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EcoTank Monochrome M1180 Wi-Fi InkTank Printer. Top 5 Best Work from Home Printers You Need to Buy. In the Pandemic times back-to-back meetings, conference calls, online presentations, instant messenger updates, endless emails – all is in the confines of one’s home.

Top 5 Best Work from Home Printers You Need to Buy

In these situations, who has the time to wait for nearby copy shops to open or deal with troublesome cartridge printers which frequently run out of ink, get recurrently jammed or just refuse to turn on. The need of the hour – a reliable home printer which can print without a snag. Here’s a curated list of the five best versatile Epson Ecotank printers which are better than cartridge printers and will make working from home a breeze. 1. Talks on printers and projectors: Image. Why EPSON EcoTank Printers Are Better Than Cartridge Printers? Epson Multimedia Projectors Still Number 1 in world by Jit Prakash on Dribbble. EcoPowering Office Printing with Epson Monochrome EcoTank Printers. Pin on printer projector infographic. Five Projectors you can buy to get a theatre-like experience at home. By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 6, 2020 11:10:20 am Projectors from Anker and Benq (Source: Amazon India) In the age of the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone is not comfortable going outside, bringing all comforts to home has come naturally to many.

Five Projectors you can buy to get a theatre-like experience at home

Watching movies with a jam-packed theatre is something we would not be seeing in the near future as a large part of the audience will be reluctant to sit in a crowded hall due to the fear of contracting the virus. Many have resorted to buying big-screen LED TVs to fill the void but there are others who still have a spare room or a big wall where they can project a movie, TV show to get that nostalgic feeling.

Anker Smart Portable Pico Wifi Wireless Projector Anker’s wireless project promises a bright, vivid picture up to 100 inches big. Egate P531 Full HD Projector Egate P531 projector is one of the most affordable projectors on the list and offers Full HD (1280 x 800) native resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio. Talks on printers and projectors — Lockdown got you down? Then it’s time to take your... Buy Epson Large Format Printers. EcoTank L3116 Multifunction InkTank Printer.

Epson L6190 all-in-one colour printer with auto-duplex function. Lockdown image. Robotics to play a huge role in the Indian EV industry: Satyanarayana P of Epson India. All robots have a core function: automating processes.

Robotics to play a huge role in the Indian EV industry: Satyanarayana P of Epson India

While a school of thought argues that the extensive use of robots may lead to unemployment, industries are well aware of their role in bringing in precision and accuracy. Epson Robots is the robotics design and manufacturing department of Japanese corporation Seiko Epson. Famous for its watches and printers, Seiko initially developed robots to be used in its own industry, to automate the manufacturing of its watches.

Later, the company started promoting its robots for use in other industries. Starting with the food industry, where these robots were used to pick and place milk packets from machine belts into packing baskets, Epson Robots gradually found its robots being used in the mobile and automotive industries. Epson started exploring and promoting its robots in the Indian market in 2013. Edited excerpts: YourStory: What are the emerging trends for industrial robots in the Indian market? 7 Benefits Of Refillable Ink Tank Printers. Like toasters and TVs, the humble household printer has been a staple feature of Indian households - for years.

7 Benefits Of Refillable Ink Tank Printers

However, as times change and technology advances, the choice of printers on the market has made it difficult to identify the best model for your needs. So in this article, we're going to explore a specific type of printer that ticks every box from a modern consumer’s standpoint - refillable ink tank printers. Sometimes referred to as continuous ink tank printers, these devices provide the perfect combination of economy, ease-of-use and environmental sustainability.

Enormous Photo Printing Benefits with SureLab SL-D830. Pin on printer projector infographic. Talks on printers and projectors — Experience lab quality photo printing with Epson... 3 Reasons Why Your School Should Stop Outsourcing Printing. School and paperwork are as inseparable as a fish and water.

