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Secrets to Being Likable in Interviews. The New Résumé: It's 140 Characters. FREE VIDEO: Sneaky Job Interview "Trick" for Job Seekers (new) 3 Common Red Flags on Resumes. Most resumes are not terrible-- but they’re nothing special either.

3 Common Red Flags on Resumes

Here are three resume faux pas to avoid (whether you're applying or hiring). 1. No results. Relationship Building: How to Become a Master Networker. Job Interviewing 101: How to Succeed in Different Situations. Did you know the average employer may receive more than 100 applications per job opening?

Job Interviewing 101: How to Succeed in Different Situations

In addition, even if an applicant does land an interview, it can be difficult to navigate through the process since every interviewer and interview situation is different. Whether you’re participating in a phone or face-to-face interview or an interview that involves testing of some sort, it’s a good idea to know what to expect on the day and how to handle yourself appropriately. So, how can job seekers make sure they are prepared for each interview situation and ensure they will ultimately come out on top and unfazed?

This infographic, compiled by Interview Success Formula, illustrates how job seekers can read the most common types of interviewers and how to succeed in the process. Get a job nowKeppie Careers. Identifying what employers want and making the case to show why you’re a fit is one of the most challenging things for job seekers.

get a job nowKeppie Careers

If you haven’t looked for a job in a while, it may seem like what employers want changed a lot since the last time you looked for work. How to Achieve Great Things: Tips From a Pixar Artist. The CEO was scheduled to retire in a month, having announced his planned retirement five months earlier.

How to Achieve Great Things: Tips From a Pixar Artist

He was consumed by how he would be remembered. "When people reflect on my accomplishments, I truly think my legacy will be... " he started to say. He continued on, but I had already tuned out. Anyone who references his own legacy without rolling his eyes or using air quotes is just a bit too full of himself. 10 Ways You Should Never Describe Yourself. Picture this: You meet someone new.

10 Ways You Should Never Describe Yourself

"What do you do? " he asks. "I'm an architect," you say. 7 Key Habits of Super Networkers. The ability to network successfully can be one of the greatest assets in business.

7 Key Habits of Super Networkers

It allows some people to find incredible opportunities, while others just watch from the sidelines. Effective networking isn't a result of luck -- it requires hard work and persistence. What does it take to be a super networker? Here are seven of the most important habits to develop: 1. Steve Jobs's Tips for Hiring Your A-Team. In his book, Leading Apple with Steve Jobs, author and former Apple senior vice president Jay Elliot details Jobs's approach to motivating people, pursuing excellence and forming innovative teams.

Steve Jobs's Tips for Hiring Your A-Team

In this edited excerpt, Elliot, who was personally hired by Jobs, describes his former boss's strategies for hiring A-list players. For their book In the Company of Giants, authors Rama Dev Jager and Rafael Ortiz asked Steve Jobs about putting together a team. He told them, "When you're in a startup, the first 10 people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. " Your LinkedIn Playbook: Tips for Tackling the World’s Largest Professional Networking Site. Next week, LinkedIn employees will attend an event hosted by the NFL and Stanford University.

Your LinkedIn Playbook: Tips for Tackling the World’s Largest Professional Networking Site

We will meet with former NFL players and coach them on how they can get the most use out of their LinkedIn Profiles as they look for new careers off the field. Some of the advice we will give the players is applicable to any professional, so we thought we’d share it with our members too. In order to have the best offense, you need to have a strong defense too. There are over 175 million professionals on LinkedIn – with two new members joining every second – so don’t let the competition stop you from standing out as a professional all-star.

Read the defense: LinkedIn counts executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members; its corporate talent solutions are used by 85 of the Fortune 100 companies. Build out your bench: Expand your network and get connected to at least 50 connections that you know and trust. Improve Your Profile: 5 Rules for LinkedIn Recommendations. Should you ask for a physical letter of recommendation or a LinkedIn recommendation?

Improve Your Profile: 5 Rules for LinkedIn Recommendations

It’s a question that leads to more questions, and was an interesting topic of discussion in a recent meeting of career counselors. It’s not an either/or proposition – you will likely need both at different points in time to meet the requirements of different employers. But as LinkedIn continues to grow as a tool for recruiting and professional networking the LinkedIn Recommendation shouldn’t be ignored. According to Jobvite’s 2012 Social Recruiting Survey, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for human resource professionals. In fact, 93% of those surveyed report that they are using LinkedIn in the recruiting process. Knock em Dead: How To Increase Job Security. It’s a mistake to think that new jobs are the way you get promotions.

