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NeHe Productions - Everything OpenGL In a follow up to my previous post that Mesa3D (the open-source implementation of the OpenGL API) will begin supporting OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 from the next release; Phoronix is reporting that the open source AMD driver for the R600 series of chipsets can now leverage the new OpenGL 3.0 support in Mesa. The open-source AMD drivers are remarkably stable, although slower than AMD's official "fglrx" driver. The new OpenGL 3.0 support is an amazing step forward for the open-source driver stack. This means that anyone with an R600 based card (which includes me!) will get full OpenGL 3.0 hardware acceleration out of the box on Linux after the next round of distro releases. If anyone is curious to see the source code of the commit that introduces this support, take a look here.

NeHe Productions - Everything OpenGL

Hyoung-Jun(김형준) GIS Lab - 이 장에서는 OpenGL에서 공간상에 물체를 원하는 위치에 위치시키고 원하는 방향으로 움직이거나 회전하는 방법에 대해서 알아본다. 최종적 실습으로 두개의 구를 이용해서 첫번째 구는 화면 중앙에서 제자리에서 회전을 하며 두번째 구는 첫번째 구를 중심으로 일정한 거리를 유지하면서 동시에 자신의 중심점을 기준으로해서 회전하는 것을 구현해 본다. 좀더 다르게 표현한다면 첫번째 구는 자전만을 하며 두번째 구 역시 자전을 하면서 동시에 첫번째 구 주위를 공전하는 예를 말한다. OpenGL에서 이러한 일련은 동작은 간단한 수학적인 연산을 통해서 이루어진다고 강조하고 싶다. 물론 모든 컴퓨터의 동작의 모두가 수학적이기는 하지만 필자가 이 수학적이라는 것에 대해 강조하는 이유와 간단한 수학 연산이라고 말하는 이유는 다름 아닌 4X4 행렬, 이 하나만으로 모든 것이 이루어 진다는 것이다. Matrix(매트릭스)라는 영화를 보았는가? Hyoung-Jun(김형준) GIS Lab -
OpenFrameworks 007-71: Biggest Release Yet, More Examples, More Creative Coding Goodness [Details] For creative coders, OpenFrameworks has been a godsend, taking the gnarly power of C++ and making it accessible to artists and designers, some of whom might never have touched code. It’s unlocking a lot of the amazing work we see, from interactive design to Kinect hacks. (See Gallery, above. This week, OpenFrameworks added a 0071 tag to its the 007 release it quietly released last year, which just about doubled the software in size. What’s in all that new heft? OpenFrameworks 007-71: Biggest Release Yet, More Examples, More Creative Coding Goodness [Details] openFrameworks openFrameworks is a C++ toolkit for creative coding. openframeworks/openFrameworks openframeworks/openFrameworks
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Downloads There are different ways to download and install Code::Blocks on your computer: Download the binary release This is the easy way for installing Code::Blocks. Downloads
HowTo Sensors Inputting signals into vvvv There are many options of inputting signals into your computer. Connecting external hardware and sensors opens up many new possibilities with vvvv. You will need an interface to get the signals into your computer. Unfortunately there is no single best solutions for an interface. The best interface depends on the number of channels, the range of input voltages, the quality of the drivers, the reliability and way to often on the price. HowTo Sensors
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