3 Reasons Why Your School Should Stop Outsourcing Printing

Think about all the printing you have to do, whether you are a teacher or a parent, and you’re sure to come up with a long list – worksheets, assignments, question papers, projects, and sometimes even notes or accounts. Printing for schoolwork is also a year-round activity, and if you think there might be some printing respite in the summer months, think again. Many schools get their printing done from the nearby photocopy shops or printers. It’s true that outsourcing printing has its own convenience, but it also costs time, money and effort. Buying a printer for a school can be a great money saving and convenient option in the long run. Let’s look at the 3 crucial aspects when it comes to outsourcing your prints: Cost – Epson TW9400 means true home cinema.

Best Epson printers of 2020: Portable, Laser, All-in-one, Inkjet and more. Welcome to our pick of the best Epson printers in 2020.

Best Epson printers of 2020: Portable, Laser, All-in-one, Inkjet and more

Whether you’re seeking a printer for your bedroom, home or work office, Epson offers a wide variety of options - from small and convenient portables to laser printing workhorses and affordable inkjets. Not only have we listed the very best Epson printers, we’ve also included our own price comparison tool, so you’ll get the best recommendations for the best prices as well, ensuring you’ll get an excellent deal. Also check out our guide to the best laser printersWant your company or services to be added to this buyer’s guide? Please email your request to with the URL of the buying guide and the subject line. 1. Affordable inkjet is a solid choice for photos.

Economical and Eco-friendly printer for Home and Office printing. Buy Epson Large Format Printers. Epson India eyes SMEs to boost monochrome ecotank printer sales. Epson India is betting on home office, small and medium enterprises and the government sectors to scale up its market share in monochrome ecotank printers in the sub-20 pages per minute segment in three years.

Epson India eyes SMEs to boost monochrome ecotank printer sales

“Currently, we have 8% market share in monochrome ecotank printers. Our aim is to achieve 25% in three years,” said K. Siva Kumar, senior general manager- IJP, Epson India Pvt. Ltd. “We stopped making mono laser printers since FY13, as it was not eco-friendly, harmful to humans, consumed more power and had high total cost of ownership compared with monochrome ecotank printers. Epson, in the meanwhile, announced the launch of seven new monochrome ecotank printers. Cost effective solutions for Home printing. EcoTank L3115 Multifunction InkTank Printer. Epson India eyes SMEs to boost monochrome ecotank printer sales. Epson. Epson home theater and business projectors online at best price. Untitled. Epson India eyes 12% share of the laser printer market with its InkTank printers. Printer maker Epson India, part of the Japanese major Seiko Epson, plans to capture 12 per cent share of the laser printer market in India, from the current 8 per cent through its InkTank printers.

Epson India eyes 12% share of the laser printer market with its InkTank printers

“In three years, it plans to capture 25 per cent of the laser printer market,” said N Sambamoorthy, President and CEO, Epson India. “The proportion of laser printers in India is bigger than the global average. That means there is a huge opportunity for us to (ensure) more share from the laser printers to (shift to) inkjet printers,” Koichi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer, Printing Solutions Operations Division Seiko Epson Corporation, told BusinessLine. He added, “Epson India has been replacing laser printers step by step. But still, nearly half of the total market in India is still laser. It clocked a revenue of ₹1,896 crore last year, and is targeting ₹2,050-2,070 crore this year.

Earlier, the company was addressing this shift through its colour printers. Epson Entry Level CAD Printers. 3 Things To Consider When Buying A CAD Printer. Buying a large format CAD printer is never a purchase that is taken lightly by an organisation.

3 Things To Consider When Buying A CAD Printer

Architects, civil engineering designers and technical/machine designers are always looking for accuracy, speed and quality from these printers to make the most of their investment. But deciding what you want in a printer and actually finding one that meets your expectations are two different things. Let’s look at why the Epson T-Series large format printers tick all the right boxes. Points To Consider Before Buying A CAD Printer Cheap isn’t always bestIt may be tempting to buy a less costly printer but a long term perspective may be worth considering before making this investment. For instance, the Epson Surecolor SC – T 3270 yields 120 A1 high quality prints per hour.

Image quality is a key factorImage quality, colour reproduction and durability of ink are important points to consider before buying a CAD printer for your organisation. Epson Continues Fake Ink Bottle Eradication Campaign. 4 Reasons To Choose An Epson Projectors For Gaming. So, you are excited about your new console.

