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Channel Catfish In Streams. Z-Man Fishing Products' Slim SwimZ. YUM's Kill Shot. Z-Man's Hula StickZ: an Update. The World's Foremost Authority On Freshwater Fishing. Catalog.pdf. Four Winning Lures to Catch More River Smallies. Posted on June 14, 2007 Guest Article by Bill Schultz Fishing for smallmouth bass is my passion.

Four Winning Lures to Catch More River Smallies

I love chasing smallies on lakes, but enjoy the river experience even more. I’ve spent hundreds of hours wading smaller rivers from Southeast Wisconsin to the Southwest corner of the state. In recent years, I’ve done some productive exploring on the Wisconsin, Menominee, Oconto and St.  A Guide to Smallmouth Bass Fishing. Smallmouth Fishing Tips, Articles and Videos Everyday. Have you tried out the Reactions Innovations Skinny Dipper bait?

Smallmouth Fishing Tips, Articles and Videos Everyday

If not, you are missing out on a great artificial bait smallmouth bass fishermen, as well as other casting for other species of fish are raving about. Let’s take a look at this bait While this might appear elementary to an experienced fishermen, those just beginning their adventure as a smallmouth enthusiast will need to learn how to set the hook before any fish appear with a lure in their mouth. Yes, sometimes game fish, and smallies in Fishermen are creatures of habit. You guys living in the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington have one of the premier smallmouth fisheries in America. We all have favorite baits that are our “go to” smallmouth bass lures when the fishing gets tough.

The St. Solutions for Smallmouth Bass Jigs. Missile Baits Shockwave « Wired2Fish. Truth be told, I almost gave up on smaller paddle tail swimbaits.

Missile Baits Shockwave « Wired2Fish

A large majority of the ones I’ve used never impressed me—I could never see what the hype was about. They’d slowly roll back and forth and if you’re lucky, the tail would decide to kick every now and then. I might as well have been straight-reeling a stick worm. I’ve had a chance lately, however, to play around with the Missile Baits Shockwave and it has restored my faith in the small swimbait. It has incredible action, it stays intact for a bunch of fish catches and it doesn’t cost you your firstborn. Incredible action. 7 Steps for Organizing Soft Plastics « Wired2Fish. Organizing your bass fishing soft plastics doesn’t have to be confusing, daunting or frustrating.

7 Steps for Organizing Soft Plastics « Wired2Fish

Although it may seem like a bunch of mind numbing labor, I’ve been using a simple organization system that allows for much easier and more modular storage. This system has given me 5 major advantages since implementing it. Find what you need in a hurry—Fishing is a time-sensitive sport. When a group of bass gets fired up, you need to be able to re-rig and continue casting within a few seconds. Your preparedness often correlates directly to your success.Lighten your load—There’s no sense in carrying hundreds of extra pounds in soft plastic baits when you’re bass fishing. Step 1: Dump it It’s probably going to drive you crazy—even though your soft plastics are in major disorder, you always knew where your favorite color “might” be located. Finesse fishing's most overlooked lure. To me, plastic grubs rank as finesse fishing’s most overlooked lure, which is surprising, since they’ve been around since 1958.

Finesse fishing's most overlooked lure

They’re among the easiest of all finesse lures to use, since they imitate small baitfish swimming through open water; you can fish them anywhere in the water column, including on the surface in place of buzz baits in thick vegetation. I use grubs to cover water with a horizontal presentation. That means casting and winding, and it could hardly be easier. You don’t want to overwork grubs with a lot of jerks, pauses and speed changes. Only on rare occasions, when I’m absolutely certain I know bass are feeding on the bottom, will I use a short hopping presentation right along that bottom, and even then I only move the lure in very short hops.

Fishing Grubs, The React Lure for all Seasons. One of the most versatile of all lures, the grub mimics baitfish better than almost any other soft plastic bait, and they can be fished many different ways and all year round.

Fishing Grubs, The React Lure for all Seasons

A grub's fat short body and thin twisting tail displaces a tremendous amount of water as it moves along, the bass picks up the vibrations with its lateral lines and movement means food. Once the bass has found the bait its natural shape and color gives him no reason to suspect a trap. In cold water, winter and early spring, the fish are more sluggish and a slower more deliberate presentation is necessary to fool them. Meal Worms: Best Live Bait for Spring Trout. Photo by Gorman Studio I always carry garden worms and mealworms during the early days of trout season, and I reach for the latter more often. These small, golden-yellow beetle larvae are more buoyant than earthworms, so they're easier to keep in feeding lanes. They show better in murky water. And their size, which matches that of most trout forage, screams Eat me!

My technique has always been straightforward: Stick a hook through the middle, crimp on a split shot, and kerplunk. The Science & Art of Fishing. Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife - The Maine Fishing Guide on Google Earth. How to get started with MDIFW's Maine Fishing Guide Google Earth application: You will need to have Google Earth installed to view this data.

