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I am Jill Davenport from New york,USA. I am working as an internet marketing consultant in Fusion Informatics Company since last 5 years.

Crafting Push Notifications Maneuvered As Per User Behavior. You have a scenario today wherein people are spending more time on their Smartphone, and less time on televisions, or other related channels.

Crafting Push Notifications Maneuvered As Per User Behavior

As a matter of fact, mobile ecommerce saw a user base increase by almost 50% last year. So how do you monitor the success, and channel it accordingly in the direction of improvements? Every mobile app strives for being a vital part of users’ daily routine. There are virtually hundreds of apps present on the Smartphone of majority users. Hardly a fraction of those are used on a daily basis. Push notifications are those compact emails or mobile messages sent on mobile phones, informing users about new products or services, discounts or offers, updates, upgrades, in-app purchases, events and happenings, etc. Studying user behavior in response to push notifications Before crafting an ideal notification, it is important to understand the nerves of the users. 1. 2. 3. 4. Catering users based on the demographical segment Behavior Device Location.

10 Mobile App Design Trends for Bigger Screen Sizes - TechSling Weblog. Mobile screens just keep getting bigger with time.

10 Mobile App Design Trends for Bigger Screen Sizes - TechSling Weblog

However, thumbs still remain of the same size. What an unfortunate situation it is, considering the fact that you have to ensure users feel utmost comfortable using their thumbs, and be productive at the same time. As per a study, users have the tendency to use thumbs the most as compared to fingers. According to this study conducted across 1300 people, 75% of them used their thumbs for interacting with their Smartphone. Out of those, 49% used only one thumb to operate their mobile phone. An Amazingly Easy Way to Consume Android APIs with Retrofit.

By Ashesh Shah Retrofit from Square is a type-safe REST client for Android.

An Amazingly Easy Way to Consume Android APIs with Retrofit

This is a library providing a powerful framework that interacts with, as well as authenticates, APIs, by making use of OkHttp to send network requests. The library makes use of a Web API for downloading XML or JSON data. After the data is downloaded, the parsing takes place into Plain Old Java Object, popularly known as "POJO," defined for every single resource to respond. An Amazingly Easy Way to Consume Android APIs with Retrofit. 10 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your App - TechSling Weblog. It is natural to make mistakes while creating an app, especially when an app is complex with too many features in store.

10 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your App - TechSling Weblog

You might get to know about some, while others not revealed. This discussion acts as a revelation for those aspiring for a perfect app, without any loopholes. Let us look at 10 hurdles that can obstruct you from creating an ideal app. 1. Creating Basic Notifications for an Android App. By Ashesh Shah Notifications have a vital role to play when it comes to notifying app updates to users.

Creating Basic Notifications for an Android App

This is especially useful with the app closed, wherein users know exactly when to open the app again for checking out notifications. However, it is also important that the notifications are useful and well timed. Avoid These UI/UX Mistakes to Improve Mobile App Retention. :: By Ashesh Shah, Fusion Informatics :: It is hard for marketers to see their app's user retention rate falling with time.

Avoid These UI/UX Mistakes to Improve Mobile App Retention

The reasons, however, may lay within their app user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) design. Addressing flaws related to UI, can help enterprises avoid mistakes impacting their overall UX, and sabotaging retention. 1. Jill Davenport Tech News: Indispensable Principles of a User Centered Mobile App Design Approach. An aesthetic mobile application development company follows a process with different stages, all of which leads to single common purpose i.e.

Jill Davenport Tech News: Indispensable Principles of a User Centered Mobile App Design Approach

“user centered mobile experience”. In simple terms it means, solving user problems through seamless interface. Web, Software and Mobile Application Development Company. Google has finally rolled out Preview 5 of Android 7.0 termed as “Nougat”.

Web, Software and Mobile Application Development Company

It is meant for use specifically to allow developers test mobile apps on this newest Android OS. With this preview, Google is all set to make a clean sweep, by introducing all final APIs with the release. In addition, the release will see the almost ready system updates, which will support all the devices. What does Android N Developer Preview have in store? Android N Developer Preview, featuring bindings to final APIs of the Android N SDK. UI VS UX: A Minor Dispute With Major Differences. Does your smartphone app deliver a memorable experience through an aesthetic interface?

UI VS UX: A Minor Dispute With Major Differences

Most businesses want this. However, I always wanted to ask them whether they knew anything about what this is all about? Most of them will give a puzzled look, or probably give an answer displaying their shallow knowledge on the subject. Today, we will be clearing the air surrounding what we know as User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX). Before that, we just want you to first understand that if your app creates confusion in terms of looks, or hard in terms of usability, then users will abandon it.