4 Reasons To Choose An Epson Projectors For Gaming

Well, you should be, and rightly so. After all, you spent time and money to get the best specs to suit your gaming needs and buffed it up with suited controllers and other accessories. But wait a second, is your gaming kit really complete? What are you going to use to view your gameplay? A TV you say. 1.The 300 inches immersive experienceGames are meant to offer an unreal experience.

An Epson Home Theatre projector is capable of displaying a screen up to 300 inches in Full-HD and even UHD so you can be sure about being absorbed by the larger than life action. 2.The techScreen tearing and lags are just outright annoying. Epson EcoTank L1455 eDM. Epson EcoTank M1120 review: an expensive printer designed to be cheaper in long run.

“The EcoTank M1120 is a single-function mono printer that comes with an ink tank and ditches cartridges“ If you are a business owner, or have kids at home who frequently work on school projects, chances are you own a printer. Now, there are several common printer woes which everyone has had to deal with at some point or the other. The hassle of dealing with printer cartridges, complicated menu systems and poor quality of print on affordable printers force a lot of users to visit the nearest print shop despite having a printer at home. However, things are about to change with Epson EcoTank M1120 monochrome printer, which around Rs 13,000 is slightly expensive up front, but promises to be a lot more cost effective in the long run.

I received the unit for the purpose of review and here is a detailed low-down of the Epson EcoTank M1120. Packaging. Epson printer Ink Bottles online - Buy Epson Ink consumables. An absolute yorker of an opportunity cricket world cup. Fespa 2019: Epson to expand product line-up. Expect some new products on the Epson stand at FESPA 2019, to be held at Messe Munich, Germany on 14-17 May.

Epson will reveal more details ahead of the show but confirms there will be new models in its large format printing range. Richard Barrow, senior product manager – production LFP, said, “We will unveil two new products at the show but will not give details at this stage. Visitors will be able to see the benefit Epson can offer by having control of the print engine, printhead and inks and how open minds and R&D can help us bring new ideas to the development of printers.

We recognise that the printing industry needs productive and cost-effective solutions that are flexible and versatile in what they can do.” Epson L805 InkTank Colour Photo Printer with Hi-Speed Wireless feature. Infographic 5 The Ease of Organising. Epson L565 Ink Tank colour printer with outstanding print quality. Blog - EcoTank L3150 Prints Faster than Canon G3010& HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 printers. Blog - EcoTank L4160 Defeats HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 and Canon PIXMA G3010 in Speed Test. Epson expands EcoTank printers range with three new printers - CRN - India. Epson has launched three new monochrome EcoTank printers for offices. These new EcoTank printers will further extend InkTank printer range to over 26 models. The new models M1100(INR12,099), M1120(INR12,999) and M2140(INR19,899) are targeted at the office printing market and come equipped with a host of features that are likely to tempt mono laser printer users to shift to Epson’s EcoTank printers.

The new models are specifically designed to lower business printing costs when compared to mono laser printers. With an ultra-low printing cost of 12 paise per print, the new Epson EcoTank M series printers make printing 23 times lower as compared to mono laser printers, which cost Rs. 2.74 per print with original toners. Over the life of the printer, this translates into very significant savings for any organization. This can help businesses eliminate the frequent changes of toners and thereby help them significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Epson EcoTank L3150 printer review: Low cost, stress-free printing. Epson’s ink tank printers could put a shame to laser printers that cost more, ask more. Rating: If you are still wondering that laser printers are better than inkjet printers, you need to think twice now. Ink-based printers are definitely expensive than laser printers if you consider it in comparison with the price of the cartridge replacements that one needs to make.

However, things have changed — inkjet printers now come with easy to refill, cheaper to replenish and definitely cheaper to run versions, and they are known as ink tank printers. Blog - 6 Exciting Reasons to Buy a Photo Printer for your Home. Buy Epson black 70ML ink bottle T6641 online at low price. Epson L130 InkTank colour printer with ultra high savings and page yields. 4. M Series vs Lasers A3 Poster Revised 01 edited. Blog - 4 Home/Office Epson Printers that Offer Low Cost Duplex Printing. What is duplex printing & why it makes sense to choose Epson EcoTank. Duplex printing is a feature available in printers that enables printing on both sides of the paper. As a duplex printer prints on both sides of the paper, it reduces the number of pages used, thereby making both economic and environmental sense. Epson’s EcoTank duplex printers use inktanks instead of ink cartridges, so when the printer runs out of ink you just need to refill the ink tanks with inks from the ink bottles.