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife - The Maine Fishing Guide on Google Earth

Click here for the free Google Earth download. For help using Google Earth goto the Help Center. Launch the Guide Once you have launched the Google Earth application you can choose the various map layer options from the menu at the left and you can obtain additional information by clicking on the icon of interest. The Maine Fishing Guide was developed by the Fisheries Division of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to assist anglers in locating Maine's most common sportfish and to help plan for your next outdoor fishing adventure.

This Google Earth application allows anglers to readily locate principal lake and pond fisheries for coldwater species and bass; as well as the presence of other warmwater sportfish species identified as principal fisheries or present. Downsize for smallmouth streams. The Z-Man Store. Fishing Complete Inc. Finding And Catching River Smallmouths During Spring - In-Fisherman. Topwater Smallmouth Baits - In-Fisherman. New Jersey Bass Fishing Main Page - Reports, Discussion Board & Techniques. Matching Rods & Reels to Small mouth Tactics. The Smallmouth Worm Is A Different Animal - In-Fisherman. Mojo Weights - Bass Fishing Weights For Any Situation! Spectastic Wiggle Rig, Rockhopper, Slip Shot, Swivel Downshot, Rig Saver and the Pineapple Downshot. Tactics For Summer River Smallmouth - In-Fisherman.

The Reaper reincarnated as a TriggerX Flappin' Grub and more. Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Tim Holschlag's Smallmouth Angler. Jigs: Traditional and Non-Traditional. Posted on May 20, 2003 One item all smallmouth enthusiasts have in their tackle box are jigs.

Jigs: Traditional and Non-Traditional

We use them in tubes, thread various plastics on them and even use them for live-bait once in a while. I’ve used many types of jigs over the years, usually the cheapest ones I could find. I came to the conclusion a couple of years ago, that like the rest of my equipment and tackle, I needed to find higher quality jigs that did a better job of meeting my needs. The jigs I use today are from Laketown Manufacturing in Jenison, Michgan ( and Bait Rigs Tackle in Madison, WI ( Bait Rigs is owned by a couple of walleye enthusiasts, Joe and Tony Pucci. Along with its unique design, all Bait Rig jigs come with Mustad Accu-Point Knife Edge Hooks. Joe Rummelt owns Laketown Manufacturing and has two goals when it comes to the multitude of jigs his company produces. On this site, the topic of hair jigs comes up on a regular basis. By Bill Schultz. Yakima Bait Company. Fishing line: braided line and leader debate.

Fat worms. River Runner Baits. Finesse fishing tackle for smallmouth bass. Downsize For Fall Smallmouths - In-Fisherman.  A Guide to Smallmouth Bass Fishing. Fishing Lures - Buy Lures and Fishing Accessories. River Smallmouth Bass Fishing. How To Fish The Mojo Rig. Swimming Grubs for Great Lakes or “Any” Lake Smallies  By: Bill Schultz During the past 14 plus years, I’ve had the good fortune and pleasure of spending 150 days chasing smallies in Door County.

Swimming Grubs for Great Lakes or “Any” Lake Smallies 

This is the “thumb” on the map of Wisconsin that juts out into Lake Michigan. My efforts have been rewarded with having caught and released over 4,000 smallies. Like many of you who have fished for Great Lake’s smallies, or fished for lake smallies in general, I have tried a plethora of lures. I’ve always tried, however, to keep it simple and not over do it. The Slo-Poke GrubMaster. The Slo-Poke GrubMaster Jig (The best Bass Jig that you've never heard of) The invention of the Worlds best Smallmouth Bass Jig came about as have so many other products, because necessity is the mother of invention.

The Slo-Poke GrubMaster

In this case the need was for a jig that could swim naturally and horizontally in the water column while being compatible with a wide variety soft plastic lures. In the early 1990's, I discovered that Smallmouth Bass in the Great Lakes would readily hit grub tails that swam horizontally. Yes, there were many lures that would attract these fish, but nothing was easier to use, more consistent throughout the seasons, and was more adaptable than a jig tipped with a soft plastic grub tail. Simply put, this presentation worked more effectively than anything else. Joe utilized the basic design of the original weight-centered Slo-Poke Jig™. Bass Tip 1: The MOJIKA RIG. Smallmouth Crankbaits, Rivers and Lakes - In-Fisherman. The World's Foremost Authority On Freshwater Fishing. Smallmouth bass creek finesse fishing Ozarks. 100% of Bait Rigs Tackle Company Fishing Jigs, Rigs and Leaders only on E-Bait. Welcome to the Bait Rigs Tackle Company Website. As we enter our 25th year of business, we realize more than ever the importance of customer service and satisfaction.

Innovation and quality are the key ingredients in all Bait Rigs products and our award winning designs have earned wide appeal with discriminating fisherman everywhere. Please feel free to contact me personally with any concerns, problems or questions you may have regarding our products. Bait Rigs Famous Brand Names Bait Rigs Product Categories. Essential gear and wading for creek smallmouth bass  By Juan Veruete, Kayak Fish PA, LLC Oh yes, the good old days of grabbing a spinning rod, a pack of sinkers, and hooks to hit the cool clear waters of your local smallie creek. If you want to get back to your roots and simplify your life…at least “temporally” here’s a simple formula for getting there. Foot wear.