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(3) Crazy Videos 2
Beware Of Other Drivers - Like/Share
A Robot That Balances on a Ball
Flutes In Space [VIDEO]
The McGurk Effect: Watch your ears lie to you
Spain: Castellers gather every two years to see who can build the most intricate human castles
Jumping monster trucks and leaping motorbikes
Freebord A-team in Austria: The Out-of-Towners on Vimeo
Doctor Who - Evolution of a Title Sequence (v3 - All titles / themes)‬‏
Performance Art: iOS 5 Makes the iPad Truly Magical
Guy gets hit by double lightning strike
V.O.W N°26 // Melvin the Machine | Yatzer™ V.O.W N°26 // Melvin the Machine | Yatzer™ photo © HEYHEYHEY V.O.W N°26 (27 June - 3 July 2011) We think of innovation and invention as highly engineered, complex systems that are built by some mad scientist in a remote space. The process results in long and layered equations, drawings and an endless source of references illustrated in a step by step process to further explain the construction of the device or machine.
Snowkiter gets the flight of his life
Extraordinary BMX Tricks
How to Fold a Shirt in 2 Seconds
Two riders from New England ride the Trans America Trail on Vimeo
StumbleVideo: Gorey Castle - Amazing 3D display on Vimeo
Synchronised skydiving in a glass bowl
Elsinore Artistic Wingsuit Competition 30/05/2012 Our own Jarno Cordia flew down to Elsinore (USA) last month where together with Wingsuit ... >Learn more Belelux Wingsuit Championships 30/05/2012 The Benelux (Belgium/Holland/Luxemburg) Wingsuit Championships where held last weekend and saw one ... Phoenix Fly Phoenix Fly