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Contrôlez votre maison ! The ThingBox Project. OpenSource Home Automation. PiDome. JEEDOM - La domotique évolutive et innovante. Ⓣ the thing system - Hello, world! Start [Mydombox] Mydombox est un logiciel simple d'utilisation permettant de transformer n'importe quelle machine linux en une box domotique complète.

start [Mydombox]

Mydombox se décompose aujourd’hui en 3 parties: . Une Base Mysql pour les données Un moteur en C Une Webapps en PHP & Jquery. Pyknx 1.0.9. Python bindings for KNX Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Cyrille Defranoux Contact me at knx at aminate dot net Pyknx is a package that is aimed at providing basic functionality related to communicating with a Linknx instance.

pyknx 1.0.9

Tutorial – pKNyX - python KNX framework. This is a draft version.

Tutorial – pKNyX - python KNX framework

Vocabulary ¶ Before we dive into this tutorial, lets define a few words. I tried to use KNX vocabulary, and hope I did understand them correclty. Ilevia - building automation. Zipato ZipaBox Wireless Home Automation Controller Mega Review. The £170 ZipaBox from little known Croatian company Zipato challenges VeraLite’s Micasa Verde on price, yet promises a feature set on a par with high-end controllers like the Fibaro Home Centre 2.

Zipato ZipaBox Wireless Home Automation Controller Mega Review

We put the ZipaBox through its paces to find out if it can really deliver. For this test, we’re using a ZipaBox together with the £85 battery extension module, which provides a 3300mAh battery back up that should be sufficient to power the ZipaBox for 24 hours in the event of mains power failure. Projet HomeBox. Comme personne ne parlerait mieux de ce projet que les développeurs eux même, c'est donc la Team HomeBox qui nous présente en détail leur projet. Nous avons constaté qu’il existe de nombreux protocoles en domotique, et cela ne cesse d’évoluer. Accueil domotique.

Home Automation Systems and Technology Choices. The term “Home Automation” encompasses many different areas including Lighting, Heating / Aircon (HVAC), Energy Management, Security / CCTV, AV Distribution and Entertainment.

Home Automation Systems and Technology Choices

There are a multitude of Home Automation systems available, from budget plugin modules that are easily retro-fitted into existing properties, to professionally designed bespoke installations that require a CI (customer installer or integrator) and structured wiring at time of build. It’s hard to categorise home automation technologies. Some are simply protocols, whether open or closed standards. Others comprise of hardware or software or all of the above. Bienvenue sur le site de la ZipaBidouille. MajorDoMo Main/About. HouseAgent. Introduction. Solution domotique. S.A.R.A.H. – Architecture. S.A.R.A.H. – Architecture.

S.A.R.A.H. – Architecture

EIB / KNX / SPS / LCN Visualisierung Xhome Visu. Domotique. Bienvenue sur SmartHome.pi · mknx/smarthome Wiki. What is Mrmr? HomeGenie / Wiki / Home. Ardumote - Control an Arduino Wirelessly from iPhone or iPad. DomotiGa - WikiStart - DomotiGa. Domoticz. NetIO Controller. Virtual Gira HomeServer on ESXi. Category: KNX/EIB Published Date. Remote Control on iOs and Android. The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone. Last Updated: September 23, 2012 Would you please raise your hand if you think that iPhone/iPod Touch is an ideal platform for remote control of any kind.

The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone

Yes, I thought so too. It’s portable, fits well in your hand, has crisp and bright display, has multitude of communication methods and last but not least — it’s always by your side. And it seems that industry gets it too. Apple’s AppStore and CE trade shows are getting flooded with all kinds of software that might be used to simplify and unify control of all your home systems including lighting, media, temperature control, security, video surveillance, etc. Note: This post is a work in progress, and it will be updated as new software titles are being released or discovered, so swing by often. Most application links below lead directly to the product page in iTunes store, so you should have iTunes installed on your system to open the link. Control Systems for Home Automation - CommandFusion. Ago control – open source home automation system.

