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#YouMatter - jodiokun. The Google Plus Cheat Sheet and Short Codes! Take the LinkedIn Challenge. The opportunities presented by LinkedIn come in many shapes and sizes: an expanded network, an enhanced relationship, an invitation, a new client, a brainwave - and the sweetest opportunity of them all, money.

Take the LinkedIn Challenge

If there’s something in particular that you want to attract to your business, use that focus to flavour your own challenge. Before you start, I recommend you read and implement the LinkedIn tips in the articles LinkedIn 101 for the Solopreneur and Developing your LinkedIn network. Make a commitment This challenge couldn’t be simpler, but you need to commit to it. A big two minutes a week! Allocate time for the ten-week challenge in your calendar, and commit to undertaking the assigned activities. . “ Find a question that someone in your network has asked that’s relevant to your expertise.

This approach allows you to be in front of your network for at least ten consecutive weeks. Ten simple weekly steps. 50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online. Once you’ve designed your personal brand and have a personal brand name, use this handy list of suggestions to implement your personal branding strategy.

50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online

General purpose Show your expertise as much as possible.Publicize your brand-related successes and achievements.Make yourself easy to contact for thoughts and questions via email, Twitter, Skype, internet messaging, etc.Help other people in your industry such as bloggers, Twitterers, colleagues, advice seekers, etc.Give people a reason to talk about you in a positive way that also matches your brand.Follow other people in your industry and anyone else who can teach you how to spread your message.Create and apply personal design guidelines that will share the values of your brand and are reusable online and offline.Keep in mind that where you interact online also conveys messages about you, and then stick to the websites and communities that will help most in reaching your goals. Tactics Kinds of websites you could create Blogging Author:


How to Use Foursquare to Boost Your Social Influence Social Media & Technology. 14 social media stats for your next presentation. Developing Presence. 7 Reasons To Leverage Social Networking Tools in the Classroom. Instructional uses of social networking software can provide opportunities for learning, connecting, and engagement. This year, I’ve written frequently about popular social media tools, and education-specific social networking apps, and social enterprise solutions. I’ve also noticed increasing coverage of this topic in the media recently. Maybe it’s just me paying more attention to it … or maybe it signals an increasing acceptance of these types of tools as legitimate and effective resources for the classroom.

Social networking tools aren’t going away any time soon, they appear to be here for the long term. But do these kinds of applications really belong in the classroom? 7 ways in which “social learning applications” can play an impactful role in education: Engagement: Using social media and networking tools obviously has a social aspect to it, and it requires proactive effort on the part of the user. Encourage dialogue, reach more students: It’s social! About Kelly Walsh Print This Post. What the Research Says About Increasing Facebook Engagement. This post summarizes some findings from a recent research report about increasing engagement on Facebook and a couple of conversations about applying the research over on my blog Facebook page.

What the Research Says About Increasing Facebook Engagement

I also tested some of the tips suggested by the research. Here’s what I learned: After Hours Posting I have been looking at different research studies, like this one “Posting Strategies That Encourage Engagement on Facebook” to see if there were more tactics to try. The screen grab above suggests that short posts, posts outside of business hours, posts at the end of the week, and posts that end with a question work best to increase Facebook engagement. For giggles, I posted after business hours and noticed an uptick in comments. Don’t Automate All Your Facebook Posts If you’re thinking about using one of those helper apps that lets you pre-schedule posts to Facebook, don’t do it. I very occasionally use HootSuite to schedule posts on Facebook. Ask Questions Click for Larger Image Always Be Commenting.