upcoming events, such as when and where events are going to happen or whether you are throwing a reopening party or hosting an online tasting. Best Software Development Tools. Why DevOps Is Important. Let’s get ahead and explore the benefits of using DevOps in your businesses. Benefits of Using DevOps in Your Business Process With support of the DevOps team working with you, you can leverage DevOps tools in the software development process.

Early Bugs Detection: The collaborative DevOps environment will allow you to promote the practice of ‘Knowledge Sharing’ across teams. Constant monitoring, automation, and code testing help improve software quality. Your team members can share their feedback, which further helps detect bugs earlier. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Marketing Strategies for Businesses. Most Popular & Latest Automation Testing Tools in 2021. Top Full Stack Web Development Tools. Know These Online Reviews Trends to Grow Your Business in 2021. Fuel Your Business Growth With These 10 Local Marketing Strategies. Hire Professional Dedicated Local SEO Expert. Hire Performance-based SEO Experts and Save On Business Costs.

Explore Latest Google Ads Features. 4 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Address During Pandemic In 2021. Apply These 6 Methods to Convert Website Traffic into Leads. Canada’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency. Hybrid and Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Company. Web Development Company Toronto. Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto.