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Youtube. Get Rid of Ants Naturally, Inexpensively, and Permanently - NaturalON. Photo credit: Is there anything more annoying than waking up in the morning, wandering into the bathroom or kitchen and finding a trail of ants?

Get Rid of Ants Naturally, Inexpensively, and Permanently - NaturalON

Well, you can get rid of most ants naturally by using items you most likely already have in your home. There are thousands, literally thousands of species of ants in this world, and some of them are downright dangerous. Luckily for us, most of the ants that invade our homes are pretty harmless and in fact actually do lots of good in the environment by eating flea larvae, silver fish, flies, spiders, and bedbugs. However, when they are lined up across your kitchen counter, they aren’t so cute.

Hopefully all you have is a mild ant infestation. No matter the problem, one of the following methods is bound to work for you. 1. An old tried and true method that is super cheap and works well. 2. Vinegar is a natural ant repellant. 3. Continue to Page 2 4. For some unknown reason, ants don’t like the way coffee smells. Monicas Creative Room. Casting in hypertufa is fun and not at all difficult.

Monicas Creative Room

Hypertufa is a mixture of Portland cement, sand and peat moss. If you want you can replace the sand with perlite, it makes the pots and trays a lot lighter as perlite weighs almost nothing. Tufan takes a little longer to harden than ordinary concrete. When casting bigger things it is a good idea to reinforce the castings. In my first attempt, I used chicken wire but I found it difficult to fill the hypertufan in the mold when the chicken wire was there. A concrete mixer is very useful and makes the casting so much easier. Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven. (The following entry is all about making a cob oven, a lovely and inexpensive outdoor pizza oven.

Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven

The construction details have been trimmed back a bit, but this article should still give you a full idea of necessary materials and the building process for making your own oven!) I must admit, I’m a bit of a breadhead. Few things are as exciting to me as freshly baked bread with a dab of butter, or hot and greasy scallion pancakes, or fluffy and airy naan, or a pizza fresh from the hearth of a wood-fired oven.

(That last one trumps all the others.) I thrive on bread. Earlier in the year, the idea of baking in the outdoors in a wood fired oven became something of a romanticized (in every positive sense of the word) notion to me. So I picked up a copy of Kiko Denzer’s Build Your Own Earth Oven, a little gem of a book covering the construction of cob ovens from the ground up. The Foundation The Fire Brick Oven Hearth (Laying out the beer bottles, and later, filling in with sawdust/clay mortar) Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven. Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven.

This Essential Oil Shows Signs of Killing Lung, Oral and Ovarian Cancer. By TIP Studies have found that the super herb thyme essential oil potently kills lung and breast cancer cells.

This Essential Oil Shows Signs of Killing Lung, Oral and Ovarian Cancer

The essential oil of common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) which usually known as “oil of thyme” contains 20-54% thymol. Thymol belongs to a naturally occurring class of compounds known as “biocides”. Biocides are substances that can destroy harmful organisms. When thymus is used alongside other biocides, such as carvacrol, it has strong antimicrobial attibutes. Thyme is a native to the Mediterranean, and was originally given the name “thyme” in Greece, they still use it in their cooking mixed with olive oil.

Check out the video below and learn – Thyme Essential oil – distillation self produced Fresh thyme also makes a great addition to a healthy diet focused on organic fruits, vegetables and whole foods and can be used as a herb in cooking or simply prepared as a tea. References: (i) This post was originally featured on Top Info Post. Tips and Advice on Making Homemade Oleander Extract. Tips and Advice on Making Homemade Oleander Extract. Health Benefits of Thyme, One of Nature's Top Antioxidant Foods.

The health benefits of thyme include relief from respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, improved mental acuity and protection from cancer-causing toxins.

Health Benefits of Thyme, One of Nature's Top Antioxidant Foods

These benefits are the result of thyme's rich antioxidant content. Thyme contains a variety of important bioflavonoids and volatile oils, including thymol. Thymol is an essential oil that has very powerful antioxidant properties. Because of its unique blend of antioxidants, thyme is considered one of the top antioxidant foods around. Thyme is also a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Thyme is a very good source of calcium, iron, manganese, chromium, vitamin K and fiber. Herbs and Spices are Some of theTop Antioxidant Foods It's a little-known fact that herbs (and spices) such as thyme have far greater concentrations of antioxidants than any common fruit or vegetable.

Antioxidants are nutrient compounds found in virtually all plant foods (and also manufactured in your body). 600 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World's Most Important Herb.