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New and Advanced Tools to Try With Your Next Web Project. Most web developers and designers look forward to try out newer advanced tools for their project.

New and Advanced Tools to Try With Your Next Web Project

If you have been hunting for something new and innovative in this respect, here’s a list of the latest tools you may try out: Hero Patterns:- The tool is actually a collection of repeatable SVG background patterns. This can be utilized on your web projects. Any background pattern that you select will be converted into a repeatable background. At present, the app allows you choose between 87 different patterns. Cushion:- You definitely need to try out this tool for your next web project. It is available with 14-day trial (you don’t need a credit card).Once you are hooked during your trial, the plans for a Cushion start at $5 each month. . - Expense Tracking- Project Scheduling- Spreadsheet Export- Project Scheduling- Invoice Tracking- Project Scheduling- Monthly Income View- Many more.

11 ways to use underlined text to improve user experience. An underline is referred to as a horizontal line right under a specific portion of text.

11 ways to use underlined text to improve user experience

Usually, the underline is used to highlight key sections of the text. This may either be drawn by hand under that text or printed. Underline in the digital design world also has its own significance. It would not be wrong to say that underlined text has emerged as one of the most common, highly recognizable features online. It signifies a link. So, how can underline be used for text online to improve the web experience? Underlining Links:- Links became an essential element of online experience after the introduction of the World Wide Web concept in the year 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. Web designers from the past had restricted toolbox elements. However, these designers wanted something that could help them emphasize links with a different style to help adopters make out the important elements on the page. Here are some of the ways underlined text can be used to enhance user experience:

6 Best Online Business Promotion Strategies Every Entrepreneur should know of. Business promotion is a tough process.

6 Best Online Business Promotion Strategies Every Entrepreneur should know of

With so many resources available these days, it isn’t easy to make a choice. Additionally, the process of promotion doesn’t come free. These days, business owners are using online promotion strategies to achieve success. The best part is that these strategies don’t need any fiscal investment. 6 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2018. Trends are consistently changing on the web.

6 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2018

If you are already a part of the industry, you must know about the constant rise and fall of technologies and web development trends. If you wish to be the best in the game, it is crucial to keep yourself updated about the potential and rising trends. Keep your ears and eyes open all the time. So what are the Web Development Trends 2018?

Web Design – 6 Basic Elements to Focus on. Web design may be a tricky procedure, especially when it comes to expecting results.

Web Design – 6 Basic Elements to Focus on

Several things need to be taken into account. Listed below are some of the essential aspects of web design: Card Sorting This is a very simple way to make out the best method to group and organize content on the basis of user input. It promises clarity of patterns that naturally emerges. How to Customize Admin Columns In WordPress – A Short Guide. Managing a WordPress website?

How to Customize Admin Columns In WordPress – A Short Guide

If yes, then you must have faced a common issue. This is about getting an insight into all of the content at a glance. Sadly, admin area of WordPress does not display a lot about posts, pages, comments, and users. Hence, this may make it really hard to locate the right page and check whether or not all of the associated fields are filled appropriately. Getting an overall sense of website content is also difficult. Tips for Becoming an Expert Front End Web Developer. Expert Front End Web Developer. The Best Method Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress. Affiliate marketing is the widely preferred method for many content publishers to make money online.

The Best Method Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress

Although an effective way, the biggest downside is that you may forget to add affiliate links in your article. This means you are actually unable to get the money. Don’t worry! The revenue can be recovered easily. Using automatic affiliate link plugins will allow you to change specific keywords or brand mentions into affiliate links. In case, you forget to add affiliate links into articles, the plugin can fix it and help you make the most of your earning.

Detailed Guide to Web Application Testing – 6 Crucial Steps to Follow. Web application testing is an integral part of web development process these days.

Detailed Guide to Web Application Testing – 6 Crucial Steps to Follow

To know how it works, here is a step by step guide with web testing test cases: Step 1 - Functionality Testing: Three Ways You can Fix Corrupted Files and Databases in WordPress. WordPress is an amazing platform that promises stability almost 99 per cent of the time.

