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Writing Skills Tutorial. Www.essex.ac.uk/myskills/How_to_improve_your_academic_writing.pdf. Unilearning Website. Referring to sources. General descriptions of the relevant literature A considerable amount of literature has been published on X.

Referring to sources

These studies .... There is a large volume of published studies describing the role of .... The first serious discussions and analyses of X emerged during the 1970s with .... The generalisability of much published research on this issue is problematic. General reference to previous research/scholarly activity (usually more than one author) Many historians have argued that .... Recent evidence suggests that .... Several attempts have been made to .... Previous studies have reported .... Twenty cohort study analyses have examined the relationship between .... The relationship between X and Y has been widely investigated (Smith, 1985; Jones, 1987, .... Xs have been identified as major contributing factors for the decline of many species (1). Reference to current state of knowledge A relationship exists between an individual's working memory and their ability to ......

Top of page. Welcome to the Writing Centre. One-on-one ConsultationsWe offer private, confidential one-on-one consultations on any aspect of academic writing, including thesis-writing, academic publishing, preparing materials for the academic job search, and any other writing-related topics that you, as a UTSC graduate student, are interested in.

Welcome to the Writing Centre

Contact Dr. Nancy Johnston to set up an appointment. English Language DevelopmentThe communication demands of graduate programs are challenging. If you are concerned that your reading, writing, listening or speaking skills may be weak, you may wish to make an appointment with an English language specialist to discuss practical strategies you can use to improve your proficiency and confidence. Contact Dr. Support for Graduate Writing GroupsBetween Fall of 2004 and 2006, a group of UTSC graduate students formed a thesis writing group. Web Resources for Graduate StudentsLinks to selected websites that offer advice and support on a range of issues of interest to graduate students.

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