Both concepts are used interchangeably in most contexts, which is wrong. Let’s just start with our main discussion by pointing out the differences between UI designers and UX designers. Overcoming UX Designing Challenges : Associated With Smartphone Apps: Associated With Smartphone Apps. “Ecommerce Maintenance & Support”: A few ‘basics’ to take care of – Technology Trends. Have you ever been in a fix, when exploring a product category or a product itself, and getting stuck in the page loading mumbo jumbo?

“Ecommerce Maintenance & Support”: A few ‘basics’ to take care of – Technology Trends

Loading speed and time are two critical factors, especially when running a gigantic ecommerce store with thousands of products or services. You might agree or not, but everything is connected with a memorable UI/UX experience. With slow page loading in terms of time and speed, conversion rates bound to get affected, with increased dissatisfaction. Think about this. If your store has infinite scrolling pages, how will users be able to check a complete set of offerings, with compromising page-loading speed taking a hell lot of time?

Today, devices already come preloaded with so many inbuilt and downloaded assets that it becomes slow much before opening your ecommerce site. A. B. 6 ‘What Not To Do’ Things While Designing A Mobile App UX - TechSling Weblog. What is the primary reason for using mobile apps? Most of us might say, using it for fun. However, the hidden reality is apps make our life much more convenient in performing tasks; connecting socially with people, execute financial transactions, and much more. However, it is disappointing and even frustrating when apps are not able to fulfill their job successfully. Your app is highly dependable on a number of factors, of which the most contingent is User Experience (UX) design. Whenever it comes to creating a mobile app, it is advisable sticking to best UX designing practices, to avoid forcing things upon them, and giving them a chance to think twice before proceeding further.

3 User Experience (UX) Tweaks & Metrics useful for Mobile App Retention. With millions of apps available for download on App Store, it is surprising to see only a few of them actually making it to the regularly used apps list. Even among those selected few, apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Truecaller, Instagram, and few others, have already secured their spots. Therefore, what you have is your app competing for a handful of places. No matter how many reasons industry experts give, the reality is there are only two reasons for a mobile app failure. It is poor user engagement and user retention rate. Jill Davenport Tech News: 5 Base Strategies To Nail Down Your eCommerce Mobile Apps. What differentiates top eCommerce apps from that of the stereotype ones? Well, they are just getting everything right. They deliver what customers exactly need. They are there, when consumers want them. The key to success here is treating your customers, as if treating your own family members.

Take care of consumers, and they will take care of your business. 1. Customers always strive for an out of the box customer service. Logical sequence to follow in designing a mobile app login screen – Technology Trends. Login is essentially the first step when entering into an app. It is crucially important for users to login, in order to have access to the app data; retrieve the app achievements, purchases, progress; recall the history of actions performed.

Hence, designing a login screen is ideally the first step of every mobile application development, and executing the same through coding is the responsibility of a mobile apps developer. We will be presenting you with some of the best examples of mobile app login that we have come across. However, before that let us quickly go through the science behind designing a login screen. What are the important components, and in what order they should appear is critically important. Jill Davenport Tech News: Why you should be using “Google Keyboard” on your iPhone or iPad? Google quite recently released its newest Google Keyboard, known as “Gboard”, for iOS users, with Android to follow sooner. Before we discuss the importance of this keyboard on iPhone and iPad, let us first understand what exactly a “Gboard” is. Google Keyboard is a customized keyboard, offering a more simplistic approach of entering text, which you will not encounter with the traditional iOS stock keyboard.

You might find it same as the stock version, when it comes to standard swiping gestures, or typing part. However, where it really outperforms, is the addition of a new Google key, to the top left corner of the keyboard. Improve Overall Mobile Usability Through ‘In-App Gestures’ - TechSling Weblog. When iOS & Android based smartphones got introduced way back in 2007 & 2008 respectively, the touch screen based human gestures caught attention of users worldwide, making them realize how a mobile can make lives simpler for users, as compared to its big sized siblings in the form of desktops, laptops, and tablets. Users suddenly were able to perform many things on their smartphone screen in the form of swipes, pinch, and zoom, in addition to simple taps. Is mobile-first the next emerging wave of enterprise mobile apps.

The mobile enterprise apps market is predicted at an astounding figure of $100 billion. Bespoke Application Development Services by Fusion Informatics. If you are looking for a bespoke application development company to improve client service delivery, enhance productivity and meet challenges proactively, Fusion Informatics is the right company. As a custom business application development specialist, we have the expertise and experience to help you drive real business value from your IT investments.

