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Jiri Ruzek

Czech Uglamour Nude Art Photographer. Internationally published author, teaching other photographers how to take art nude photographs.

Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “more soon at ... #uglamour #nudeart #fetish #jiriruzek #photography #longlegs” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “from my archive, 2012 .... more photos at #uglamour #nudeart #jiriruzek” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “Bed Mood, 2008 ... #uglamour #nudeart #bw #blackandwhite #jiriruzek” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “Prague metro ... #jiriruzek #uglamour #bw #blackandwhite #public #nudeart #prague #vikencia” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “Tereza .... #uglamour #jiriruzek #longlegs #highheels #smokinggirl” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “fragments ... #jiriruzek #nudeart #uglamour #longlegs” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “Rainy Afternoon, Jiri Ruzek 2015 ... #uncensored version on ... #jiriruzek #uglamour #nudeart #blackandwhite #bw #vikencia #model #artnude”

Fotoworkshopy aktu s Jiřím Růžkem. Dovoluji si vás pozvat na celodenní kurzy fotografování aktu v roce 2015.

Fotoworkshopy aktu s Jiřím Růžkem

Workshopy probíhají v Malostranském ateliéru (Vlašská 15, Praha 1), začátek každého workshopu je v 10.00, konec v 18.00 hodin. Maximálně 6 fotografů na jednom workshopu! Fotografování aktu musí být zábava, ne dřina! Ve stejném duchu probíhají i naše fotografické workshopy, které pořádáme již několik let a které navštěvují fotografové z mnoha zemí.

Komunikace s modelkou Etika při fotografování aktuPráce s nahým a polonahým tělem Typy světel a nasvícení scényVýběr správného objektivu pro různé záběry Efektivní využití fotoaparátu Základy kompozice a přístup k pravidlům Nejčastější chyby při focení aktuTipy a triky Online diskuse nad fotografiemi po workshopua mnohem více Prozradíme vám všechno, co víme o fotografování aktu, dozvíte se, jak si modelky vybírat, jak s nimi komunikovat a pracovat, jak z vašeho společného fotografování získat co nejvíce zisku pro vaše fotografie. Cena: 3300,- Kč Jiří Růžek. Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “Backstage ... #uglamour #portrait #model #metteorwa #Tereza #JiriRuzek” Instagram. Instagram. Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “#BITCH #nudeart #uglamour #bw #blackandwhite #portrait #photography #jiriruzek”

Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “#Workshop di #nudoartistico con #JiriRuzek e #AlessandraGiulia a #Milano, #Italia. Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “#uglamour #nudeart #portrait #hair #photography #photoshooting #jiriruzek 2015” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “#Vikencia #uglamour #nudeart #portrait #photography by #jiriruzek” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “One more #photo from the #nudeartphotography #workshop in #Prague with #jiriruzek ... #legs #longlegs #nudeart #uglamour #heels #highheels # hotlegs” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “#jiriruzek #photography #nudeart #uglamour #Prague #workshop #nudeartphotography” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “#legs #bw #girl #photography #uglamour #jiriruzek #jiriruzekphotography #workshop #nudeart #nudeartphotography #highheels” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “Phantom, 2015 #jiriruzek #blackandwhite #photography #portrait #girl #bw” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “#nudeart #uglamour #jiriruzek #photography #longhair #brunette #portrait #censored”

Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “#brucewillis #charlesbridge #jiriruzek #prague #uglamour #fun #fake :)” Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “film scan ... #jiriruzek #nudeart #uglamour #smokinggirl” GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition - Skiing. Jiri Ruzek sur Twitter : "What Girls Do (new photo series) #photography #uglamour #jiriruzek... What Girls Do - 2015. What girls do when they are alone ...

