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You can play game of chess with a computer, with other users, join teams, enter tournaments, browse featured live games and more. The site has close to 600,000 registered members with over 2000 live users playing 100,000 games at any moment online. If you are a beginner, you can learn the basics (openings, tactics, strategies etc) with free articles and online training tools and start playing with a computer. Advanced players can enter chess tournaments, create or join teams and study games of chess Grandmasters. FlashChess3: Play Chess Online Against Computer. I love playing chess and hence when I came across a hassle free and cool online chess game, I just couldn’t resist posting about it.

FlashChess3: Play Chess Online Against Computer

FlashChess3 is a website which offers offline as well as online versions of a flash based chess game. The offline version would set you back by $7.95, however the online version is free to use. Free Online Chess for Kids - - 100% Safe! Free online Chess game.