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JiNa is a Parenting, Life Skills and Career Counseling Center committed to create better tomorrow by positively transforming people with their specialized Parenting Workshops, Life-Skills Training, and Career Guidance & Counseling. Our training sessions are highly interactive, experiential and innovative, especially customized for corporate professionals, educators, parents, and students themselves.

Do Not Let Your Parents Fail !!! – Kavita Yadav. Mahesh Babu had come to spend weekend with his daughter, Kaamini and granddaughter, Khushi.

Do Not Let Your Parents Fail !!! – Kavita Yadav

Khushi was an eight years old happy, bubbly girl. It was Sunday and Mahesh Babu was reading newspaper. Suddenly he heard loud voices coming from his daughter’s room. Khushi: No, No, No. I want potato fries for breakfast. Kaamini: No, No, No. Khushi: But Why? Kaamini: Too much of Junk is not good. Khushi: Its only on Sundays Mom. Kaamini: God knows from where have you learnt to argue Khushi. Till this time Mahesh Babu who was witnessing this power struggle between his daughter and granddaughter asks Khushi to go out and play. Then he turns to Kaamini and says, “Beta, I have the answer to your question that from where is Khushi picking up this habit of arguing.”

Teachers’ Leadership – Kavita Yadav. Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children by Kavita Yadav. By Kavita Yadav JiNa-Living Positively The way you choose to discipline and respond to your child affects greatly on how they develop socially as well as cognitively.

Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children by Kavita Yadav

The development process of a child is influenced by a cumulative of all stimuli he/ she comes in contact with. Parents play a crucial role in a child’s life and have a significant impact on a child’s development, be it positive or negative. Your parenting style may affect how the child feels about himself/ herself to how much the child weighs. Communication Styles and How to Deal with Each – Kavita Yadav. While most of us have a default style of communication, we all tend to use different styles, depending on the situation and the person with whom we are speaking.

Communication Styles and How to Deal with Each – Kavita Yadav

In simple words, communication is sending and receiving information between two or more people. The person sending the information is called sender and the person receiving the information is called receiver. Communication is a learned skill, but it is important to know we have a choice in how we communicate. Communication is an essential component of a productive workplace, allowing employees to work together cohesively and professionally. Four Basic Styles of Communication There are 4 basic styles of communication. Passive Communication In this type of communication style, the situation is of ‘I LOSE – YOU WIN’. This style is born out of low self-esteem. The IMPACT of this style of communication on the communicator is that they feel anxious as they think that the life is out of their control. Aggressive Communication 1. 5 Life Lessons for Children before the age of 5 years – Kavita Yadav.

On becoming parents, we start getting lot of advice on how to raise our child.

5 Life Lessons for Children before the age of 5 years – Kavita Yadav

We must listen to them as they come from experienced parents, elders. But still the choice remains with us which advice to pick and which to drop and when, under what circumstances. Parenthood is a beautiful place to be. These titles, “Mother” and “Father” not only give us the big opportunity to teach our child the valuable life lessons but at the same time we also get to revise and experience them all over again from a very different and fresh perspective. Why is Parenting Education Important For Students And Parents? - Skills Development. Work life balance program for corporate. How Can Career Counselor Help in Achieving Goals?

In order to make an informed decision regarding education and career, an individual undergoes career counseling to understand one’s own self and the work trends.

How Can Career Counselor Help in Achieving Goals?

It helps in managing a diverse range of problems like poor time management, low concentration levels, trust issues or non-agreement with family on which career to opt for. A career counselor determines a best method for the client so that a change can be made to the existing mindset. Parenting coach certification helps a person become clear on their own parenting goal by offering support, teaching skills, asking powerful questions and listening to bring about a change.

Who needs it? For students, the perfect age is 13- 17 years as a lot of changes take place in their life in physical as well as emotional aspects. Why does one need career counseling? Career counseling is nothing but guidance which helps in getting insights about ourselves as well as our career, so that it can be improved. The Benefits - Top 10 Mantras of Behavioral and Relationship Counseling - JiNa Living Positively. Behavioral and relationship counseling programs have been used for many years and are very effective.

