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Tutorials. Thumbnail Drag then Crop using mootools like facebook. 10 MooTools Image and Content Sliders. With CSS3 stealing all of the design headlines recently, and with jQuery as popular as it is, it is very easy to forget about any other image and content slider/gallery options you may have.

10 MooTools Image and Content Sliders

And as such, in this post, we take a look at the best of what MooTools can offer. As you will see, the results are pretty impressive. UploadManager. Creates and manage uploads with the following features: easy to useSelect files and upload folders from the file browser dialog (tested in chrome 20+)folder drag drop (currently supported by chrome 21+)file drag drop (currently supported by chrome 5+, firefox 3.6+ and safari 5.1+, IE10, Opera 12+)faster upload: each file has multiple chunks uploaded in parallel (Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 12.5+, IE10)resume upload on error/pause (Google Chrome, Firefox 4.0+, Opera 12.5+, IE10)optional progressbar for browsers supporting HTML5 File API (chrome5+, safari4+, Firefox 3.6+, IE10, Opera 12 (Next))no input file for Firefox 4+iframe for older browserscustomizable by css (fully customizable in firefox 4 and later)supports localization uploadManager Property: resume (boolean) indicates if the browser can resume upload after error or pause. uploadManager Property: xmlhttpupload (boolean) indicates if the browser handle file upload via XMLHTTPRequest.


7 MooTools Plugins You Should Use on Every Website II. The advantage of using unobtrusive JavaScript is that you can vastly improve the user experience for website visitors using just a snippet of code.

7 MooTools Plugins You Should Use on Every Website II

And since the MooTools JavaScript framework’s community is known for creating unique, quality plugins, I’ve compiled a list of plugins you MUST use on every website to take the user experience to the next level. ScrollSpy ScrollSpy is an invaluable tool which listens to the scroll event on any element within the page, allows you to create "virtual zones" to spy on, and allow you to fire specified functionality when the user's browser enter or leaves the zone. I've used ScrollSpy on my website for years and will continue to do so. Html.Paginate demo. Fx.Presets: Demos. Create a new Fiddle - jsFiddle - Online Editor for the Web (JavaScript, MooTools, jQuery, Prototype, YUI, Glow and Dojo, HTML, CSS)