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Randomly unsorted. Home. Web Meeting and Document Sharing. QikPad: Collaborate Notepad Online. If you need to quickly collaborate with a bunch of people on something that could be done via text, for example discussion on a few lines of code or maybe general chit-chatting, then you might want to try QikPad.

QikPad: Collaborate Notepad Online

It’s a simple online tool which you can use to create a collaborative notepad and invite people to participate in a discussion. Quickly create a “pad” as they call it, share the URL with friends, and see what everyone is typing at the same time through color coding. Text decoration options are there, as are other sharing options. QikPad also allows you to create a read-only version of the pad and when you close the session, it can play a time slider that shows you who typed what and when. Overall, some nice features for a simple tool.

Text Mechanic - Online Text Editor/Processor/Manipulation Tools. MyStickies, Sticky Notes for the Web. Solved: Extract sentences containing a specific word to excel file - VBA Express Forum. Share text temporarily online. Software: Text Analysis, Text Mining and Information Retrieval. Commercial | online | free Text Analytics Platform: WordStat, ProSuite, QDA Miner - Free Trial On-line Text Mining / Text Analytics Tools Ranks.nl, keyword analysis and webmaster tools. Download AutoClipX Free - Automatically copy selected text then paste with one click! Most people working with texts need to often copy or paste to insert certain text strings inside a document opened for editing.

Download AutoClipX Free - Automatically copy selected text then paste with one click!

Since most applications already have such abilities, an innovative approach to these actions like that offered by AutoClipX may be highly appreciated. This particular software solution is designed to make text copying and pasting much more easy and also it provides a most useful clipboard management feature called Clip Man. AutoClipX – Copy And Paste Text With Single Mouse Click. Many Windows users rely on third-party clipboard managers which help them quickly perform extensive copy & paste operations by providing a list of useful features like, holding text, images, file/folder links in a stack for defined amount of time.

AutoClipX – Copy And Paste Text With Single Mouse Click

Before selecting a clipboard manager, you should check that which tool provides the fastest way of managing clipboard items. Out of all the clipboard managers which we’ have featured at AddictiveTips, AutoClipX offers the quickest way. How? It lets user perform copy & paste operations with a single mouse click.