Top 10 Mantras of Behavioral and Relationship Counseling - JiNa Living Positively

Training session for parents and students are essential as it is difficult to learn behavior modification and put them to use consistently. During behavioral and relationship counseling, you will be asked to follow a few mantras that will appeal to your emotions and will help you in calming down. The top 10 mantras that help almost all are - 1. Recognize the light - Instead of dwelling on the thought of what is wrong, choose a life worth living. 2. 3. 4. Parenting coach certification Gurgaon. Upasana Kinra, a Psychologist and an educator is presently working as the Officiating Principal of Titiksha Public School, Rohini, New Delhi and a Consultant Trainer with The British Council.

Parenting coach certification Gurgaon

She has several years’ experience working as a Consultant, with students, teachers and parents. She has rich counseling experience in areas of career, life transitions, school issues, self-esteem, stress management, depression, grief/loss, cognitive/communication skills, relationship issues and parenting styles. 5 Ways for Better Parenting Your Teens – Kavita Yadav. Adolescents and Teens – How Parents of these Young Adults feel and how do these children see the world.

5 Ways for Better Parenting Your Teens – Kavita Yadav

Adolescents and Teens… Their primary goal is to achieve independence. Thus, they start pulling away from their parents. Behavioral and Relationship Counseling. JiNa is a Gurgaon based Parenting, Life Skills and Career Counseling Center committed to evoke a new way of living by supporting and aspiring people to stay grounded with their inner strength yet flying high in spirit.

Behavioral and Relationship Counseling

We are committed to support Parents, Students, Educational Institutes and Corporate by understanding their needs, wants and then customizing, aligning our training programs with their vision. What is the role and benefits of corporate engagement programs? In any organization, an employee plays a crucial role in the growth and is a prime factor in its achievements and success.

What is the role and benefits of corporate engagement programs?

Jina’s corporate engagement programs has been specifically designed for human resources which helps them in strengthening their as well as organization’s roots. The 4 programs offered by Jina are - 1.Teachers’ Leadership Program - teachers demonstrate leadership skills inside the classroom and have huge influence on students that are not just restricted to the four walls of the classroom. The students get inspired to work hard consistently until they achieve their life goals. Top 10 Personality Development Skills for Parents and Students. Students with excellent communication skills, well-balanced mix of knowledge and self-awareness are successful. Students are like clay and they need to be molded with care for building a strong base. Personality is something that gets noticed first, but it cannot be developed in a day. Personality Development, Career Guidance, Counselling for Students. “The children are our future. The Best Training Session For Parents And Students. The best part of life skills training program for teenagers – Jina.

Corporate Engagement Programs, Motivational Workshop for Corporate. An employee plays a very vital role in an organization’s growth and partners in its achievements and success. Considering this fact, we have designed four (4) very special programs for human resources (employees/staff members) to support them in strengthening their and organization’s roots. These four programs are: 1. Teachers’ Leadership Program Teacher leadership is a set of skills, which teachers demonstrate inside not only the classrooms but also have an influence on the students that extends beyond the school boundaries. This program will help the participants list the traits of. 5 Ways to Improve Your Behavior and Relationship.

Lately, there is a great deal of focus on relationships, on its importance and the need to focus on them. Be it business or any other place, relationships are important to succeed in life. Community Building Program For Parents. As parents, one wants nothing but the best for their child, right? The real success of a child starts with you. The way you connect with your child, the way you manage your relationship with him/her lays the foundation of your child’s intelligence. Motivational and Professionals Workshop Ideas for Corporate Sector. Motivational workshop for corporate offers vehicle for change and can be aimed at people seeking self-improvement, or they can be of a corporate level to improve communications, build teams and integrate employees. Skills for Life – Kavita Yadav. NCERT, CBSE, Schools, Parents everyone is talking about Life Skills and its importance now-a-days.

Teachers leadership Program, Corporate Engagement Programs. Training session for parents and students.