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Flexible Packaging. Application: Suitable for flexible packaging application, especially for higher gloss and barrier properties.

Flexible Packaging

Description: Normal density metallization on plain side and other side plain Salient Features: Standard Density Standard Metal Bond Strength Standard Water Vapour and Gas Barrier properties Good Lamination Bond Strength Excellent Machinability Technical Data The values provided in the Technical Data Sheet are typical performance data and are believed to be accurate. Flexible Packaging. MediaFire Pro: Faster bulk downloads, Ad free downloads, & 1 TB of storage.

Flexible Packaging

From $3.75/month. Flexible Packaging.doc Document (.DOC) File size: 17KB Uploaded: 2020-01-17 00:42:25 About Document Formats Microsoft published the specs for XML file formats in 2003 and licensed them to competitors. Upgrade to PRO for the best download experience. Bulk download folders Ad-free downloads Direct downloads Upgrade to Pro Like MediaFire on Facebook. Wrap Around Label. Application: Facestock of PS label Description: Bi-axially oriented transparent polyester film, film is one side polyurethane coated and other side untreated.

Wrap Around Label

Salient Features: Coated side exhibit excellent adhesion to various coating and printing inks. Flexible Packaging: Attributes and Advantages. Flexible packaging provides recognition to the product as well as adds value to it.

Flexible Packaging: Attributes and Advantages

The packaging is light in weight and increases the safety and shelf life of the product. With this packaging, the products can be packed in different shapes and sizes, which make them convenient to be handled. The packaging is highly customizable and light in weight. In addition to this, the product requires less space for storing and can easily be transported. Due to the packaging, the product can be kept safe in extreme environmental conditions. In-Mold Label. Buying the Best Medical X Ray Films. The X-Rays can make things that unaided eyes can’t spot.

Buying the Best Medical X Ray Films

Medical X ray films are significant for the location and treatment of wounds, infections and many other such things. These help specialists to make productive conclusions. Identified with the consequence of the x-rays, the film plays a significant role. There are numerous kinds of films that are easily available to purchase. This relies upon the screen that you have – whether it is Calcium Tungstate or a Kiran screen. Initially, you should make attempt to find it on the web. Also, you ought to consider purchasing the x-ray film with discount. Thirdly, you must consult it with your therapeutic supply providers. New Delhi, Delhi, India. Lap sealable Film. Some major types of popular print laminators. Hazy polyester film. Solid white Film. A concise classification of different packaging materials.

A concise classification of different packaging materials

Polyester Film. Pearlized Film & Glossy BOPP Films. Textile BOPP film. PET Films. Lap sealable Film. Thermal Laminating. Antifog Film. Jindal Poly Films. Wrap Around Label. Food Packaging. Antifog film. High Barrier Film. Best PET Films. Wrap around label. Print lamination. Application: Decorative packaging after lamination with paper Description: Bi-axially oriented one side gold shade - coated metallized polyester film.

Print lamination

Metal surface is suitable for adhesive lamination with various substrates. Salient Features: Excellent metallised surface luster. Technical Data The values provided in the Technical Data Sheet are typical performance data and are believed to be accurate. Storage & Handling: It is a fact that dyne level decays over time in BOPP films and the decay is further aggravated with extreme environmental conditions.

Thermal Laminating. Chemically Treated. Chemically Treated, Coron Treated PET Films & Aluminium Foil Replacement. Pressure sensitive label. Biscuit packaging. In-Mold Label. Food packaging. PET Films. Aluminium foil replacement. Matte BOPP Film. Corona treated PET film. Matte thermal laminating film. Flexible Packaging. Refrigerator heating elements. Industrial heaters. Theeta has a dedicated team and area for designing and manufacturing various Industrial heating elements and systems Manufacturing and Designing We use the latest 3 D softwares for designing the product and further simulating the heating systems.

Industrial heaters

This prevents fitment issues at the time of execution of the project. We can design Industrial systems upto 1 MW. In house capabilities include Sand blasting, Buffing, Soldering, Brazing, Tig welding, Pressure testing etc. Elements can be made out of various grades of tubing like Incoloy 800, 825, Stainless steel 304, 321, 316, 316L, Titanium, Inconel, MS etc and with diameter upto 19 mm. Certifications All certifications, testing and approvals required are amply provided. Packing. Water Heating elements. These are our standard range of water immersion heaters.

Water Heating elements

They are made out of copper tube brazed to brass flange and are duly nickel plated. Each element is provided with a brass check nut, two fiber washers and a painted metallic cap with a grommet for cable end. Wattages available from 2.0 kw to 12.0 kw. Flanges available in 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2” BSPP sizes. Immersion Heaters. Biscuit packaging. In-Mold Label. Thermal Lamination Films - Jindal Poly Films. Immersion Heater Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. Commercial Refrigerator Defrost heating Elements Manufacturers & Suppliers. Thick & Thin Polyester Films - Jindal Poly Films. Download Compeering UV and Aqueous as the Most Preferred Packaging Material.doc. Applications Of Thermal Lamination Films. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

Applications Of Thermal Lamination Films

Include... Search Results No terms available Load Annotations. Attributes and Characteristics of BOPP Film by Jindal Poly Films. Attributes and Characteristics of BOPP Film – Jindal Poly Films. Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is an abbreviation of a product that a vast majority of consumers get in touch frequently.

Attributes and Characteristics of BOPP Film – Jindal Poly Films

BOPP films find their most common applications in candy, chips, multivitamin packs, shrink-wrapping crackers, compact discs, DVDs and even video games. When in the making, Metallized Film is stretched in and across the processing apparatus for quicker and smooth processing on an incredibly high-speed. This process lets the film to be spread very closely to the actual size of the targeted product while ensuring a neat, clean, elegant and excellent presentation.

Flexible Packaging - Jindal Poly Films. Metalized Films - Jindal Poly Films. Coex, Label BOPP Polyster & Solid White Film - Jindal Poly Films. Pearlized Glossy BOPP Films - Jindal Poly Films. The Applications of High Quality Polyester Films by Jindal Poly Films. Jindal Poly Films: The Applications of High Quality Polyester Films. Encapsulation is getting immensely popular these days among consumers as well as almost all commercial and industrial sectors. The well known encapsulation procedure has proven to be extremely beneficial for the preservation and effective marketing of products and even documents. A huge plethora of encapsulation equipment's, machines and films (also called tapes) by a large number of suppliers has spurred on the utilization of encapsulation in a bigger circle of influence. The most common form of encapsulation finds its application in the printing industry where high quality encapsulating machines and films are utilized with supreme quality glosses and finishes on products as well as documents.

Well encapsulated products offered by both commercial and industrial sectors grab the attention of more customers assuring product with freshness, high quality and functionality. A well encapsulated product using hazy polyester filmalso gives an attention-grabbing appearance. Biscuit & Food Packaging Antifog Heat Sealable BOPP films. Metalized Films. Glossy Thermal Laminating Film. Thermal lamination. High Barrier Film. Coated Films. Isotropic PET film. Milky polyester. Hazy polyester film.

PET Films. Matte BOPP Film. Pearlized Film. Biscuit packaging. Coex, Label BOPP Polyster & Solid White Film - Jindal Poly Films.