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Jin Kim

Jin Kim is a tax attorney in Sacramento, California. Her tax resolution practice helps individuals and businesses get out of tax debt owed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Franchise Tax Board (FTB), California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), and other tax agencies.

Tax Penalty Abatement Lawyer. It’s no secret that tax penalties in combination with interest can lead to unmanageable tax debt.

Tax Penalty Abatement Lawyer

However, a skilled tax penalty abatement attorney can help reduce that tax bill. If you have received an assessment of interest and penalties call tax attorney Jin Kim at (916) 299-9913 for a free consultation. She can negotiate with the IRS, FTB, CDTFA, and Sacramento County Tax Collector and determine whether you qualify for a tax penalty abatement program. Tax Penalty vs. Interest Abatement Most people know that back taxes can grow with interest, but some don’t realize that back taxes can also result in penalties. Since interest is mandated by Congress it’s rarer to get an abatement when it comes to accrued interest with the IRS, but it can happen with other tax agencies such as in the case of California FTB request for abatement of interest. Offer in Compromise Attorney. Receiving a large tax bill after your audit may seem like a bleak prospect, but it’s even more so when the amount is more than your capability to pay.

Offer in Compromise Attorney

While this situation isn’t ideal, there are ways to address it. One option for a taxpayer is to make an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise is an offer on the part of the taxpayer to pay a reduced amount due to certain extenuating circumstances recognized by the IRS. An offer in compromise is a good option to take if you can afford part of your tax bill – but not all of it. Here’s are some things to know about offers in compromise including how you can qualify for this tax resolution strategy. Jin Kim is a California tax attorney helping clients secure offers in compromise with the Internal Revenue Service. What Is An Offer In Compromise? Ordinarily, when the IRS assesses a taxpayer with an amount owed, the taxpayer is expected to pay the amount in full.

Sacramento Employment Tax Attorney. Many businesses fall behind on payroll tax deposits, but some businesses fall victim to interest and penalties that can bankrupt a business and leave the responsible officer personally liable.

Sacramento Employment Tax Attorney

Whether your business deferred payroll tax deposits to keep the lights on or you trusted employees to pay the deposits, Sacramento employment tax attorney Jin Kim can help. With flat fee tax resolution services to straightforward installment agreements, Jin Kim has helped many businesses keep the lights on while they catch up on delinquent payroll taxes. Withholding and Remittance One of the most important duties that an employer should perform is the withholding and the remittance of taxes.

Improper withholding and remittance can lead to serious consequences on the part of the employer. Employee and Independent Contractor One of the most basic things to get right as an employer is to classify your workers correctly. Withhold Taxes Properly On the Issue of Liability. California Tax Audit Attorney. If you received notice of an audit from the IRS it’s important that you put an attorney on your side right away.

California Tax Audit Attorney

Your tax attorney can communicate with the IRS and represent you during the audit to mitigate tax liability. To learn more about Jin Kim’s audit defense practice call her office at (916) 299-9913 for a free consultation. Earned Income Tax Credit Audit IRS audits concerning the earned income tax credit can result in tens-of-thousands of dollars in tax liability after penalties and interest. If the IRS has initiated an EITC audit you can enhance your chances of protecting your tax credits by contacting audit defense attorney Jin Kim. Winning Your Audit One consolation that people look to when they receive their notice of audit is the fact that they might get away unscathed – or even receive a refund from the government. What Does It Mean To Win An Audit? We’ve all heard stories about people who received an audit notice and then ended up receiving a refund from the government.

IRS Tax Attorney. Hiring a tax lawyer to deal with the IRS on your behalf can help a lot.

IRS Tax Attorney

Tax lawyers are more knowledgeable than other tax preparers such as CPA, so they’ll be able to advice you on the best course of action to take for your case. Dealing with the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) can involve a lot of bureaucracy. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, despite your best efforts. Having a tax lawyer as your representative ensures the best chance that you’ll understand the process. Tax lawyers will also give advice on how to limit your liability by taking advantage of relief programs such as installment payments or offers in compromise. Advantages of Hiring A Lawyer Tax law can be confusing. One advantage of having a representative is that you don’t have to personally appear before the IRS unless you’re specifically summoned. Another advantage is that you get to have all communication coursed through your lawyer.

Tax Attorney in Sacramento, California. Jin Kim is a tax attorney in Sacramento, California.

Tax Attorney in Sacramento, California

She represents individuals and businesses in civil tax matters including audits, appeals, voluntary disclosures, offshore matters, and collection defense. She represents clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Franchise Tax Board (FTB), California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), and local tax agencies. Philosophy Attorney Jin Kim seeks practical solutions for every tax problem. Whereas some tax litigation attorneys pursue ‘aggressive’ representation without regard to mounting legal fees, attorney Jin Kim seeks cost-effective solutions. Flat Fees One aspect of Ms. Collection Defense. Sacramento Tax Attorney.