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CFO agenda - Essential Insights for CFOs & Finance Leaders - EY - India. The CFO agenda Inside CNBC Global CFO Council The CNBC Global CFO Council represents an elite group of CFOs who share their views on key issues and challenges for today’s CFOs.

CFO agenda - Essential Insights for CFOs & Finance Leaders - EY - India

EY is the exclusive sponsor of the CNBC Global CFO Council. Insights on-the-go. Cognitive Robotic Process Automation for a Digital Workforce - EY India - EY - India. Automation is changing the way corporations work dramatically All back office functions are facing a disruptive revolution.

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation for a Digital Workforce - EY India - EY - India

Automation is changing the way corporations move towards building a digital workforce. EY has been building up competencies and has established proof of concept designs across the globe, as well as a Centre of Excellence (COE) in India to be ahead of the market. Cost Optimization to Improve the Business Cost - EY - India. Every organization is focused not just on growth but profitability.

Cost Optimization to Improve the Business Cost - EY - India

And profitable growth comes with tackling your cash and cost challenge. Our research suggests that 70% of the companies do not sustain their cost improvements over a three-year period. EY Advisory Services - Digital - EY - India. We address big, complex issues and capitalize on opportunities to help our clients grow, optimize and protect their businesses now and in the future.

EY Advisory Services - Digital - EY - India

Organizations have the opportunity to leverage the power of digital, but need to mitigate the threats to pave the way to a successful future. We can leverage our agile innovation methodology to help you speed up your processes. Our deep commercial experience combined with the digital skills and knowledge that come from 50 years of working with disruptive innovators around the world, as well as helping leading companies navigate the digital landscape, inspire us to ask better questions. We help you explore the possibilities, innovate to create your digital vision, use analytics to inform decisions and manage risk. EY Advisory Services - Supply Chain & Operations - EY - India. Companies are grappling with complex challenges: declining efficiencies, the emergence of new competition, aging assets and impact on CAPEX management, cost escalation and more regulation.

EY Advisory Services - Supply Chain & Operations - EY - India

In the energy sector, we work with companies to help them balance the demand for new operational structures around fresh discoveries, while driving significant cost efficiencies in current operations to deal with volatile oil prices. Our key offerings: Capital Excellence We work with companies to help identify, finance, develop, construct, commission and decommission major capital assets. Specific focus areas include business case and contingency review, JV and capital-intensive operating model design, and assistance with operating model implementations, capital procurement, program delivery and reporting, as well as assurance.

IFRS Standards - International Financial Reporting Standards - EY - India. Companies should use the additional time to prepare fully for Ind AS and update finance systems.

IFRS Standards - International Financial Reporting Standards - EY - India

India's commitment to convergence with International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS") moved a step closer with the publication of 35 Indian IFRS standards ("Ind AS") by the Ministry for Corporate Affairs (MCA) in late February 2011. However, Ind AS are different from IFRS in several important areas. Ind AS MasterClass and the Key Focus Areas of IND AS - EY - India.

We recently completed our "seventh" edition of Ind-AS Master Class, which received some exceptional feedback.

Ind AS MasterClass and the Key Focus Areas of IND AS - EY - India

In continuation of the same, we are now launching the "eighth" edition. India has now finally opened a new chapter in its accounting reforms initiative with the formal notification of Indian Accounting Standards (Ind-AS) issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) on 20 February 2015. BEPS – Focus on Base Erosion & Profit Shifting – EY India - EY - India.

The view of governments across the world is that the current international tax standards have not kept pace with the changes in global business practices.

BEPS – Focus on Base Erosion & Profit Shifting – EY India - EY - India

Many countries have perceived the relevance of adopting BEPS as these reports include recommendations for significant changes in key elements of the international tax architecture. India is actively following the BEPS recommendations and has been bringing amendments in the domestic law to be in line with BEPS regulations. A number of proposals in Indian Finance Act, 2016, are influenced from the recommendations emanating from the final reports of the OECD under its Action Plan on BEPS.

These include implementation of Master File and Country-by-Country (CbC) Reporting ( in compliance with Action 13), introduction of equalization levy which requires withholding on gross basis for all payments in relation to certain specified digital services (Action 1) and a “Patent Box” tax regime for royalty income (Action 5). Direct Taxes Code - EY - India. The Direct Taxes Code (DTC) is an attempt by the Government of India (GOI) to simplify the direct tax laws in India.

Direct Taxes Code - EY - India

DTC will revise, consolidate and simplify the structure of direct tax laws in India into a single legislation. The DTC, when implemented will replace the Income-tax Act, 1961 (ITA), and other direct tax legislations like the Wealth Tax Act, 1957. The first draft bill of DTC was released by GOI for public comments along with a discussion paper on 12 August 2009 (DTC 2009) and based on the feedback from various stakeholders, a Revised Discussion Paper (RDP) was released in 2010. DTC 2010 was introduced in the Indian Parliament in August 2010 and a Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) was specifically formed for the purpose which, after having a broad-based consultation with various stakeholders, submitted its report to the Indian Parliament on 9 March 2012.

The DTC 2013 proposes to introduce: Ernst &Young >Services>Services Tax International Tax - EY - India. Please note… You are now on the India site.

Ernst &Young >Services>Services Tax International Tax - EY - India

To return to the Global site or other country site, click on the India (English) link on the upper right of this page, and select your preferred country site. About our wealth and asset management services - EY - India. Who we are Our global wealth and asset management network encompasses key financial centers in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) and Japan. Globally, we have more than 15,000 professionals, including over 1,100 partners with deep technical and business experience. New avenues in India’s real estate sector - EY - India. Due to rapid urbanization, positive demographics and rising income levels, the Indian real estate sector has attracted significant investment over the past few years.

The contribution of the real estate sector to India’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been estimated at 6.3% in 2013 and the segment is expected to generate 7.6 million jobs this year. While housing contributes approximately 5%–6% of the country’s GDP, the retail, hospitality and commercial subsectors have also grown simultaneously, meeting the increasing infrastructural needs.

Overview of the real estate sector in India Sales of residential property declined in 2013 in all metro cities, particularly in the National Capital Region (NCR), Mumbai and Bengaluru. An increase in supply, not commensurate with demand levels, led to an oversupply situation in most cities. Life Sciences Industry in India - EY - India. Pharmaceutical companies are facing great changes to the industry — emerging science, new products and services, shifting demographics, evolving regulations, transforming business models and increased stakeholder expectations. We are helping pharmaceutical companies around the globe to address the challenges presented by this new world we call Pharma 3.0. We also publish a series of reports to bring you clear insights on accounting, tax, transaction, compliance and business process issues, as well as our annual report on pharmaceutical industry trends, Progressions. Our thought leadership helps you navigate the shifting global landscape and grow your business — the new business imperative of improving health outcomes.

Health Care Sector - EY - India. Health care around the globe is embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime transformation — the move to “Health 2.0,” the consumer-centric, outcomes-driven, prevention-focused future of health care. There are two catalysts for this shift. First, with aging populations and emerging market growth, chronic disease is becoming a global epidemic and driving health care cost inflation to unsustainable levels. To tame costs, payers and governments are realigning incentives around value and outcomes. At the same time, health is finally entering the digital age — unlocking information, empowering patients, enabling real-time analytics and bringing much-needed focus on prevention. Budget 2016: Smart funding for Smart City initiatives - EY - India. Business Today By Shrinivas Kowligi Partner, Government and Transaction Advisory Services, EY India Many 'Smart City Watchers' (a catchphrase for all those who are following India's Smart City Mission closely) may have been dismayed by the absence of even mention of core urban sector schemes in the Finance Minister's speech.