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GRID: Interactive multi-touch sound visualization by @futuraepsis1 made in #Processing - controlled via iPhone/iPad #oF. GRID is an interactive multi-touch sound visualization for the band Mathon and the ZKM AppArtAward 2011.

GRID: Interactive multi-touch sound visualization by @futuraepsis1 made in #Processing - controlled via iPhone/iPad #oF

Created for live events, the application consists of a desktop version for realtime graphic visualization of music – created using Processing and also an iOS version for interacting with the Processing app – created using openFrameworks. The basic appearance is based on a shape that deforms synced to an audio signal. A never ending journey through portal-like visuals, organic and technical scenes take the viewer into a surreal feeling atmosphere. Forming rapidly changing pictures out of those shapes the viewer seems to be part of electrical impulses catching short impressions of the human and his role in the universe….. Using an iPad or an iOS capable device people can diretly interact with the music visualization. The downloads are available for: iPhone / iPad (out next week), Mac OS 10.6, Windows and Linux. Platform: iPhone/iPad Version: 1.0 Cost: $0.99 Free Developer: Futura Epsis 1. Catweasel-Patches. AVS AVI Joiner.zip (8.44 Kb) Loop fix for Elektro's AVS joiner <a SetRenderer2.1.rar (4.51 Kb) Woeis rather wonderfull set renderer, now with extra depth buffer!


Patch Switcher.zip (14.87 Kb) This patch should demonstrate how to switch patches on the fly from within a patch... Record Keys.zip (21.49 Kb) A patch to record a midi perfomance to keyframes so you can then render it out afterwards.... Writer (EX9.Screenshot NRT)(2).v4p (31.65 Kb) NRTscreenshot, put it in your modules folder, based on a patch by Jannis, but difficult to find in the forums so I've posted it here. SpreadToCurvesSimple.zip (4.12 Kb) A spreads to simple curves, much the same as spreads to rope. New Demo of Mavelous, the mobile Mavlink GCS - DIY Drones. Collection of Open Source Apps and Sample Code. Open Source iPhone And iPad Apps – Real iOS Source Code Examples. Welcome to the sixth iteration of the open source iPhone and iPad apps list.

Open Source iPhone And iPad Apps – Real iOS Source Code Examples

A For those that have seen similar listings on other sites using the exact wordings, and links below welcome to the source for the original list. Also included are some open source iPad apps, and universal open source iOS apps. It can be tough to learn how to develop, especially when it comes to finding complete examples. That’s why I put this list together. Each of these open source iPhone apps is not just open source, but has been in the app store, and all but one are in there right now. Last Update: 4/11/2014 Before going on to the apps, please share these open source iOS apps with your Twitter followers by clicking here. Here is the open source iphone app list in alphabetical order: 1. 2048 - A SpriteKit based version of the game 2048..