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The Top 3 Instagram Trends for Marketers. With 42% of marketers planning to increase their use of Instagram this year, visual content is more important than ever to a brand’s marketing strategy.

The Top 3 Instagram Trends for Marketers

But for many brands, creating a captivating Instagram profile and generating high quality visual content can be challenging. To help marketers get the most impact out of their Instagram profiles, here are the top three marketing trends that any business can learn from, whether you have 300,000 followers or 300. Branded Hashtags Many brands are leveraging branded hashtags to engage their community on social media, but these aren’t your standard #CompanyName hashtags. The hashtags are aligned with the overall brand instead of the product, and Instagrammers are encouraged to tag their photos whether the product is featured or not — for example, lululemon athletica suggested that users tag their workout photos with #thesweatlife, which has generated over 68,000 posts from their community.

10 Time-Saving Social Media Tools for a Productive Summer. Imagine you’ve got a week’s vacation planned this summer (lucky you!)

10 Time-Saving Social Media Tools for a Productive Summer

, and you’d love nothing more than for your social media efforts to keep humming right along while you’re gone. No problem. There are a handful of social media tools that can assist with your out-of-office marketing. Automation techniques can help fill your queue, and the 10 tools below can help you keep tabs on your profiles, engage with your audience, and communicate with your team.

What do journalists use instagram for? Tell me, I’ll forgetShow me, I’ll remember Involve me, I’ll understand I’m not one for sharing proverbs or pithy statements; ones that would look great on a poster with some Kittens or shared in a cursive font on Facebook.

What do journalists use instagram for?

But the lines above popped into my head as I was reading about Instagram’s latest update. Instagram is getting new ‘creative’ editing tools. These aren’t earth shattering; exposure, saturation etc. But the general consensus (among my social media circle anyway) was that these tools were a great addition not least because it would limit the number of apps journos needed to use to get a good picture.

At a similar time to the chat around Instagram’s new tools, Sarah Marshall, Social media editor at the Wall street journal, posted about some in-house Instagram training. The conversation around those two stories, got me pondering the broader question of why journalists use these platforms and it boils down, in general, to these two broad areas: 1. 2. It’s a fair point. France Top 20. February 2014 highlights: In France, 47.4 million people went online via their desktop or laptop, while more than 40 million watched videos online during February 2014.While the Top 5 Online Properties remained the same in comparison to January 2014, 20.1 million users helped Schibsted climb to 6th position in the official AOL, Inc. doubled its Unique Viewer numbers from January 2014, while new entry Plein-écran By HiMedia entered the Top 20 Video Property rankings at 17th position with 6.5 million viewers.

France Top 20

January 2014 highlights: December 2013 highlights: In France, over 47.7 million people went online via their desktop or laptop in December 2013.Google continues to lead the website rankings with 44.5 million unique visitors during the month, followed by Microsoft Sites with 34 million and Facebook with 31.9 millionE-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Groupe Casino and Group Fnac performed well during the holiday season.

Instagram’s Sweet Spot: Better for Brands than Facebook and Twitter? By Jade Furubayashi – April 29, 2014 When you see brand content on Facebook or Twitter, do you skim over it?

Instagram’s Sweet Spot: Better for Brands than Facebook and Twitter?

Probably…most people do. On Facebook and Twitter, brands aren’t exactly hitting a home run with their content. In terms of engagement, a post averages 700 (Facebook) and 300 (Twitter) engagements per 1 million fans/followers. It’s not rocket science — people don’t like branded content cluttering up their feeds. According to another study by eMarketer, Instagram is catching up with Twitter for U.S. users. Forrester highlights the perfect example of this in practice. As you can see, the Instagram video averaged nearly 30k more engagements than the Facebook post. 5 Instagram Tools to Better Manage Your Marketing. 3 Cool Ways to Print Your Instagram Photos. Instagram is the best social media photography app out there.

3 Cool Ways to Print Your Instagram Photos

But what if you want your pictures off the app and on your nightstand? There are several companies out there who saw the need in the marketplace and offered up a solution. Each offers their own unique spin on accessing your Instagram photos in the tangible world. It just goes to show that where there’s demand, you have the potential as an entrepreneur to meet it. Instagram's 5 Tips for Better Marketing. 5 Beautiful Brands on Instagram, and How to Do the Same.

As a brand, you should always aim to increase engagement in order to grow your audience.

5 Beautiful Brands on Instagram, and How to Do the Same

For this, you have to share compelling content that inspires action among your followers. Sharing wonderful photos on your own is a great start, but getting help from your community is a notch cooler (and more effective). Instagram is known to be a powerful platform to source User Generated Content. These 5 brands are using one or several hashtags to gather UGC. Need some inspiration to do it too? Roots Canada – Outdoor clothing Canadian outdoor clothing brand Roots is putting together a striking Instagram account. With #FindYourAdventure, it manages to catch user generated photos and flaunts them over its website.

Instagram : 7 outils pour les community managers. Instagram : 7 outils pour les community managers. Track your Instagram Hashtags. Instagram : Guide complet. Faire connaître son restaurant grâce à Instagram - Comme nous l’avons déjà vu sur ce blog, Instagram est un réseau social mobile permettant le partage de photos et vidéos avec filtres.

Faire connaître son restaurant grâce à Instagram -

Avec plus de 150 millions d’utilisateurs, cette application mobile bénéficie d’une grande notoriété, notamment depuis son rachat par Facebook en avril 2012. En tant que professionnel de la restauration, c’est une réelle opportunité pour faire connaître son restaurant ! Voici quelques suggestions qui vous permettront d’exploiter les particularités du réseau social qui a rendu populaires les filtres. Mettre en avant vos plats Vos produits sont les plats que vous servez à vos clients.

Instagram est un excellent moyen de faire connaître son restaurant en utilisant ce réseau social comme une véritable vitrine qui affiche les photos de vos succulents plats. Alors qu’attendez-vous pour en faire de même ? Communiquez sur les nouveautés La carte de votre restaurant évolue au fil des saisons, postez-la sur Instagram. Organisez des jeux et défis. How to Use Instagram For Marketing: A Bright and Beautiful Beginner's Guide - Project Eve.

Infographie : Le pouvoir d’Instagram. 6 Ways To Use Instagram Hashtag Data to Set Social Media Campaign Goals. By Lucy Hitz – March 4, 2014 #SetYourIntention.

6 Ways To Use Instagram Hashtag Data to Set Social Media Campaign Goals

How are you measuring your social media campaign’s progress on Instagram? Are you in the midst of crafting goals for the next week, month, or financial year? The open frontier of social media marketing leaves plenty of room for creative experimentation and building your own definition of ideal social media impact. By analyzing the data behind past, current and competitive Instagram hashtags, it’s easy to set objectives by showing what works, monitoring progress and keeping track of audience reaction.

I want our hashtag mentioned at least 1,000 times on Instagram. How it works: When you run an Instagram Hashtag Report, you’re given not only the number of unique people who used the hashtag, but also the number of times the hashtag was used, the number of people those posts potentially reached, the number of times that the posts could’ve been seen, and the total amount of Instagram engagement.