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Stratégies d'enseignement

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Learning - Ulitmate Learning and Education Resource. Learning - Ulitmate Learning and Education Resource. 7 Tools for Building Review Games. This week I received at least a half dozen emails from people who were looking for suggestions for creating review games or practice quizzes for their students.

7 Tools for Building Review Games

The following are the tools that I suggested in reply to those emails. One teacher's needs are little bit different from another's so this list covers a fairly wide range of options. TinyTap is a good iPad and Android app for creating your own review games based on pictures and diagrams. You can create games in which students have to identify parts of picture or diagram. You can also build games in which your students have to assemble a puzzle by dragging and dropping pieces into place (the puzzle does not have to follow the jigsaw puzzle format). offers a handful of templates for building your own educational games. Socrative and Kahoot continue to be my two favorite platforms for hosting fast-paced review quizzes.


A Social Enterprise dedicated to protecting and enhancing the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People and their Community. Generation Next Blog ← Man Dies After Three-Day Internet Gaming Binge • Are Wellbeing Programmes Making Any Difference?

A Social Enterprise dedicated to protecting and enhancing the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People and their Community

→ Many people react to life’s challenging experiences with strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty. Yet people generally adapt well over time to changing situations and stressful conditions. Mobile. Text book activities are an easy go to in class.


They target the specific skills students are learning, and they are right there ready to go, just open to the right page. But sometimes doing exercises from the book can be just plain boring. Personalized vs. differentiated vs. individualized learning. Words are meaningless unless all concerned agree on their specific definitions.

Personalized vs. differentiated vs. individualized learning

Even if there is a general consensus on terms, what those terms actually mean has a tendency to evolve and morph without warning. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the field of education. In fact, there are so many “terms du jour” thrown around, tweeted and traded these days that their intrinsic value is often questionable, and confusing. Take the terms differentiated, individualized and personalized. What can we make of these three near synonyms? Mobile. 5 Free Tools for Creating Whiteboard Videos.  Tools.

Importing Quizzes Into Socrative. Pour des devoirs facultatifs. Ah les devoirs… Grande histoire… En tant qu’enseignant on nous reproche toujours d’en donner trop ou bien pas assez.

Pour des devoirs facultatifs

Alors quelle place pour les « devoirs » dans mon fonctionnement ? Je pense avoir trouvé une parade pour contenter tout le monde tout en gardant mes principes pédagogiques intacts. Dans un premier temps, pour clarifier ces derniers, je tiens à dire que les devoirs à la maison…comment dire… Je n’en vois pas l’utilité. 9 bonnes raisons d'adopter les ceintures de compétences en classe. Google Will Finance Carnegie Mellon’s MOOC Research. Carnegie Mellon University’s receiving a grant to study MOOCs is no surprise.

Google Will Finance Carnegie Mellon’s MOOC Research

But the source’s identity is bound to raise eyebrows. Google announced on Tuesday that it would give Carnegie Mellon $300,000 in each of the next two years through the Google Focused Research Award program. Google can fund the research for a third year at the same price if it chooses. Dossier journal scolaire #1 : Pourquoi créer un journal scolaire ? How to Design an Online Course Quickly Within Budgets? Education for the Future: How Do We Prepare Youth for What's to Come? In a globally connected world where technology is becoming more efficient and necessary, the question that comes to mind is: Are we preparing our youth for the future?

Education for the Future: How Do We Prepare Youth for What's to Come?

Many education specialists are predicting certain trends for the future but how will we get there? The current education model will need to be restructured to understand and attain the skills and characteristics which will be necessary for jobs in the future. Here are some teaching strategies you can easily implement to prepare your students for what’s to come. Education for the Future: 7 Teaching Strategies 1. An ambitious attitude can significantly increase opportunities for young people.

Organisez vos révisions « bac et brevet » avec le mindmapping. Les faits en éducation : Comment pouvons-nous créer les conditions propices à la réussite des élèves autochtones dans nos écoles publiques? 8 Things You Should Know About MOOCs - Technology. Gamification. Presses de l'Université du Québec. Teaching Ideas - Free lesson ideas, plans, activities and resources for use in the primary classroom. 10 Blended Learning Trends.

Portfolio Multimédia » Portfolio Multimédia. What Works Clearinghouse.

Remplacement efficace

Teaching 1 to 1 with Tablets. CNIE Kamloops 2014 Media is the Pedagogy. The Quest for Learner Engagement. Tools and Techniques for mobile learning. Learning Analytics Dashboards. Preparing Online Materials: Understanding Foundations of Online Lea... Study skills / Stratégies d'étude. L'annuaire des MOOC Francophone. CETEND : Le Centre d’expertise et de transfert en enseignement numérique et à distance est né - Cégep à distance. Montréal, le 28 mai 2014 – Le Cégep à distance annonce la création du Centre d’expertise et de transfert en enseignement numérique et à distance (CETEND).