Our offshore application development service has successfully assisted companies with their technology and efficiency goals. Readymade software has to be tweaked before you can integrate it into your current systems. Social Networking Website Design and Development Services by Fusion Informatics. Social networks have changed the way we engage and interact with the online community. Networking websites have become a key part of every business's marketing mix. 9 Pitfalls To Avoid With Your Mobile App UX Design.

7 Key Principles to Successful App Navigation - TechSling Weblog. 15 workflow tips while initiating a mobile startup – Technology Trends. Jill Davenport Tech News: Role of sorting and filtering in redefining the app search functionality. A designer often faces the challenges of incorporating data sorting and data filtering options within a mobile application design. These options are inevitably important for users to narrow down their search, and get relevant results within no time. Effective options are the ones, letting users go through a painless search, and reach their expected results without much effort. There are a few designing ways in which you can enable best in the class filtering and sorting options integrated within your app.

Web Portal Design & Development Services by Fusion Informatics. Parameters While Designing An Effective Call To Action  E-commerce Website Design & Development Services by Fusion Informatics. Offshore Web Application Development Services by Fusion Informatics. Web and Mobile Design & Software Application Development Services by Fusion Informatics. Fusion Informatics - Web and Mobile Design & Software Application Development Company.

‘Enterprise Apps Testing’ - Assessing Risks and Managing them Accordingly - TechSling Weblog. Enterprise apps help stakeholders within the company to be in touch with one another, anytime on the go, ensuring business processes or activities run smoother. “Have you ever thought of assessing the risks involved with enterprise apps?” Sometimes enterprises become so confident with the app security that they forget about the possible damage caused, if in case enterprise apps fail at any point. Jill Davenport Tech News: The Impact of Ratings or Reviews on Android Mobile App Design and Development. 7 Designing Practices to Adopt While Creating Apple TV Apps for tvOS. 10 tips to design user-friendly signup forms for mobile. How to enhance website content for mobile app optimization? – Technology Trends. Jill Davenport Tech News: Importance of customer feedback for your mobile app.

Useful thoughts on iOS App Store “Video Previews” - TechSling Weblog. 7 Ways Your Mobile App Can Hook Your Users. Jill Davenport Tech News: 10 quick tips for using CTAs to increase mobile app downloads. Jill Davenport Tech News: Going for Bespoke Web Application Development Services? Read on! How Much Does A Mobile App Project Cost? How to optimize iOS 9 performance with these 4 simple tricks? Jill Davenport Tech News: HTML5 Responsive Web Design – The Ultimate Solution for Today’s Businesses. Website Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Responsive Web Design: A Basic Primer. Open-Source Programming Languages: A Basic Overview. Google has announced Material Design. Android M Is Unveiled As Google Android Marshmallow! The Advantages of Hiring ASP.NET Developers from an Offshore Company.

Fusion Informatics Launches Unique App to Coincide With 'Chaalo Gujarat' 2015 Event. 18 Free Mobile APIs Developers Should Consider. How to Promote Your Mobile App to Obtain Maximum Downloads. Which Mobile OS Is the Best? Mobile Website Designing – Today’s Pressing Necessity. iOS 9 Announced at WWDC 2015: Some Interesting Features. Android M Introduced With Much Fanfare at Google I/O 2015. Is Your App Frequently Uninstalled By Users? Here’s Why! Ten Reasons to Choose the Android Platform for Apps Development. Website Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: ASP.NET Application Development: Boost Your Enterprise Performance! Developing For the Iphone: A Passion That Exceeds Boundaries. Enterprise Level Web & Mobile Application Development –Recent Trends. Php Web Application Development For Website Success! ASP.NET - The Reigning Champion from the Microsoft Stable - Web Design and Development.

Web Application Development for a Process-Driven Approach. iPhone Application Development Expertise at Really : computer. 15 Awesome Websites to Test Your JavaScript Code Online. Six Innovative Ecommerce Trends That Challenge Ecommerce Website Development. Fusion Informatics India IT Supporter for Arvind Sabarmati Cyclothon 2015. Bespoke Mobile Software Development For Strategic Growth! Expert Mobile Application Development From The Right Company! Mobile Application Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Go for Custom Mobile Application Development Services for Business Success!

Vibrant World Record Festive 2014 Organized Successfully: Fusion Informatics Official Event Sponsor. Wearable Device Technology: The Scope for Mobile App Developers. Custom iPhone Application Development for Successful Businesses - Computers, Services - New York, New York, United States. Top Information Architecture Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. Fusion Informatics Ltd. Awarded the Indian Leadership Award by AIAF, New Delhi. Considering Mobile Application Development? Why You Should Choose A Professional Company by Tom Smith. Premier Web Application Development Services from The Leader!

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