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Showing another side of China - via Instagram. Image copyright Johannes Eisele One night last spring, two veteran photojournalists working in Beijing came up with an interesting idea.

Showing another side of China - via Instagram

Kevin Frayer and Fred Dufour wanted to see more work from other professional photographers inside China, but there was no forum where pros could share - and show off - their work with one another. Kevin and Fred decided to change that. Quietly, they created the @EyesonChinaProject feed on Instagram, the only collaborative feed featuring Chinese and foreign photographers, inviting some of the best in China to contribute their work.

Then they sat back to watch what would happen. The result has been spectacular: a startlingly diverse display of life in China - from the arrestingly beautiful to the horrifically sad. Image copyright Matjaz Tancic We emailed Instagram to ask about the @EyesonChinaProject account. THE PING PONG THEORY. Dans les lieux publics tu ne fumeras plus… Il y a eu plusieurs essais au cours des dernières années mais cette fois ci semble être la bonne, l’interdiction de fumer dans les lieux publics en Chine semble respectée par la population, du moins dans les grandes villes, je ne suis pas allée vérifier dans les restaurants de campagne.


La campagne anti tabac la plus visible que j’ai connu auparavant, c’était en 2008. Nous étions à l’approche des Jeux Olympiques, Beijing était sous les spot-lights, il fallait marquer le coup. 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition. Tro ar Bed - Angélique et Guy Bescond - Auteurs Photographes - A la rencontre des paysans du monde. 'Anti-locust' protestors march through HK shouting slurs at mainland tourists: Shanghaiist.

At least 100 people marched through Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong yesterday as part of an 'anti-locust' campaign protesting mainland visitors accused of 'overwhelming the city and hogging its resources'.

'Anti-locust' protestors march through HK shouting slurs at mainland tourists: Shanghaiist

SCMP reports that protestors marched from the Star Ferry pier to Canton road, a street filled with luxury good stores popular among mainland tourists, during the 90-minute rally. Police were forced to intervene when fights broke out between passersby and protestors, who held banners and shouted slogans such as "go back to China" and "reclaim Hong Kong" as they marched. Club France - The Traveller. Club France - The Doctor. China to 'regulate' its notorious dancing aunties: Shanghaiist. It's come to this: China's sports and culture authorities have demanded that square dancing be regulated and choreographed.

China to 'regulate' its notorious dancing aunties: Shanghaiist

According to, more than 600 instructors have been trained for 12 choreographed drills by a panel of expert dancers and fitness trainers. The panel will be led by fitness trainer Wang Guangcheng, whose square dancing team shot to notoriety after performing on China's Central Television Spring Festival Gala in February.

These 12 drills will be accompanied by pop music, and introduced to local fitness sites across 31 provinces and municipalities over the next five months. Aunties and their noisy square-dancing antics have sparked debate across China in the past couple of years, most recently in Xi'an and at the Shanghai Zoo. Residential communities have complained that the dancers' gatherings disturb public order, despite their intentions of merely promoting a positive form of exercise for elderly groups of people. M.I.A et Surkin nous emmènent en Chine avec un clip impressionnant [vidéo] Une nouvelle vidéo au compteur de GENER8ION, un projet sous lequel se cache le producteur français Surkin !

M.I.A et Surkin nous emmènent en Chine avec un clip impressionnant [vidéo]

Il s'agit du clip du titre The New International Sound (Part II), un son punchy et efficace en featuring avec la rappeuse M.I.A. Surkin avait déjà collaboré avec l'artiste sur son album Matangi, en référence à la déesse Hindoue. L'on change cette fois de pays et d'influences, avec cette vidéo qui nous emmène en Chine et nous plonge dans le quotidien de jeunes étudiants en école d'art Martiaux.

Intitulée Tagou Martial Arts School, l'institution se spécialise dans l'enseignement du Kung Fu aux enfants et adolescents, et accueille 36 000 élèves et professeurs. Une précision et syncronisation impressionnantes qui se marient spécialement bien avec le titre, aux dimensions épiques. Mais ces images sont en réalité tirées d'un documentaire, Dragon Girls, par le réalisateur Belge Inigo Westmeier. Thomas Sauvin, Until Death Do Us Part - Collector Daily. JTF (just the facts): Published by Jiazazhi Press in 2015 (here).

Thomas Sauvin, Until Death Do Us Part - Collector Daily

Hardcover in a cigarette box, 108 pages, with 50 color photographs. Edition of 1000 copies. (Spread shots below.) Comments/Context: Thomas Sauvin is a French photography collector and curator who lives and works in China. While there, he started collecting photographic negatives, seeing them as a valuable intermediate medium between the camera and the print. All of these pictures were taken by ordinary citizens, documenting daily life, family gatherings, leisure activities, vacations or travels around China and abroad. After spending years going through the negatives, Sauvin started to see them thematically and grouping them in various series; some of them include women posing with fridges or TVs, shots with Ronald McDonald, and tourists in front of Mona Lisa.

Sauvin’s Until Death Do Us Part creates a playful and unexpected way to experience vernacular photography in book form. Beijing Silvermine - Thomas Sauvin.