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Financial astrology for money and your life. By: Future Point | 05-Oct-2018 Views : 900 It is a thronging question whether astrology can really predict the movement of the markets.

Financial astrology for money and your life

However, there are skeptics who will say that astrology can only predict the gullibility of a person. This one brings us another question, a pretty historical one at that, that is, can planetary motion be aligned with the fluctuating stock prices. Well, yes it can be, just that there are many variables that are used to do so. What is a financial horoscope? By combining your every complex variables, your financial horoscope is made such as birth themes, stock markets, transits, revolution of the sun, the effects of the new moon, the eclipses and the sunspots and the general horoscope of the nations. Read: Will I get a Government Job Why is it important to make a financial horoscope? It completely depends on your stars how much wealth will you accumulate over the years. Here comes the mention of planetary movements. Read: Career Report with Remedies 1. 2. Benefits of Food Donation at Old Age Home. By: Future Point | 04-Oct-2018 Views : 431 Life is all happy and blissful if you have the company of your loved ones and family members by your side all throughout life.

Benefits of Food Donation at Old Age Home

But, unfortunately not everyone is this much lucky to be around with family members and loved ones. Nowadays, many of the old age people are forced to live a life in the shelters of an old age home and take refuge in it. Therefore, when one offers and donates food or annadaan as it is commonly known, he/she particularly gains the blessings of these old age people and plus they have the satisfaction of doing charity for a noble cause, which comes under a good deed in our karma cycle.

Saturn Transit Effect on all Rashis. By: Future Point | 03-Oct-2018 Views : 1047 The planet of Saturn is considered as one of the most influential and powerful planet in Indian astrology.

Saturn Transit Effect on all Rashis

Getting Help from Astrology Predictions. By: Future Point | 01-Oct-2018 Views : 497 It is believed that some 3000+ years ago, the present Yug, Kali Yuga, initiated.

Getting Help from Astrology Predictions

At a time, when Lord Krishna moved back to his abode, Vaikunta, when the Famous city of Dwarka got submerged into the sea. It is also believed that lord Krishna, before getting back to Vaikunta, had informed Uddhav; his parental first cousin, who authored The Bhagvad Purana, to mention that the advent of Kali Yug had began as soon as Lord Krishna Returned to Vaikunta, and that in the present age of Kali Yug, there will be sufferings and difficulties beyond imagination. Ask Question to Astrologer to bring your lost life on track. When ever an individual suffers from some unresolvable problems, they look out for quick solutions to overcome the same.

Ask Question to Astrologer to bring your lost life on track

In this process, some of them are really lucky, to get the support of their family, relative, friends, neighbours etc., By the combined efforts of them the native is in a position to overcome the problems, ones for all. But what if the native is unlucky to get the support of all these people, mentioned above? Get all your problems sorted by leading #Astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal. When life h... Get all your problems sorted by leading #Astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal. When life h... Futurepointindiapvt - Get all your problems sorted by leading #Astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal. When life hits you with lemons, fret not because if you have the will to get up again, you can muster the strength to fight whatever comes your way. Solutions for a.

Futurepoint12. Myspace. Compare horoscope & choose best kundli model. Astrology Consultation, Astrology Consultants, Astrology Predictions. Famous Astrologers in Delhi Being happy in life is a thought process that we can’t get over.

Astrology Consultation, Astrology Consultants, Astrology Predictions

We dream about happy times when the going gets tough, or when there’s too much for us to lose. This brings us a lot closer to achieving what we deem perfect in life, which might be harder to access and comprehend than we thought. Being stuck in a miserable situation is not something that happens to only a few of us. Everyone in their life must have had major moments where they faced a dead-end, and though they needed something- either a helping hand, an advisor, or a divine intervention to be their saving grace.

Indian Astrology, Astrology Software, Live Astrology. Shradh Rituals to overcome financial debts. Performing Shradh Rituals is perhaps the most stressed upon duty of an individual, as per the Vedic Scriptures.

Shradh Rituals to overcome financial debts

This is because when a person dies or in other words- leaves the physical body, that person go to those realms of the after-life which makes him dependent on certain rituals that are to be performed by a human on earth which in turn helps the departed attain peace & contentment in the after-life. These rituals are called Shradh Rituals or Shradh Puja. Since our ancestors have an immense contribution in our survival today, so it our duty to make sure that they attain peace in the after-life and if they are dependent on us for that by the means of Shradh Rituals, then performing Shradh is not even a matter of choice for us. It becomes our greatest duty that we must fulfill with full responsibility and involvement. Tips to find trusted specialist in astrology. By: Future Point | 27-Sep-2018 Views : 250 We can't conceive of the fact that all the astrologers are altruistic.

Tips to find trusted specialist in astrology

Many are sitting there to fleece you. There is no given way to understand whether or not the astrologer is genuine because you find them now in every other lane now. Foreign Travel and Abroad Settlement as Per Vedic Astrology. Foreign travel and Abroad settlement have been the dream aspiration for many Indians.

Foreign Travel and Abroad Settlement as Per Vedic Astrology

As a highly educated and skilled labour in the word, Indian’s have been highly a readily trained source of work force to a Foreign country. The world recognised India and Indian as a Knowledge hub especially post liberalization in the country. Therefore, this has become a new norm to many young, skilled and educated aspirants in India. But how would one know if they are destined to travel abroad or even settle abroad? Gemstone for Shani Sade Sati. Venus - its placement in your kundali chart. In the Vedic astrology, every Planet in the Nav-graha, plays a very important role.