Knock em Dead: How To Increase Job Security

Almost always, a candidate is hired for the skills, experience, and track record he brings to a particular job: in other words, you get hired for your credentials, not your potential. Promotions are more likely to go to someone who has proven herself on staff and is a known commodity; otherwise the company goes outside for someone with…the credentials doing that job. Be prepared for unexpected change You might be working today, but the situation could change without notice. Career tip: Authentic self-promotion. Having a mentor or a sponsor is important to career success, but we can’t rely on others alone to let the world know how much we have to offer. We have to give those who can help us something to work with.

What’s more, leaders who make it to the top have to move beyond self-promotion and become adept at true thought leadership — in their company and industry. However, many of us struggle to effectively talk about our accomplishments in ways that feel natural and authentic, or we don’t get our nose off the grindstone to form an opinion about the big picture. Do women need a mentor to succeed? Every young professional hears it: “Get a mentor!” Many companies invest in mentoring programs, especially for women aspiring to advance. But do mentor programs pay off –– for the mentors and the mentees? My clients and I have had positive experiences, but, who knows? INTERVIEW. Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Job Hunting/Etc. Resume/Profile Search. Info career resources & professional development.

Job advice. Resume/CV tips. Writing a CV. Where Is the Salesperson That I Interviewed? Jim Fiorini and I had a recent exchange about my post on the Internet being the weapon of mass distraction. Our exchange brought to mind how often sales managers and hiring managers hire someone who is an outstanding interview only to have a different person show up for the job. Does this story sound familiar? The Salesperson You Interviewed The salesperson you interviewed was delightful. They were smart and thoughtful. Their follow up skills were impeccable. That was a couple of months ago. 12 Most Common Ways To Bomb Your Job Interview.

We’ve all gone on job interviews, feeling we nailed it. Yet we don’t get the job. Sometimes, we never hear from the recruiter again. Take a look at the ways your peers and competitors bomb their interviews… and see if maybe you’ve made some of these mistakes. Yes, these may seem like common sense (which is why we left off overly simple advice such as “don’t be late”). Yet, job seekers make these missteps – every single day. 1. “Clothes make the man. Too Much Information: Why I Don’t Trust Employment Interviews. I just finished reading “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell – a very interesting and clever book which poses the theory that we don’t need to process the whole story to actually grasp the “gestalt” of the story. Of course, the real skill lies in knowing what information to consider and what information to ignore. Finally: A Position Statement on Unpaid Internships That Makes Sense. A Modest Proposal: Social Network Background Checks Still Concern Me.

So there I was on one knee with my hands cuffed behind my back in Little Italy on a beautiful day in May of 1996. Click. What makes a Candidate Qualified? While all recruitment marketing efforts are focused on hires, it’s qualified candidates that we really want or need. Beyond the Resume: 8 Nontraditional Approaches to Hiring. InShare28 Hiring processes can be some of the most frustrating professional experiences for both candidates, who have to ensure their resumes stand out from the pack, and hiring managers, who have to comb through that pack. Evaluate Your Future Manager - Management Tip of the Day - July 06, 2011. Prepping for the Job Market. Two Questions Everyone Asks When They Meet You. Are you warm-hearted and/or competent?

People make their judgements almost instantly. When a person meets you for the first time they ask themselves two questions. The Strat: Top 10 + 10 Ways to Show Professional Presence « Reach Personal Branding – William Arruda. The StratBy Valerie SokoloskyA Reach-certified Personal Brand Strategist offers tips and advice on our favorite topic – personal branding! Three Ways to Overcome Career Anxiety - Daniel Gulati.

By Daniel Gulati | 1:57 PM November 30, 2011. Job creation is a false idol. Start a business instead. 10 Skills All Students Need in Any Job Market. Every few years sees the job market changing and the educational market change along with it. Wanted: Change Agents. How to Stand Out in an Interview. Let's face it, some interviews are about whether the finer details of your skills match what the employer needs but for graduates there is some great advice out there, especially for the assessment day kind of stuff: 1. In any 'group' activities immediately volunteer to be the timekeeper and then be self-aware in terms of getting too caught up in the 'right answer' to the exercise (the idea is actually to see how you all interact), let others fall into that trap and then use it to practice a bit of mediation;

5 Secrets Revealed To Land Your Next Job. Have you ever watched a particular performance and then wondered how that person became so popular? After all, you may have thought, there is nothing exceptionally astonishing about the way they sing, dance, act, play a musical instrument or tell a joke. You know for a fact that there are likely thousands of individuals who could perform at least at the level of what you are witnessing, yet none of them have achieved even a smattering of the acclaim this person has. One word can typically sum up the reasons for this: marketing!

How Impressive Body Language at the Interview can Improve your Chances of Getting Hired. Top 5 Reasons You’ll Be Rejected By Recruiters.