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Developer Training   Tutsplus. Complete Free Online certificate courses list. Certificación SQL Server. Free online courses. Altera Training - Catalog. Scepticism - Introduction. We have all had the experience of being unsure or mistaken about something: you mistake someone's voice on the phone for someone else's; you wonder whether you've locked the door after you've left the house; you think it's Tuesday when it is actually Wednesday.

Scepticism - Introduction

These sorts of situation are common and do not tend to cause most people any great deal of anxiety - we simply accept them as normal incidents. But what if we were mistaken all the time? Is this possible? From the very first beginnings of philosophy in ancient Greece, philosophers have been discussing this question. On one side of the discussion are the Sceptics who argue that it is impossible to be certain about anything. On the other side of the discussion are the various groups of philosophers who have tried to prove that certainty is possible. Next>> Death. Philosophy Courses. Philosophers consider the big picture and the minutiae of the human experience – where do we come from?

Philosophy Courses

What is the purpose of life? What kinds of fallacies and arguments can be made about scenarios within various aspects of society – church, government, medical care, and legal processes? Philosophy majors grapple with these issues on a daily basis, applying various philosophical schools of thought to these situations to explore issues from multiple angles. And as philosophy majors, students will be expected to collaborate across disciplines with some regularity.

Sample Courses Philosophy undergraduates will usually start out with courses that cover the fundamental schools of thought proposed by philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, Hume, and Hegel. Possible Specializations Philosophy isn’t just the study of historical systems of thought. Learn Philosophy Online for Free with Our Huge Collection of Open Courses. Find Courses by Topic. Coursera. Kanban - free online courses/MOOC search results. Scrum Courses. Online CEU Options on Select Courses. What is the CEU Option?

Online CEU Options on Select Courses

The CEU option includes a confirmation of course completion, which contains information specific to your individual progress within the online course, as well as any CEUs earned in the course. What are CEUs? CEUs stand for "Continuing Education Units". CEUs are the industry measurement of non-credit education. One (1) CEU equals 10 contact hours. Are CEUs the same as college credit? No. How many CEUs are UniversalClass™ courses worth? Every course is different. Must I complete the course satisfactorily in order to earn CEUs? Yes, you must satisfactorily complete the course in order to earn CEUs. Do all schools, organizations, and employers accept and recognize UniversalClass™ CEUs? No, we do not guarantee that any specific entity will recognize CEUs earned through our service.

Are CEUs available on all UniversalClass™ approved courses? No, CEUs are not available for all UniversalClass™ approved courses. Do courses with CEUs cost more money? ISACA, ISC2, CompTIA, EC Council, SCADA Continuing Education, and Information Cyber Security Training School. Best Online Courses. Miriada X. Think Again: How to Reason and Argue. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship. About the Course #1 Entrepreneurship Course on Coursera* #3 Overall Business Course on Coursera* *CourseTalk's "Top Rated" MOOCs (October, 2014) This course assists aspiring entrepreneurs in developing great ideas into great companies.

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship

With strong economies presenting rich opportunities for new venture creation, and challenging economic times presenting the necessity for many to make their own job, the need to develop the skills to develop and act on innovative business opportunities is ever present. Using proven content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis, students will learn how to enhance their entrepreneurial mindset and develop their functional skill sets to see and act entrepreneurially.

With this course, students experience a sampling of the ideas and techniques explored in the University of Maryland's Online Master of Technology Entrepreneurship. Course Syllabus Week One: Entrepreneurial Perspective What is entrepreneurship? Recommended Background. Curso Desarrollo de habilidades en expresión oral y corporal. Stanford Online. MOOCs - All courses.