What Girls Do - 2015

Uglamour photo series by Jiri Ruzek 2015. What Girls Do 1 What Girls Do 1 by Jiri Ruzek, 2015 - print available (WGD01) x Close What Girls Do 2 What Girls Do 2 by Jiri Ruzek, 2015 - print available (WGD02) What Girls Do 3 What Girls Do 3 by Jiri Ruzek, 2015 - print available (WGD03) What Girls Do 4 What Girls Do 4 by Jiri Ruzek, 2015 - print available (WGD4) What Girls Do 5. Jiri Ruzek on Instagram: “from our photo workshop #photography #workshop #nudeart #jiriruzek” Jiri Ruzek. Jiri Ruzek 2014 Photographs. Head Out Head Out by Jiri Ruzek, 2014 - print available (14013) x Close Levità Levità by Jiri Ruzek, 2014 - print available (14001) Venus Hill Venus Hill by Jiri Ruzek, 2014 - print available (14002)

Jiri Ruzek 2014 Photographs

Romanshaidyk : Erotic Photography By Jiri... Erotic Photography By Jiri Ruzek – Fashion & Style, Celebrities, Art & Culture Of the World, Creative Photographs. Czech photographer Jiri Ruzek works in the genre of erotic photography.

Erotic Photography By Jiri Ruzek – Fashion & Style, Celebrities, Art & Culture Of the World, Creative Photographs

He creates interesting black and white erotic photos. Jiri cooperates with models of post-Soviet countries. Nude Art Photo Course. Jiri Ruzek « Art v Porn. Downloads. Create Infographics. Jiriruzek : if you say a "charisma" ... Photography. Photography Tips & Tutorials. Photography. Photography Forums. Photography Blogs & Curation. Jiri Ruzek - Uglamour Nude Art Photography. Photogallery. Has been working with beautiful models from many countries, started to take nude art photographs also as 3D anaglyphs, returned back to the roots of analog photographs, made some videos, published old and took new photo series, contributed in some new books, has been exhibited in the Czech Republic and abroad, held workshops for Czech and foreign photographers etc...


Photo Series. Eyes of Zodiac - 2012. 12 Zodiac signs, 12 models, 12 portraits...

Eyes of Zodiac - 2012

[cz - Oči zvěrokruhu] [ru - Глаза зодиака] Do you believe in Zodiac signs? I do. And that was the reason I took this portrait photo series with 12 different models, born under the 12 different signs of Zodiac. I wanted to show you 12 different pairs of eyes, expressions etc... Try to look deeply into their eyes, maybe you will see yourself or someone you know ... Million thanks to all 12 models, they were perfect as always ... Some famous people born in a sign of ... Aries Sarah Jessica Parker, Jackie Chan, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Charlie Chaplin, Alicia Silverstone, Billie Holiday, Elle MacPherson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Maria Sharapova, Steven Tyler, Diana Ross, Marlon Brando, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Murphy, Adolf Hitler Taurus Gemini Cancer. NSFYou - 2012. To take a real sex scene photos doesn't always mean to take pornography.Not Safe For You, Not Safe For Anyone... an exciting erotic art photo series with a young models couple ... 18+ ONLY.

NSFYou - 2012

Leave this page if you are underage, please! NSFYou 1 NSFYou 1 by Jiri Ruzek, 2012 - print available (NSFY01) x Close. Metteorwa in a Pool - 2012. Metteorwa having fun in a pool...

Metteorwa in a Pool - 2012

Metteorwa in a Pool 1 Metteorwa in a Pool 1 by Jiri Ruzek, 2012 - print available (MTPOL01) x Close Metteorwa in a Pool 2 Metteorwa in a Pool 2 by Jiri Ruzek, 2012 - print available (MTPOL02) Metteorwa in a Pool 3. Charles Bridge - 2011. Charles Bridge... one of the most beautiful and most mysterious Prague places ...

Charles Bridge - 2011

Charles Bridge 1 Famous Charles Bridge in Prague is always full of tourists and if you want to take nude art photographs there, you have to go there at 5:30 a.m. But it doesn't mean they are not there too ... and not only tourists, there are also security guys and 17 cameras on the bridge ... Blind Photographer - 2012. Blind photographer... to be clear, just blindfolded.

Blind Photographer - 2012

Check out this experimental photo series ... They exist. Really, I have seen photographs taken by blind photographers and they were great. I couldn't imagine that, so I had to try it. Yes, it is not the same - I know how my models look like, I know the scene, the light etc... Blind Photographer 1. Analog Photographs. Back to the roots of photography ... The most popular page of this website. Gardens of Eden. 3D Nude Art Anaglyphs. Put on your 3D glasses ... 3D Wanna Banana? 3D nude anaglyphs ... use 3D red-blue glasses for the 3D result ... and don't touch the models, please :) ... see more anaglyphs in the Series 3D Wanna Banana?