No more expensive and inconvenient replacement of ink cartridges. The ink tanks are integrated, so the printer has small footprint. Take a look at Epson’s duplex printers with the print costs as low as 12 paise* for black and 20 paise* for colour (composite yield) prints. For home and small offices: EcoTank L4160 Printer The EcoTank L4160 is a cartridge-free InkTank printer that prints up to 7,500 pages* in black and 6,000 pages* in colour with one set of ink bottles. Buy Epson L1800 Ink Tank Printer Online. Epson eyes bigger printer pie. Epson India is aiming for a turnover of over Rs 900 crore in inkjet printers, led by a rise in demand from both home users and offices. Epson Photo Printer - Buy Photo Printers Online. EcoTank Leaflet. Affordable Project Printing & Photocopying with Epson EcoT… Affordable Project Printing Photocopying With Eps Infographic Template. Epson InkTank Printers - Epson EcoTank Colour & B/W Printers.

Epson re-brands InkTank printers as EcoTank, launches L3110 & L3150 EcoTank printers - Gizbot News. Epson, the Japanese electronic brands primarily known for its printers has made some changes in the branding of its widely popular InkTank printers. Epson Colour Printer - Inktank Colour Printers Online. Blog - Why choose Epson EcoTank printers over ordinary Cartridge Printers? Blog - The True Colours of Non-Genuine Inks. Make School Work Effortless with Epson InkTank Printers. Beaming in style, lacking a little focus. Epson’s LCD projectors enjoy a name in many markets including India for their affordability, design and projection quality.

Without doubt, it is one of the best players in this market, vigorously upgrading its repertoire and technologies. But of late like many other device makers Epson also seems to be a tad confused when it comes to understanding the market and, most importantly, what consumers want. The Epson TW650 clearly reflects this dilemma. To be fair, Epson TW650 has many pluses and very few minuses.

It sports the popular, time-tested 3LCD technology, has the fairly advanced RGB liquid crystal shutter, Full HD support and more. The ultra-high energy (UHE) lamp light is strong at 210 W and hs 4,500 hours and 7,500 hours durability on regular and economy modes, respectively. Working around Epson TW650 has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and can negotiate up to 1.07 billion colours, which is a premium faculty.

The split-screen function is useful in business presentations. It's clear once again. India lo… Epson home theatre projectors with Full- 4K, 3D capable tech. Epson India. Unleash the true impact of watching games. Epson India. Blog - Review of Epson L4160 Ink Tank Printer - (12 paisa B/w prints) Projector: Epson EH-TW650 review: The projector with a knack for detail. Price: Rs 58,990 Rating: **** Specifications: 3LCD technology with RGB liquid crystal shutter, 1920 x 1080 pixels native resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, manual zoom (18.2 to 29.2mm focal length), manual focus, 3100 lumens brightness (1925 lumens in eco mode), 4500 hrs lamp life (7500 hrs in eco mode), 15,000:1 contrast ratio, 30-300 inch image size, composite input, VGA input, 2 x HDMI, 2watt mono speaker, 7dB/28dB fan noise (normal/eco), 298 watts power consumption, 2.7kg Pros: Affordable & practical 1080p projector for home cinema, shorter throw distance than usual, useful split-screen mode (display two sources side-by-side), high brightness, MHL port for mobile connectivity, compact & lightweight.

Blog - Entertainment with Impact – Why Epson Home Theatre Projectors Seal the Deal. Impact. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? It’s impact that makes us remember, impact that lasts and impact that delivers. Blog - 7 Things to Know While Choosing a Projector for Home. If you’re in the market for a new home entertainment system, there are bound to be a lot of questions running through your mind.