Three Ways You can Fix Corrupted Files and Databases in WordPress

However, errors may occur. Many are easier to fix while corrupted file restore is tricky. Here are three foolproof ways you can do it: Method 1: Restore Website From a Backup. Style Monarch Social Buttons to Match Website Design. Monarch social buttons can augment sharing and engagement on any website.

Style Monarch Social Buttons to Match Website Design

You may also combine these with some of the free layout backs available for the Div Builder for maximum benefits. If you wish to style Monarch social buttons to match the site’s design, simply follow the steps mentioned below: Let Monarch Work First and foremost, you need to install Monarch. Visit the member’s area and download the plugin. Avada WordPress Theme Customization. Hi! I am Jitesh Manaktala, WordPress Avada Theme Customization Specialist. Avada is the number one selling theme of all time. This dynamic multipurpose WordPress theme ensures which offers truly unique designs. 6 Tested Web Tools & Services for the Year 2017. Looking for the best web accessibility testing tools? Listed below are the best and most recommended ones for the year 2017: Accessibility Checker This is a product of CKSource. The software program lets you inspect the level of accessibility of content developed in CKEditor. Released on March 20, 2015, this tool has emerged as an innovative solution for web accessibility.

7 Most Amazing Things You Need to Know About WordPress. How well do you know WordPress? Most individuals and professional developers understand how amazing this platform is. However, many are still unaware of the amazing things it can do. No wonder those who know simply fell for the platform. 10 WordPress Plugins Developers Can’t Live Without! Plugins are an integral part of web developer’s life, especially if they run their blog or website on the self-hosted WordPress platform.

It is this ability to use plugins that makes WordPress a hot favourite platform for professionals. WordPress plugins are actually fragments of software that can be utilised to expand a website’s functionality. These make life easier for developers and ensure a beautiful performance oriented website. Listed below are some of the most amazing WordPress plugins developers can’t live without:

Local Development Environment – What is it and Why is it a Hot Favorite of Developers? - CaffineGeeks. Local development is not about physical location, co-working space, supporting a café in the vicinity by having their sandwiches while working on client site, or locally sourced software. Developing locally means you host files of your site locally on your PC than externally, such as on the server of a hosting company.

Most developers prefer a development environment where it is possible to work on his/her own sandboxed local server combined with the tools they feel most comfortable with. This type of development environment ensures minimizing risk of destroying or influencing the work of other developers. It ensures 100% control over configuration of server environment combined with full access to any log files required during the process of debugging and development. Reasons you should work on the local environment at a glance: 9 Proven Web Tools & Services for 2017. Now that 2017 is already near its end, it’s time to have a look at the best web tools and services experts recommended this year.

Most of these are known to be capable of offering highly reputed solutions. Listed below are some of the tested and the best web tools and services for the year 2017 that promise to make life easier for web designers and freelance front and back-end developer and other web pros: Top 7 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins For The Year 2017/2018 - AndroBliz. A website design can enhance user experience. Although a website should be visually attractive, it needs to be very proficient in receiving and directing the World Wide Web traffic. 9 Strategies for Improving Lead Quality From B2B PPC Campaigns. PPC advertising is one of the best ways to ensure exposure to the B2B marketing.

It will also promote your products effectively to the target audience. 9 Unique Advantages of Having a WordPress Website - PearTrend. 9 Things to Look for in a Perfectly Designed Website - RankFrog. 6 Quick and Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Design. Social media pages are the most important part of businesses these days. They have been immensely successful creating their own brand identities. How To Create CSS? 5 Best Free CSS Code Generator Webapps. Smart coders focus on saving a lot of time. They want to build their websites fast.

Best and Most Effective Tips to Speed Up CSS Development. Most developers are constantly on the lookout for ways to make your workflow and process smoother and more efficient. Best Email Marketing Strategies to Trust – Secrets to Get More Leads and Sales - WUS News. Title: 7 Key Steps to Develop the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy - Out Off. All You Need to Know About Nextdoor, the Local Social App. Are you considering Nextdoor as one of your social media marketing strategies? Well, it is definitely the best time that you explore the advantages offered by Nextdoor to boost community engagement and brand awareness! A Guide to Add the WordPress Logout Link to Navigation Menu. 10 Helpful SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic. Social Media Marketing: 6 Tools to Assess Your Competitors! A New Guide to Building Quality Backlinks in 2017. Indispensable Tools for Efficiently Managing a Freelance Design Business.