Venus - its placement in your kundali chart

Each planet is so important that they offer certain change in the native’s life. For instance, Planet Moon is a kundali or horoscope is the reason for a person’s mind. Similarly, Mercury is the reason for effective communication in a kundali chart. Thus, the nav-graha plays a very important role in every horoscope, both individually and collectively. There is one such planet which is important of romance, love, and marriage.

Shape the future for healthy family bonds with astrology services and spiritual guidance. Virgo: The Sun transit on September 17, 2018. As per Vedic astrology ancient beliefs and working methodology, the very important planet in our horoscopes, the sun transits in every zodiac sign every year and stays in a particular zodiac sign for a time period of 30 days. This very movement of Sun in different signs of zodiac is known as Sun transit in astrology. The sun is a strong and influential planet and holds a significant place and role in analysing and reading a horoscope. The presence of sun in astrology and an individual’s horoscope signifies father and son/daughter relationship, one’s soul, is responsible for increasing one’s dignity, pride & honour in life, and makes a possibility that one will attain high government service.

When it transits in a particular zodiac sign, it makes the life of the native highly significant and worthy as compared to other signs in the zodiac system. Difference between Pranic Healing and Reiki Healing. By: Future Point | 25-Sep-2018 Views : 193 Earlier blessed were those who had the capability and the rare gift from god to heal people spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Only people who had this god gift were allowed to practice this technique of healing others until this 1900’s. Serpent curse or sarp dosha in chart. In Vedic astrology, Dosha is given importance and studied in great detail. Since, a Dosha is a curse, the impact and the problems associated with it must be completely understood first. As most of the Doshas can be serious and would need remedies accordingly hence, whenever there is any delay, denial, problems or hardships, due to some Dosha then one would analyse the same in kundali or horoscope and recommend solutions. Now, the list of Doshas is exhaustive. Since, Dosha is formed in a horoscope due to certain planetary placement and configuration. The problem of dosha cannot be learnt or explained in simple sentence. Read: Kaalsarp & Manglik Report. How Kalsarp yoga gets more strength? By: Future Point | 24-Sep-2018 Views : 172 A Dosha is a curse, it is a must to be studied accordingly and then if remedial measures can be given, the same should be prescribed.

One of the dosha which is feared the most is that of Kaal Sarp Dosha. Best ways a palm reading can improve your love life. Ketu Mahadasha and its Effects in Vedic Astrology. Impact of "The Dragon's Tail" on you !! Ketu is considered as one of the most dreaded planets. It is also known as the "South Node of Moon" or "The Dragon's Tail". As per the Ancient Hindu texts, when divine nectar was being distributed among the Gods, a demon disguised himself as a God and entered the crowd of Gods to drink nectar and become immortal.

Just when that demon started drinking the nectar, the Sun God & the Moon God identified that demon and Lord Vishnu who was distributing the nectar among the Gods, cut the head of that demon. But the demon had already drank the nectar by then so, he became immortal with his head and the remaining part of his body as two separate but immortal entities.

Read: Overcome Difficulties with the Blessings of Shani Dev The head came to be known as Rahu and the remaining headless body as Ketu. Today, we will talk about Ketu. Why do we have lines in our palm and do they really show our future? Yantra for success in personal and professional life. Benefits of finding the Best Indian Astrologer. When it comes to finding out about what the stars have in store for us, who does not want to know it from the best? Well, we are always eager and anxious to come across someone who can decode our horoscope and reveal what our destiny says. Not only that, we want someone who can suggest us some remedial measures that are potent enough to alter the courses of our destiny in our favour! While all this sounds fair & just, the quest to find the best astrologer is certainly not an easy feat.

Consult love marriage specialist in Delhi - Get Rid of Love Problems. Useful Tips for Knowing the Most Suitable Astrological Love Match. Everyone wants to know about who would be the most suitable astrological love match with whom a life full of love and laughter can be spent. Get Job Problem Solution by Astrology. Overcome Difficulties with the Blessings of Shani Dev.

Top 10 important facts to know about Gayathri mantra. How Chinese Astrology Works? Best Advice for How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage. Shani Report: Resolve Shani Related Problems Easily! The importance of astrology in solving the complex problems of your life. Business Problems Solution with Expert Astrology Advice. Make Love Easy With the Astrological Help of Mr. Arun Bansal. The meaning and effects of Saturn Retrograde in Astrology. Worship Lord Shani for spiritual Enlightenment. The significance and rituals of Mahalaxmi vrat Katha. Know your Health Horoscope for Fitness. Time duration for effect of rudraksha beads. Presiding deities and types of Shraad. The Importance of Kundali Matching in your life: Importance of Horoscope. Shubh Muhurat for Marriage in Vedic astrology. Powerful and Fortunate Astrology Combinations in Horoscopes. Lal Kitab Remedies for Planets in Different Houses. How do Rudraksha Beads work and what are the benefits?

Saturn getting direct on 6th Sep'18. Venus transit in Libra on 1st September 2018. How to Get Rid of Manglik Dosha After Marriage. How does the Kuber yantra helps. Astrological Remedy to recover lend / loan money. Get assured job problem solution by astrology online. When is favourable job shift foreseen in near future? Horoscope of the Next Week - FREE PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK. आज का राशिफल 10 अक्टूबर 2018. आज का राशिफल 11 अक्टूबर 2018. Palmistry Experts in India. Feng Shui Tips for Better Living. Decoding the link between Zodiac Signs and Our Body Parts. Astrological Influence and Significance of Sun in all houses of Horoscope. Free Horoscope and Online Astrology Consultation. Love Horoscope Analysis. Consultation for Remedies on Money Problems & Finances.

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