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Ask Dr. Weil. Garlic’s medicinal benefits. Thyroid problems and mysterious sleep noises. Ask Dr. Oz Soap Edition: Alison Sweeney. They've only got one life to live - and they want to live it in the healthiest way.

Ask Dr. Oz Soap Edition: Alison Sweeney

Daytime's hottest soap stars boldly go into the No-Embarrassment Zone to reveal their personal health questions. Here, Alison Sweeney, star of Days of Our Lives, asks about seasonal allergies. Dr. Oz has the answer. Click here to watch Maurice Benard from General Hospital. Click here to watch Walt Willey from All My Children. Click here to watch Eileen Fulton from As The World Turns. Click here to watch Kristoff St. Click here to watch Kassie DePaiva from One Life to Live. Animation produced by Visible Productions Inc. How to Treat a Nail Infection" Nails are more than simple protective coverings for sensitive fingers and toes.

How to Treat a Nail Infection"

Your nails are living, growing parts of your body, and as such, they can get sick just like the rest of your body. Infections of the nails and the surrounding skin can result from injury, ingrown nails, split and separated nails and other more serious conditions. Infections not only cause pain, but they can also affect the way your nails grow and can impact your overall health. Nails seem vastly different from the outer layer of skin known as the epidermis, but they are merely the hardening of the top layers of epidermis. On thicker-skinned parts of your body, such as your palm, the epidermis comprises five layers -- at the tips of your fingers and toes, these outermost layers of the epidermis harden into nails.

An infection occurs when foreign bodies, such as viruses, fungi and bacteria, get inside your body. No infection should go untreated -- not even one in the smallest toenail. Avocados for Heart Health. Avocados for Heart Health If you are looking for a tasty food that can help lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, and protect against heart disease and stroke, reach for an avocado.

Avocados for Heart Health

This versatile fruit (botanically, it's actually a large berry), can be used in everything from guacamole to ice cream to soup. It's a good source of vitamin K, dietary fiber, potassium and folate. While avocados are very low in sodium and cholesterol-free, don't overdo it, as they do contain fat, albeit the heart-healthy, monounsaturated kind. This time of year the Bacon, Fuerto and Zutano varieties are ready to eat - if you buy one that's hard, you can speed up the ripening process by placing it in a paper bag for a few days. Eating Anti-Inflammatory for Your Heart Heart-healthy foods are part of Dr. 5 Cholesterol Diet Tips. 5 Cholesterol Diet Tips Yesterday's Daily Tip discussed HDL and LDL levels; today we discuss food choices and cholesterol.

5 Cholesterol Diet Tips

For people battling high cholesterol, choosing meals wisely can be a challenge, but it is essential. Restaurants, parties, even an office potluck may present unhealthy temptations. But simple dietary modifications can help you eliminate those unhealthy choices: Reduce saturated fat. Is Cholesterol Concerning You? Hearing Self-Test. You can use this self-administered test as an initial screen for yourself or your child and to find out if an audiologic (hearing) evaluation is needed.

Hearing Self-Test

Does my child have a hearing loss that needs to be evaluated by a professional? If you observe any of the following behaviors or symptoms of hearing loss, you should consider having your child’s hearing evaluated further by a certified audiologist: Your child is inconsistently responding to sound.Language and speech development is delayed.Speech is unclear.Volume is turned up high on electronic equipment (radio, TV, CD player, etc.).Your child does not follow directions.Your child often says, "Huh? "Your child does not respond when called. Do I have a hearing loss that needs to be evaluated by a professional? If you answer yes to more than two of the following questions, you should have your hearing evaluated further by a certified audiologist: Do you have a problem hearing over the telephone? Decodes Emotions & Diagnose Med Conditions.