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IMS GLC Public Forums and Resources Forums - An unnoticed potential problem in the making: The requirement for SCORM in the newly announced Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grants program (TAACCCT). FWCY10csur.pdf (application/pdf-object) 2009-ldow-hartig.pdf (application/pdf-object) Ns. Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web. Project Detail - ERIM. EIA-2009-039-LIS.pdf (application/pdf-object) Metadata: risicovol instrument voor betere efficiency. Metadata vernietigen, dat moet! - BREED - over de grenzen van informatie. De vraag en het antwoord Een vraag die ik al verschillende keren voorbij heb horen komen is "Moeten metadata ook vernietigd worden?

Metadata vernietigen, dat moet! - BREED - over de grenzen van informatie

" Mijn standaard antwoord is: "Ja, zeven jaar nadat het bijbehorend archiefbescheid vernietigd is. Het is dus niet van toepassing op te bewaren bescheiden. " Die 7 jaar (na vervallen) haal ik uit de VNG-Selectielijst, cat. 11 "Documenting documents". Dat met "documenting documents" onder meer metadata wordt bedoeld, is misschien niet heel erg duidelijk. Overigens wordt in deze aanpassing de termijn van 7 jaar nv teruggebracht naar 0 jaar nv. Een ander geluid Nu werd ik vandaag geconfronteerd met dit advies van Doxis uit 2008. Ook wordt er gezegd dat de Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens de vernietiging niet verplicht. Conclusie Mijn inziens is het dus klaar als een klontje dat metadata 7 jaar na vervallen van het belang vernietigd moeten worden. Tags: bewaartermijn, kd_sw, metadata, selectie, selectielijst, vernietiging, waardering ▶ Hierop reageren. Scotland Forum: Do we need to get Stalinist about standards? at SCA Blog.

The latest Home Nations Forum in Edinburgh focused on Standards. Alastair Dunning from JISC Digitisation gave a talk which illustrated how standards need to be thought of as existing in an organic, shifting environment and why the ramifications of choosing any standards need to be thought through. A lively discussion followed which continued through into the hour-long round table session, facilitiated by Alastair and Brian Kelly of UKOLN, which tackled some of the issues in more depth. Read on for Alastair’s presentation, coverage of the further discussion, and Brian Kelly’s final roundup, plus details of the other presentations from the day. The Standards Dilemma: Alastair Dunning, JISC Digitisation See Alastair’s presentation on Slideshare Plugs are like standards – they are boring and dull but you need them.

Standards are everywhere but in context of SCA we’re talking about standards for digital content – file formats and metadata. So what have we learnt in the last 10 years? A Standards Quality Case Study: W3C « Arnaud’s Open blog. Since I gave a presentation on this topic at the OFE Conference in Geneva at the end of February I have meant to post something about it here.

A Standards Quality Case Study: W3C « Arnaud’s Open blog

As some of us stated before, if anything, the OOXML debacle has achieved one thing: raising awareness for the need for higher quality standards and standards development processes. Introduction Having been primarily involved in W3C both as a staff member and a member company representative I had grown to expect a certain quality level which has led me to be genuinely baffled by the whole OOXML experience. I just didn’t know how superior the W3C process was compared to that of ECMA and ISO/IEC. I just didn’t know those organizations had processes which are so broken that they would allow such a parody of a standards development to take place and such a low quality specification to be eventually endorsed as an international standard.

Ecma’s value proposition vs W3C’s core principles Ecma can be viewed as a reconfigurable hub of TCs.

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