He Ugly Truth Behind Bank Instrument Leasing. 6 Powerful Social Media Optimization Tips for Building Your Brand on Social Media. Crucial Must Have Elements for your Homepage. A Detailed Guide to Display Ad Blocks in Specific Posts in WordPress. 5 Indispensable Tools for Efficiently Managing a Freelance Design Business. Top 3 WordPress Mailing List Plugins to Look Forward.

How To Add FREE SSL Certificate To Your WordPress Website. 5 Powerful Free Video Chat Plugins for WordPress. Detailed Guide to WordPress Security. Hosting a Successful Design Sprint – The Process. Top Resources For Learning HTML and CSS. 9 Important Things You Need to Know About Hosting. Vital SEO Tips for Your Website to Rank High. A Detailed and Helpful Step-by-Step Guide to Optimize Website Content to Sell. 7 Effective Commands for Improved Animation Workflow. Changing WordPress Login URL for Added Security. Top Reasons for Having a Blog for your WordPress Business. WordPress Security Plugins – Top 10 Options to Ensure You Best Security. Importance of Using WordPress Code Generators-Speed Up Your Development Project. SIMPLE WAYS TO CREATE BACKUP OF A WORDPRESS WEBSITE. Best Tools for Managing Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard. The Importance of Creating a Monthly Maintenance Plan for Your WordPress Sites. Best Tools To Ensure All-In-One Social Media Management For Wordpress.

How To Use Logo In Web Design? 7 Crucial WordPress Plugins for Ensuring Enhanced User Experience for Your Website. Top Plugins Your WordPress Website will Need to Succeed. All New Drag and Drop Tool for Web Design sans Coding! Simple Yet Effective Tips to Revamp Your Old Website. 3 Simple Rules To Think Like A Professional Designer.

How To Convert A PSD Template To A WordPress Theme In Simple Steps? Three Best Ways to Convert HTML Sites to WordPress Sites. The Pros and Cons of DIY Website vs. Professionally Developed. Top 4 eCommerce Solutions Available for Modern Website Developers. Top 13 Critical WordPress Plugins to Look Forward To. 7 Best WordPress Themes for Entrepreneurs. Best Free Resources Available Online for Web Developers. 30 WordPress plugins list-(Must for a new blogger) Top Web Design Skills You Need to Learn in 2017 - GeekTalks. WordPress Managed Hosting – All about this Powerful CMS Managed Hosting. Tips to Find the Best Long Tail Keywords That Attract Tons of Traffic.

Responsive Design Tip to Make Your Website More Effective. A Few Secrets to Building High Quality Links to Your Website. SEO Services – 9 Amazing Yet Effective Tips to Ace Your Internal Link Building Strategy. Best Maintenance Page Ideas For Your WordPress Site – Piblog. How To Fix The Error Establishing A Database Connection In Wordpress. 6 Easy Yet Effective Maintenance Page Ideas You Can Use On Your Wordpress Site. 10 Best WordPress Login Page Plugins that Help!

12 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Put Your Website at Risk! 7 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress – Choose the Best. 9 Easy Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic. Facing Problems With Wordpress? Have A Look At These Tips! 6 Easy Yet Powerful Tips for More Profitable YouTube Advertising. Top 5 Ways to Sell More Products with Social Media. Google Doesn’t Rank Your Site – Top Reasons And Tips to Fix The Issue. SEO Changes / Additions To Make To Avoid a Google Penalty. Top 21 Essential Interview Questions for Web Design Job. Simple Ways to Design a Website to Attract the Younger Audience. Google Certified Company. Social Media Marketing Delhi. 3 Helpful Online PPC Tools to Ensure Long Term Success with Search Marketing. 9 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Landing-Page Conversions. 5 Reasons to Trust PPC Services for Online Business Promotion. What to Look in a Ecommerce web Development Services. Tips to Choose the Best SEO Services. Bluelinkx Global Community - Article Profile - Benefits of Hiring Professional Web Designing Services.

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