OpenZwave sur votre Synology. zVirtualScenes Setup - zvirtualscenes - zVirtualScenes Setup - Free open-source home automation tool for Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry and the Web. Home. InControl Home Automation (InControl Console) InControl Console is an application that runs on your pc.


It allows you to use our iPhone & Android application to control your zwave devices from anywhere you have internet access on your phone. In order to use the app on your phone, you must first download and install the PC companion software. The PC software is required in order for the phone application to work. You must also have a ControlThink USB ThinkStick or other supported USB stick to interface with your zwave devices. InControl Android App. Domogik - Accueil. Welcome to LinuxMCE. / – WireGate. Open Source Building Automation. KNX - Übersicht - Online-Katalog. KNX Server. Du Zwave sur votre NAS Synology ? On ne présente plus les NAS de la marque Synology, très connus pour leur qualité et leurs nombreuses fonctions.

Du Zwave sur votre NAS Synology ?

Depuis quelques temps, Synology a eu la bonne idée d’ouvrir son système aux développeurs, qui peuvent ainsi développer des plugins pour lui ajouter des fonctions, sans avoir besoin de recourir à des hacks comme d’autres marques… Devinez quelle fonction vient d’y être ajoutée ? La domotique, à l’aide de modules Zwave ! Et nous sommes aux premières loges, puisque le développeur de ce projet n’est autre que Bilil, qui a commencé ce projet sur le forum de Maison et Domotique :D Si vous fréquentez un peu le forum, vous n’avez pas pu le rater, c’est un sujet très actif :p Il faut dire que Bilil a fait un superbe travail, et dans un temps record !

Le projet est basé sur la librairie Open Z-Wave, et assez inspiré de l’interface de la Vera de Micasaverde, comme on peut le voir ici: iRidium Mobile. Accueil domotique. List of KNX Open Source or free software - HoMIDoM, le système de domotique complet et gratuit pour la maison – logiciel domotique open source. Main Page - LinuxMCE wiki. Embedded Automation, Inc. - Products - mControl v3. HomeSoft. Lifedomus, solution domotique pour votre maison. OpenHAB, AyControl and OpenRemote « Rick Centeno's Blog. So last weekend I finally got the powersupply of my Ubuntu server fixed and was able to restart the eibd program that transforms the box into a KNX/IP router with tunneling capabilities.

OpenHAB, AyControl and OpenRemote « Rick Centeno's Blog

It is a pity that no one managed to port this code also to the Mac OSX, as this would make it even easier for me to run this eibd router on a Mac mini server stowed away in the electricity cabinet. That small OSX server is easier to handle in stowing away due to the small size and power economics than a full fletched Ubuntu server on a standard desktop. But who knows, maybe someday….someone…. Then I got a reply to one of my post on my OpenRemote experiences in which he pointed out to me that openHAB was going to be released and I needed to check that out.

I checked the website, downloaded the runtimes and demo packages for R0.9.1 and looked at their demo pages on my Mac. OpenRemote. Openhab - empowering the smart home. AyControl. Gira HS3 server as alternative for openHAB or AyControl « Rick Centeno's Blog.

So two weeks ago I ran into a former colleague of mine who as it happened just had read my blog on the comparison of the different KNX solutions I tested, the openHAB server, the OpenRemote package and the ayControl solution. He was telling me that this blog was right for him at the right moment as he was looking for an appropriate solutions for his newly built house, only months away to become ready to move in. He asked me what I would choose in his place if I were to choose between those solutions. He was also very interested to find out whether I ever had a chance to look at the Gira HomeServer solution, which was the one he was eyeing. I told him that this Gira HS3 solution was a closed and expensive solution, contrary to the other ones that I tested, and that therefore I never had a chance to look at it. So after a while I finally got it working and my windows 7 and Ubuntu environment talked to another using the (virtual) serial ports.