CETEND : Le Centre d’expertise et de transfert en enseignement numérique et à distance est né - Cégep à distance

C’est à l’occasion d’une activité regroupant ses partenaires de la formation à distance et de plusieurs personnalités du monde politique et économique de la région dont M. François W. Pour remplacer les devoirs ? Building Formative Assessment into Game-Based Learning. Un CLOM autour des ressources libres. Les grandes lignes de l’utilisation de Kanban en classe. Kanban est une méthode appartenant au mouvement Agile.

Les grandes lignes de l’utilisation de Kanban en classe

Présent dans la salle de classe aux yeux de tous les élèves, le kanban est un tableau à double entrée.

Classe inversée

La Croix Mobile. The Golden Rules of High-Quality Instructional Design. The quality of instructional design is often gauged on three things: effectiveness, efficiency, and cost.

The Golden Rules of High-Quality Instructional Design

Effectiveness has to do with how well the instruction enables learners to achieve stated goals or expected outcomes. Efficiency deals with the energy and time invested to complete the instruction while cost covers all expense incurred for its design and delivery. These are good points to begin with. It's equally important, however, to zero in on the details involving the design and development of quality instruction. As with any other good design principles, there are human characteristics deeply involved here. EduSource. Allô prof version mobile. How to Build Course Objectives that Matter. The key to success is having clear goals and then mapping out a way to meet those goals.

Without the map, you’ll never know if you got where you intended to go. L'Express - Drummondville - Journal Drummondville. 170 Ways To Use Word Clouds In Every Classroom. Welcome to a post I always have fun writing. Last year I attempted finding ways to use Word Clouds (Wordle) in education. When I concluded writing that post I was at 108 possible ways. More than a half year went by, and I was up to 125 ways to use Word Clouds in the classroom. I am so proud that this post now includes 170 ways. I was able to put together this list because of you and a lot of reflection. Mind-mapping-ecole-pour-apprendre-a-tout-age.

Le Mind Mapping est une nouvelle compétence qui peut être enseignée à l'école, dès le plus jeune âge. Dès que l'élève maîtrise l'outil et la technique, il devient plus actif et plus autonome lors des séquences d'apprentissage. Il comprend et mémorise mieux les concepts. Power Reading Workshop and The Daily 5. "How does your Power Reading Workshop program fit with the Daily 5 model? " I've been asked that question several times recently, so I decided to tackle it in a blog post. I feel fortunate to have been a part of a summer book study that examined The Daily 5, an outstanding resource for teachers written by "the sisters," Gail Boushey and Joan Moser.

After participating in that book study, I feel more confident about exploring the similarities and differences between Power Reading Workshop and The Daily 5. Both programs empower students to become better readers by allowing them to select and read books of their own choosing. In both programs, reading instruction takes place through mini-lessons, independent conferences, and small guided reading group lessons. No Courses, No Classrooms, No Grades — Just Learning. Courses. Free Online Course Materials. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Great Poster on The 6 Questions Critical Thinker Asks.

Monter un MOOC de A à Z » No-Sweat Lesson Prep. Four To Explore Buy Sell Teach A marketplace where you can find innovative lessons from fellow teachers, or sell your own best lesson plans. ClassFlow Use this unique technology to create your own interactive lessons that work across all your devices, then share them with fellow teachers. A great place for creative lesson ideas; search by grade and subject. Share My Lesson Free teacher-created lessons on almost any topic, sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers and TES Connect. Kara Fehring has always underscored her kindergarten lessons with hands-on activities. CFORPedition : Connaître l’impact :... L'école inversée, un concept parti «d'en bas» bientôt au top.

Enseigner et apprendre dehors. Professional Resources That Help With the Lesson Planning Process. Feedback-infographic. Test Prep With Pizzazz: Part 2. 2013 - 2014 Créativité, innovation et changement. Engaging Ideas for Designing Learning Videos. Here are some video techniques for creating a learning piece that caught my eye in terms of creativity and delivering a learning message. You may want to consider using some of these techniques for your own instructional design and delivery. Les méthodes pédagogiques. Ressources. Flipping the teacher. Futurs Profs. Futursprofs : enseigner autrement, pour le futur. Comment aider les enfants dyslexiques à l’école et dans la vie. Graphicacy - The Key To Visual Thinking In A Differentiated Classroom. S'initier au sketchnoting par l'annotation créative. Design thinking - pour que nos salles de classe soient centrées sur l'apprentissage.

Une minute pour comprendre : des dizaines de vi. News - Textbooks replaced by iTunes U downloads. Les capsules vidéos pédagogiques. eBook Review: Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom. Networked pedagogy. E-Learning et connectivisme. The Teacher's Guide To Using Screencasts In The Classroom. Pictofigo: plus de 7000 images pour illustrer vos cartes. Planning-you-online-course. 6 Free Platforms for Teaching Online. Interactive Graphic Organizer. Préparer un CV et une lettre de motivation à l’aide d’une carte heuristique.


Stratégies d'apprentissage des étudiants. Une nouvelle méthode d’enseignement : la pédagogie 3.0. Why Blended Learning Is Better. How To Implement Blended Learning.