Jiri Ruzek 2012 Photographs. Jiri Ruzek 2011 Photographs. Jiri Ruzek 2012 Photographs. Nude Art Photography Courses in Prague. There are many nude art photo workshops all around us. Jiri Ruzek, however, is one of the few lecturers of artistic photography in the world who can boast that his photographic courses have been attended by photographers from the outermost countries on earth. If you like the photographic art of Jiri Ruzek, you can peek behind the scenes and learn directly from the author. "I would describe Jiri’s workshop as a master-class" Under the expert guidance of Jiri Ruzek you will learn how to work with model, how to achieve the desired effect learning the intricacies of your camera, playing with lights and shadows, different lenses, angles and distances, how to avoid unnecessary and often repeated mistakes etc... "I will be able to use in my own photography for the rest of my life" "I had the impression of being a real step forward with this artistic experience that I highly recommend!

" "The course exceeded all of my expectations" Jiří Růžek - FOTO WORKSHOP AKTU PRAHA. How To - Low Key Photo Lighting. You have asked me to translate some of my Czech 'how to' articles. Why not... We can start with a very popular low key lighting. There is no secret about this kind of lighting, I am going to show you how I took some photographs. See the photograph bellow. If you want to take photo like this, use two light sources. Place the lights behind your model, approximately at 45' angle, similar to the photo. Fotoworkshop aktu s Jiřím Růžkem. Dovoluji si vás pozvat na celodenní workshop fotografování aktu.

Workshop začne v sobotu 22. června 2013 v 10.00 v osvědčeném Malostranském ateliéru (Vlašská 15, Praha 1), modelem bude i tentokrát stát, sedět i ležet jedna z nejznámějších českých modelek aktu Tereza Dotlačilová . Review - My experience with Dedolight. It's been almost exactly 3 years ago, when I sold my flash strobe lights and bought a continuous tungsten light Dedolight DLH4.

Various sources talk about revolutionary Aspheric2 optical system, about light like no other lights and so. Why and do they lie? You will know the answer after your first shooting with Dedolight and after 3 years of work with that I can say, they are absolutelly true. I don't want to write a thousand words review, I think a few words about my own experience and my photos is a better way to introduce this amazing light to you. Some boring, but important facts: Focus angle: 48° - 4.5° Weight: 558 g (1.2 lb.) Yes, a focus angle - Dedolight has manual focusing system - there are two aspheric lenses inside - the second one is moveable together with halogen lamp and parabolic mirror. Its light is fantastic and the shadow is even better - see the photos, how sharp it is. Videos. Video - Blind Photographer. Video - Vikencia. Video - Nude Art Workshop Prague. Video - Prague Nude Shootings. Books. Nude Photography Book. My model Anna with herself on my photograph in a bookstore, Portugal.

Photo by Viki Kollerova The Nude Photography book has been released in October 2010. It is a compilation of black and white nude art photographs by 21 authors from various countries and includes also a big series of my photographs from the period 2004 - 2009. The book has been edited and published by the Loft Publications (Spain) in cooperation with Frechmann Kolón GmbH (Germany).

Worldwide distribution of the book is provided by Frechmann and other distributors like Slovart, Logos, Spektrum etc... The Nude Photography book includes 672 pages printed on a high-quality paper (Chinese Matt Art 157 g), its size is 195 x 200 mm, 53 mm thick and its weight is over 2 kg (4,5 lbs). The cover photograph is by Nicola Ranaldi (Italy) and the opening photograph inside is my Deep Night (in Czech version known as Nad ránem) from 2004.

Deep Night (2004) - the Nude Photography book opening photograph. Fetish Fantasies Book. Fetish Fantasies - The Best of International Fetish Photography. In “Fetish Fantasies” numerous prestigious photographers from all around the globe present their own interpretation of fetish photography. The Best Of International Nudes Photography III Book. Nudes 3 collects the best of contemporary international nudes photography on ca. 700 packed pages. From the tastefully restrained to the straightforwardly erotic – this book presents the entire range of current nudes photography. Released: 26 November 2012 Publisher: Feierabend Unique Books, Germany List of contributing photographers.